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#35 Pitch Split Axle Sprocket

HDC’s #35 Go Kart Sprocket is a top-of-the-line component designed for heavy-duty go kart applications. 

Manufactured from high-quality Aluminum 6061-T6 grade, these sprockets are built to withstand significant loads and provide reliable and long-lasting performance. 

With lower tolerances and the highest precision, this sprocket is designed to meet the strictest standards for quality and performance. 

HDC’s 35 sprockets are also easily replaceable, making maintenance and repairs significantly easier. Whether you are in the midst of a repair or custom building a go kart, you can count on HDC’s #35 Go Kart Sprocket to deliver the durability and strength you need to take on your next adventure.

Why Choose HDC Kart Sprockets


If you are looking for more durable kart sprockets, you may want to consider our selection of 35 pitch sprockets. While these sprockets are not quite as numerous as the 219 pitch options available on the market, they offer superior durability that can help you get more life and better performance out of your kart over time.

One of the key advantages of our 35 pitch sprockets is that we offer hard anodizing options that can help to further boost durability. This process creates a hard outer layer on the sprocket that can help to reduce wear and tear, while also providing better resistance to heat and friction. This can be especially valuable for racers who put a lot of stress on their karts, or who are looking to extend the life of their equipment.

In terms of gear ratio resolution, it’s worth noting that the larger pitch of these sprockets can lead to some compromises in this area. However, with teeth available ranging from 53T to 85T, there is still plenty of variation to choose from depending on your needs. And #35 kart sprockets come with split style, it also can be a whole one if you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Pitch Split Axle Sprocket

Are you curious about what #35 kart sprocket size your go-kart should have or the best number of teeth required for perfect performance? You are in the right place. This information includes various questions with answers to help you make well-thought decisions and achieve maximum benefits during your go kart driving.

What size #35 kart sprocket should I choose for my go-kart?

The size of the #35 kart sprocket that you choose for your go-kart depends on various factors such as the size of your engine, the track conditions, and your desired top speed. It is recommended to consult with an experienced or professional go-kart mechanic to determine the most appropriate size for your specific setup.

How many teeth should my #35 kart sprocket have for optimal performance?

The number of teeth on a #35 kart sprocket that provides optimal performance varies based on the size of the engine and the track you are driving on. Generally, a sprocket with fewer teeth will offer a higher top speed, while a sprocket with more teeth will provide better acceleration.

What is the difference between a #35 kart sprocket with 60 teeth and one with 72 teeth?

A #35 kart sprocket with 60 teeth will provide a higher top speed than one with 72 teeth, but the latter will offer better acceleration. The choice between the two will depend on the track conditions and the desired performance of the go-kart.

Is it necessary to change the #35 kart sprocket for different track conditions?

Yes, it may be necessary to change the #35 kart sprocket for different track conditions. For example, a sprocket with fewer teeth may be ideal for a track with long straightaways, while one with more teeth may be better suited for a track with many turns.


We hope that these FAQs have given you helpful answers to guide you in choosing the best kart sprocket for your go-karts. Do not forget that the correct decision may have a serious impact on your best time and, therefore, seek advice from professionals as well take into account what track conditions are like.

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