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Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or more popularly known as ABS is a thermoplastic polymer that is extensively used in ABS CNC Machining applications. CNC machined products have multiple applications in various industries like in the manufacturing of pipes, fittings, sports equipment, compressors, etc. We deal in all sorts of custom-made CNC ABS machining parts for our clients. Here is why we are the best in the business of ABS machined parts.

Why Choose Us

High accuracy ABS machined parts

We have the latest technology at our disposal to machine ABS material. Our team of experts is fully capable of not only delivering prototypes but also delivering parts in batch production. And all of this, with the highest level of accuracy required as per industrial standards.

We honor design privacy privilege

Our team consists of thorough professionals who will keep your design secrets as secrets and will not share them with any third party. So you can relax about the safety of your design and ABS machined parts.

Timely deliveries of CNC machined parts

With the combination of the latest machinery with a team of skilled engineers, we are able to develop your ABS: CNC machining materials in the shortest possible time. We honor our deadlines and you will not have to wait for overdue deliveries.

Highest quality of ABS machined parts

We are an ISO 9001certified vendor and will deliver only the highest quality of ABS parts to our clients. Therefore, in working with us you will be needing no reworking on the products and will not have to face any delays due to reworking parts. Furthermore, we will fulfill all your regulatory requirements for ABS parts if needed. Not only this, we will also deliver parts that are compliant with your local regulations and standards as well.

We offer competitive rates of ABS milling with CNC router

Since we believe in customer retention, we offer the high quality CNC machining services at extremely competitive rates. Out ABS machining section has a team of experts that work day and night to find ways to lower the production costs and make the final ABS product more economical.

Available materials

ABS is amorphous and thus does not have a true melting point. However, its glass transition temperature is 105 °C. ABS provides a satisfactory operation over -20 °C to 80 °C. ABS has a density ranging from 1,060 – 1,080 g/cm3. The material has a tensile strength in the range of 40-50 MPa. ABS can be easily modified into high impact, medium impact, high heat resistant, extrusion grade, and medical ABS grades.

The material has a low cost and offers multiple benefits as follows:

  1. It is rigid
  2. Is largely temperature resistant
  3. Displays chemical resistance
  4. Does not allow the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms
  5. Acts as a great electrical insulator
  6. Is easy to paint and attach to other surfaces
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High Impact ABS Grade

High-impact ABS grade is mainly used in applications like housing, kitchen applications, tools, etc. These ABS CNC Machining parts are ideal for application in areas that require a high tensile strength-to-weight ratio.

Medium Impact ABS Grade

Medium impact ABS grade has applications in the toy, food, and small equipment industries. This grade of ABS has lower tensile strength and serves best for applications that do not involve high levels of stress.

High heat resistant ABS

The high-heat ABS grades are ideal for the manufacturing of automotive parts. Since these parts have high resistance to heat they are ideal for use in areas where the temperatures are expected to rise. Furthermore, the High Heat ABS grades are also used for doors, panels, sills, etc.

Extrusion Grade ABS

The extrusion ABS CNC Machining grades are best for the application in the development of panels, travel bags, carrying cases, etc.

Medical ABS Grade

Medical ABS Grade is required to meet the requirements of FDA-modified ISO 10993, Part I. The primary use of the medical ABS CNC machined parts is manufacturing IV syringes, test kits, and soft surgical instruments.




Is ABS good material for CNC machining?

ABS offers very good tensile strength and has a formidable mechanical strength. This makes the ABS material ideal for CNC milling and CNC machining.

Is ABS better than PLA?

Although PLA and ABS display similar properties, ABS has an edge in being more ductile and heat-resistant. Furthermore, due to the versatile nature of ABS, you will find more applications of ABS CNC machining in multiple industries.

Is the quality of ABS machined parts good?

Yes. If proper CNC machining tools are applied and experts are on the job then you get very high-quality ABS parts. Even high-end parts like dashboard panels, seat belts, and refrigerator linings are often made from CNC machining of ABS.

Which grade of ABS is ideal for my part?

That is an issue that we will resolve in discussion with you. Each of the various grades of ABS has its specific applications. Our team of experts in consultation with your team will finalize the best ABS for CNC machining. The parts you will get will be highly durable and fulfill your specifications.

Will CNC machining be cheaper than FDM printing?

Yes. When ABS machining is done with the latest 5–axis CNC machinery and computer-aided drawing software the final product is much cheaper. Furthermore, the time required for manufacturing on CNC machining ABS parts is much shorter when talking about bulk production. Therefore, CNC machining will suit most of the ABS material parts.


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