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Your Dependable Supplier Of 5 Axis CNC Parts

Over 13 years of CNC machining experience, 5 axis CNC machining parts is one of the specialties HDC has. Equipped with 5 Axis Cnc Machining centers, with experienced engineers and skilled workers, Our knowledgeable team will help you produce complex designed metal and plastic parts in high accuracy consistently.

  • Advanced equipment, 
  • Fewer setups, higher accuracy
  • More efficient machining way for complex shapes
  • 10+ years experience in the medical, aerospace, motorsports industry
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HDC- Your Convenient Partner For 5 Axis CNC Parts

When it comes to CNC machining services, HDC is your best solution. Our 5 axis CNC parts will come to your door at their best state and accuracy in a short time. Machines are always looked after by our expert engineers for them to function in their finest condition. Intricate parts are never an issue with our 5 axis CNC machining, you may have your parts with perfection. 

HDC is always considering the things that will benefit the clients. We have served thousands of people in 50+ countries with great accommodation with fast turnover. Our 5 axis CNC parts have brought us a lot of opportunities to serve big industries because of our superior quality. Expect that your components will exceed your standards, you can count on HDC.

Custom Your 5 Axis CNC Parts With HDC

5 Axis CNC Automotive Parts

5 axis machining is generally used for automotive metal or plastic parts production. It can be used for prototype or car components manufacture. You having a tight tolerance as low as +/-0.01 mm is what we are attaining.

Custom 5 Axis CNC Metal Parts

HDC has the 5 Axis CNC machines that can operate 5 different axes in fast-moving production. Metal is one of the common materials we machine to create small or complex types of components.

5 Axis Aluminum CNC Machining Services

We produce 5 axis aluminum CNC parts, we are using AL6061, AL7075, etc., with different surface options such as polished, anodizing, hard anodizing, powder coating, and many more.

Medical Components 5 Axis CNC Parts

In medical parts, HDC commonly uses titanium and stainless steel in making surgical tools. It is made with high precision and exactness that will exceed your qualifications when it comes to quality parts.

Aerospace 5 Axis CNC Machining

Aerospace is one of the main applications of 5 Axis CNC Parts, as they always require the tightest tolerance, our 5 axis CNC machining center can ensure yours always consistently in high precision lever.

Precision Plastic 5 Axis CNC Parts

HDC promotes accuracy in 5 axis plastic CNC parts by using the most timely machines we have. Your parts can be made using ABS, acrylic, Delrin, nylon, and other kinds of plastic depending on your preference.

Why HDC 5 Axis Custom CNC Machined Parts?

HDC 5 Axis CNC machining capabilities are meant to do more with less time production. You can have your own parts in just a short period of time, hassle-free, and with zero defectivity. Competitive cost components will also be part of your experience here in HDC, free samples are always welcome for quality approval. 

Presenting the most advanced technologies paired with our team’s skills will cause you to have the best 5 Axis CNC parts. We will always have the capacity to make your parts and prototypes to the highest quality they would ever be. We are also offering various types of shipment and payment methods that may make it more efficient for you.

5 Axis CNC Machining Parts

HDC Capabilities On 5 Axis CNC Parts

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CNC Machining
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Laser Engraving

OEM Custom Your 5 Axis CNC Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC 5 Axis CNC Parts 

Top-quality 5 axis machines are what HDC owns to create your precise parts in any shape. From serving customers from the motorsports, medical, and aerospace industries for many years, HDC can manufacture a multitude of components delivered in every part of the world.

5 axis CNC parts are using various types of metals and plastic, in any material you want your project would have, HDC can provide it for you. We have produced uncountable high-quality products with the use of superb materials.

Standing as an ISO9001 certified company, engineering masters and skillful workers have brought us up. Managing to be at the top while executing a well-developed industry is what HDC is. Your parts are well taken care of by our experts.

