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Your Innovative Producer Of Billet Motorcycle Parts

Being an ISO9001 certified billet motorcycle parts manufacturer had led the way for HDC to innovate more when it comes to manufacturing and services. The motorcycle experts and enthusiasts have never been doubtful with us due to our billet motorcycle parts’ powerful aspect, lightness, and impervious characteristics.

  • Offering low-volume manufacturing services
  • One-stop solution for your billet motorcycle parts
  • In-house Engineering support
  • Immense expertise in CNC motorcycle parts
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HDC- The Provider Of Outstanding Billet Motorcycle Parts In China

Either you are operating your initial motorcycle project, planning to run a motorcycle repair shop, or you are an old hand in assembling parts, HDC always has the billet motorcycle parts that can make your ride smoother and attractive looking. Our aluminum materials here in HDC works perfectly in high-quality motorcycle parts production.

You are receiving more while paying less here in HDC. A very polished finish with zero defectivity is what you will get as a final billeted motorcycle part considering the precision and accuracy of HDC’s CNC machining. HDC appreciates every client’s trust and does its very best to return the favor by delivering highly excellent parts.

Custom Your Billet Motorcycle Parts With HDC

Motorcycle Aluminum Billet Engine Parts

HDC is manufacturing billet motorcycle engine parts in aluminum 6061-T6 with a perfect finish anodizing surface. You can have a sample of your parts before the final payment for the high-quality confirmation.

Billet Aluminum Motorcycle Wheel Chain Sprocket

7075-T6 aluminum alloy is a delicate high-performance material for a billet motorcycle wheel chain sprocket.  420,428,520,530 are our regular styles of motorcycle sprockets.

Off Road Billet Aluminum Protection Parts

Billet Aluminum offroad motorcycle parts are one of our strong points, we have gained rich experiences on how to produce them in high quality with competitive costs.

Custom Billet Road Bike Motorcycle Parts

We produce lots of aluminum billet road bike parts, they’re made of 6061 or 7075 Aluminum, come with the anodizing surface, also could get your logo etched.

Billet Machined Aluminum Pitbike Parts

Pitbike parts are one of our regular lines, which includes wheels, wheel hubs,  throttle, sprockets, pegs, triple clamps, all are custom-made ones as per your drawings or samples.

Billet Machined Aluminum Street Bike Parts

Billet triple clamps, handlebar riser, Aluminum billet oil cap, oil dipstick are our regular parts for Street motorcycle bikes, they’re all billet CNC machined

Why HDC Billet Aluminum Motorcycle Parts

If you are looking for billet motorcycle parts from your designs, HDC is the right place for you. We are capable to create your parts with your logo etched on them as well as having material advantages over the other machined components. HDC is bringing a wide range of commodities for your motorcycles at any production volume.

For many years of serving our clients, HDC is now more capable and proficient in giving you the service that will surely give you the reason to transact with us regularly. You can discuss everything with HDC regarding your parts and you will get it inexpensively in a short amount of time.

Billet Aluminum Motorcycle Parts

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Billet Motorcycle Parts

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Custom Your Billet Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Billet Motorcycle Parts

Your thoughts can always be assured that HDC is manufacturing only the best quality billet motorcycle parts. We have served millions of people around the world with our expertise in CNC machining

cnc billet motorcycle parts

HDC is creating every part using aluminum grades like AL6061-T6, AL7075-T6, AL2024, AL5052, and many more. We are capable to cater billet motorcycle parts low or high volume, prototype or custom. HDC is capable to do it all with the tightest tolerances. 

Aside from having high-tech machines and equipment, HDC also takes pride to say that we have the most knowledgeable team of experts. It will never be possible to be an ISO9001 certificated manufacturer without all the hard work of the people from HDC.

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