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Billet Wheel Adapters

Wheel adapters have been very essential to the automobile industry. These are being used to fix wheels to be able to suit any vehicle while improving its performance. A  wheel adapter is designed to fit into varieties of vehicles, it can be cars, trucks, tuners, trailers, etc.

The wheel spacers are the ones that are attached to the wheel assembly, permitting the wheel to progress by adding the space in the middle of the wheel and hub. Its bolts complement the holes of the hub. It also comes with studs that clasp the spacer to place it tightly into the wheel.

billlet car wheel spacer

Billlet Car Wheel Spacer

billet wheel adapter

Billet Wheel Adapter

billet forged aluminum wheel spacer

Billet Forged Aluminum Wheel Spacer

billet aluminum wheel spacer

Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacer

aluminum wheel adapter

Aluminum Wheel Adapter

HDC Car Wheel Adapter

We, at HDC, fabricate your wheel adapters for the handling development of your automobile, for the great and seamless attachments of bigger wheels, and for permitting bigger brake calipers. It is also cost-effective, uncomplicated to fix and arrange, as well as gives an admirable look to the vehicle. 

It can be slip-on or bolt-on depending on the circumstances. Experts have been putting their trust in HDC as we deliver billet wheel adapters that can meet their highest expectations, can relieve themselves from worries, and ease their minds when it comes to their safety. 

It will be delivered to your front door with nuts and studs in any grade and size. Worried about the style or design you should get? HDC has it in lug or hub-centric versions, you can always consult our machinists and engineers and they will accommodate you at any time. 

Any type of component that’s being customized by HDC is reviewed with high admiration by our clients. You are free to decide about the size, color, finishes, length, thickness, and other specifications. HDC is all ears to your requests and queries. 

For the additional component advantage, HDC offers numerous surface finishes for you to choose from. We have anodizing, powder coating, engraving, plating, brushing, passivation, and so much more. 

Still confused about the right size and spacing you should get? Consult now with HDC and let your vehicle experience an incredible wheel adapter you will ever get.

Why choose HDC?

In the field of automotive, HDC is one of the most trusted suppliers. We manufacture different kinds, styles, and sizes of auto parts for almost every model of an automobile on the market. HDC pledged to five the highest quality possible for a component. 

Being an ISO9001-certified car wheel adapter manufacturer, HDC maintains its quality control and assures that the parts don’t have to be replaced over and over as it is exceptionally durable. Our professionals offer consultation regarding your parts, the right size, thickness, material, process, and many more. 

Billet wheel adapters from HDC are well built since they are made of aluminum and steel for their advantages and great characteristics. We are using high-graded studs for extreme hardness and durability. 

HDC has 20+ forging lines and 50+ CNC machining centers. We developed billet wheel spacers with a year warranty and lifetime guaranteed materials. Different shipping ways, payment methods, and trade terms are always available in HDC.

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