With the options from the 10+ surfaces to apply to your components, HDC also has an engineering consultation offer. Material certificates are also available which is good for your custom parts. All your components are checked 100% before shipment for it to meet our high-level standard. 

Along with all the advantages stated, HDC offers various shipments (courier, sea, air) and payment (Paypal, T/T, L/C) methods of your choice. Shipments are all handled carefully for them to arrive safely.

HDC’s CNC machining services also include 3-axis and 4-axis machining. As well as CNC Turning Services,  and Swiss screw machining, You can always contact us for your customization or preferred services. 

Contact HDC to achieve marvelous 5 Axis CNC parts! We are glad to accommodate you.

HDC 5 Axis CNC Machining Service

5 axis CNC Machining Parts

HDC’s 5 Axis CNC Machines is special for its capacity to process part sizes and shapes with mainly endless possibilities. It reduces the cost and labor time resulting in the lowest possible cost in every component.

We are mindful of the correct speed and right tooling in manufacturing standard and non-standard material. You will always have the right to choose your preferred material in every component you would like to consult.

The knowledgeable and highly experienced engineers, workers, and programmers at HDC are proficient in machining complex shapes, interior cuts, and complicated angles, all in one setup. We can operate and transact with any industry, big or small.

Using 5-axis machining, HDC can give a better overall surface finish in less time. Shorter cutters in 5-axis machining allow higher quality surface finish to be obtained. All the components are observed rigorously before shipment.

5-Axis machining Service

Along with all the accommodation and services, we’re also allowing our customers to choose their preferred shipment and payment process. HDC can offer shipment through courier, sea, or air. While the payment process is through Paypal, T/T, L/C. FOB, CFR, DDP trade terms are also available.

HDC has 3-axis machining and 4-axis machining aside from the 5-axis. We also have various CNC machining servicessheet metal fabrication for your one-stop solution of high precision parts, as well as aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure, die casting, magnesium die casting, plastic injection, and blow molding for metal parts.

If you are in need of high standard 5 axis CNC machining service, HDC will always be the best answer! Contact us and receive a quote within one working day. We’re always ready to be notified.

The Complete FAQ of 5-Axis CNC Machining Service 

1. What is 5-Axis CNC machining service?

5-Axis CNC machining service is a manufacturing methodology wherein you can work on the 5-axis of the product simultaneously. With the help of the Computer Numerical Control (CNC), you can develop multiple complex parts with specifications of very high precision.

The 5 axes that we will be using throughout the content are the 2 rotational axes and 3 linear axes. This means that the part can move on the 3 linear axes for detailing the X, Y, and Z-axis. Whereas, the 2 rotational axes provide freedom to rotate the part around on a 360-degree axis for high-precision manufacturing.

Due to the freedom of movement on the 5 axes, there is a substantial saving of time and material for getting the final product.

The 5-Axis CNC machining service provides a one-stop solution for numerous manufacturing options. This means that you will not have to re-work the product on a different machine once it comes out of the 5-axis machine. However, all of this is not possible without a skillful person operating the CNC machine. So, we say that CNC machining does provide many options for manufacturing. However, the quality and refinement come from the skill of the worker operating the machine.

5-Axis Cnc Parts

2. Which materials can the 5-Axis CNC machine work on?

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for manufacturing industrial-grade parts. However, for such materials of stainless steel, there is a requirement of high rigidity and strong torque to cut the stainless steel material. The HDC’s 5-Axis CNC machining service can cut easily through the stainless steel material. Not only this, but the machine can create unique and complex machining parts from the materials with ease. However, there is a requirement of the right skill-set to operate the machine so that the machine performs the best.  HDC can handle all types of materials, therefore, there is an option for you to work with HDC regardless of the material that you want to work on.

  • Aluminum and its Alloys

Aluminum alloys are the most sought-after materials in the aerospace and automobile industry. Furthermore, a number of other products where there is a requirement of high strength to weight ratio use Aluminum and its alloys. Usually, Aluminum sticks to the machining tool if incorrect methods of manufacturing are used. However, HDC’s skillful staff along with the state-of-the-art machining services provide the best solution for working on Aluminium products. The 5-axis machines are ideal for working on Aluminum and its alloys. Therefore, the parts made from Aluminum are of high quality.

  • Titanium

Titanium is perhaps one of the most difficult materials to machine. However, with the high skill level of HDC, we make it possible to machine Titanium. Therefore, with the help of the 5-axis machine, we can make unique and complex parts with Titanium. Mostly, titanium parts have a great application in the manufacturing of medical parts. Therefore, there is an additional requirement for greater accuracy when working with titanium. However, our expert team makes sure that the final product is of the best quality.

  • Other metallic Alloys

Other metallic alloys like Inconel, etc. are easily machineable with the 5-Axis CNC machining service. One major consideration while working with metallic alloys is that it requires very high resistance to temperature and wear. However, with the 5 Axis CNC machining service, it is possible to achieve the design without compromising on the structure of the tools. This also enables the product to be of higher quality.

  • Non-metals, Plastics, etc.

Like the metals and their alloys, 5-Axis CNC machining service is great to work with on the non-metals. As a result, we can create complex and typical designs with the 5-Axis CNC machines. Moreover, due to the delicate handling requirements of plastic materials, the final product is of a higher standard and more refined.

3. What are the industrial Applications of 5-Axis CNC machines?

HDC Precision Machining Service

The 5-axis machines find a great application in multiple industries around the globe. We have listed a few of these industries that make extensive use of the 5-axis manufacturing technology:

  • Aerospace Industry

As we all understand there is a need for extreme precision in the manufacturing of Aerospace parts. As such, there is little chance that any conventional manufacturing technique can provide the solution for such precision and complexity. In case the same parts are manufactured on a 3 or 4 axis machine it will take substantial re-fixturing steps to finalize the design.

However, with the 5-axis machine service, you can get the part done in no time and with the very little re-fixturing requirement. A practical application of 5-Axis CNC machining service in the aerospace industry is in the manufacturing of turbine blades. In order to achieve the complex curvature design of the turbine blades, a 5-Axis machining service is the best option for such an application. This is the tip of the iceberg. There are multiple complex parts of the Aerospace industry that make use of the 5-axis machines.

  • Automotive Industry

Like the Aerospace industry, the automotive industry makes use of the 5-axis machine for the manufacturing of complex parts. Furthermore, as you know there is a very specific tolerance level allowed in the automotive parts that are required to be maintained to get the desired part for the vehicles. In case there is a slight deviation from the required standards the part will be rendered useless. 5-Axis CNC machining service provides the best solution for the automotive industry. Therefore, 5-axis machining is the ideal solution for the manufacturing of automotive industry parts.

  • Medical Industry

The medical industry requires high standards of manufacturing. In addition, there is a requirement for additional certifications for the medical part to be acceptable. The medical parts are often used as implants or in machines that are critical for the health of the patient, no risk can be taken on their manufacturing. Therefore, the 5-Axis CNC machining service offers an ideal solution for the medical industry. With the help of a 5-axis machine, you can develop parts that are safe for use in the medical industry and are as per the allowances and limitations. As such, the medical industry finds a large number of applications for the 5-axis machines.

  • Power Industry

Another major industry where the 5-axis CNC machines are of great use is the power industry. In the power industry, there are multiple parts that make use of the 5 axis CNC machine for development. Ranging from blades of the wind turbines to the gas turbines of power plants there are multiple uses of the 5-axis machines in the power industry.

In addition, there are new parts in the power industry that have a very high level of precision requirement. All such parts are easily manufactured on the 5-axis CNC machines.

Precision 5 axis cnc machining services

4. What 5-Axis CNC machining services are offered by HDC?

HDC offers some of the most advanced CNC machining services in the country. Our customers are from all over the world. All our clients are extremely content with our products. In order to have a better idea of what services we are offering at HDC, here is a brief list of services of HDC:

  • Aerospace Parts Machining

With the help of the 5-Axis CNC machining service, HDC manufactures state-of-the-art aerospace parts. We adhere to all the regulatory and technical requirements of manufacturing aerospace parts. Therefore, you will get the parts that are according to your specifications. Furthermore, you can discuss the requirement of your part with us and we will guide you to the best available solution that we have.

  • Plastic Parts Machining

HDC produces the finest plastic parts with the help of 5-axis machines. Our highly skilled team of experts ensures that the parts are as per the requirements of the client. With high-quality standards and processes, we ensure that our clients get the best machining services. Moreover, we can manufacture plastic and delicate parts in the shortest possible time.

  • OEM Parts Manufacturing

In case you are an OEM company and want to consult HDC for your latest component, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can share your requirements, specifications, and standards requirements with us. Our highly experienced team will provide you with the most cost-effective and time-saving solution for your product.

In case you want some consultation on the design specification that will best suit your requirement then our design team will guide you.

  • Small Parts Manufacturing

We also offer machining on minuscule parts. It is often a very delicate and difficult job to work with the minute parts. However, our team of experts at HDC knows their way around handling delicate parts. Our 5-Axis CNC machining service is perfect for manufacturing minute parts with a high level of precision. Therefore, you can just forget about everything once you have given the order.

  • Aluminum CNC Machining

Machining of Almunimum parts is our specialty at HDC. Though we mainly deal in Aluminum 6061 and 7075 grades, you can provide the Aluminum or its alloy that you want for the product. In case you want us to work with any other grade of Aluminum then we also have the expertise in it. Our team of experts specializes in manufacturing all types of Aluminum-grades and their alloys. Therefore, you will discover that all Aluminum parts will be made with a high level of precision.

  • Customizing Parts

Another interesting service that we are offering at HDC is the customization of parts. In case you have a part that has already been finalized and you want to change its design then HDC can offer its services to you. Our team specializes in the customization of products on the 5-Axis CNC machining service. With high precision machining, the product is customized as per your requirement.

5. What are the benefits of choosing HDC 5-Axis CNC Machining Service?

We have a long list of benefits that you will get in working with HDC for  5-Axis CNC Machining. However, here is a brief list of the benefits that you will get in working with HDC:

  • Development of Complex parts

As you understand by now that 5-Axis CNC machining service gives you greater control over the development of parts. Therefore, we can manufacture more complex parts with higher complexities than other production methods. HDC’s team of experts provides a great option for you to get the most complex parts with the highest level of finishing from HDC.

  • Lower re-fixturing requirements

Due to the highly skillful team of HDC, there is little or no requirement of re-fixturing on parts. Especially, when these parts are manufactured through the 5-Axis CNC machining service. Therefore, you will get reliable parts that have the best turnaround time and high quality.

  • Minimal Production charges

Due to the features available on the 5 axis machines, HDC makes sure that the part is complete in one step. As it is known, that as many times as the part will be put through the re-fixturing there will be additional costs and time. However, with the highly skilled workers of HDC, there is little or no re-fixturing required. As a result, the parts are complete in the shortest possible time, making it much more economical than most manufacturing processes. Subsequently, you will get to save a good amount in working with HDC.

  • Higher finish quality

Since the 3-axis machines use more time and have limited options on the size of the cutters, the 5 Axis CNC machining service provides a better finish on the surface. This is because of the shorter cutters that are available in the 5-axis machining. Due to the shorter cutters, the vibration of the machine is substantially lower. As a result, the final product is much finer and of higher quality.

  • Lower production times

Due to the higher skill level of HDC workers and state-of-the-art 5 axis machines, the production time of a product is substantially lower. Furthermore, due to the machines’ capability to work on complex angles in the shortest possible time, the entire process of developing even the most complex parts is very little. In comparison, if the same product comes from a 3-axis machine, then the production time is much higher than the 5-axis machine.

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