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Brass CNC Turned Parts

Why Choose HDC For Brass CNC Turned Parts

HDC is Your Premier Brass CNC Turned Parts Supplier in China. HDC can focus on your brass CNC turned parts request. We are one of the trusted manufacturers in China that have been meeting our customers’ demands for many years, helping to lower your costs and providing OEM services for all clients worldwide.

  • Large brass CNC turned parts production
  • Complete brass CNC turned parts samples for easier purchase
  • Excellent quality and lowest rates for your orders
  • Strict quality control and inspection handled

As your trusted brass CNC turned parts manufacturer in China, HDC proudly presents our products with perfect durability, effectiveness, and application performance. If you have no designs and need some help, we have plenty of designs for you that will help you get more brass CNC turned parts ideas.

Our over 12 years in the industry make us more experts and familiar with all types of businesses and applications. We provide new designs as always to meet your demands.

Benefits of Using CNC Turning for Brass

In manufacturing brass parts, CNC turning provides important benefits in terms of precision and efficiency. This process is well known for its ability to produce quickly highly precise and accurate parts consistently hence ideal for both small and large production runs. CNC machines offer flexible design options through handling complex designs and tight tolerances at the same time with minimal cost impacts associated with a change in design. Moreover, being automated, it yields top notch surface finishes, has less waste material produced thus making it less expensive and efficient on materials.

For instance, brass which is a relatively soft metal suits CNC turning as it enables faster machining times and reduces tool wear. It facilitates large-scale production effectively resulting in decreased labor costs and reduction in human interference that are crucial for safety of the manufacturing environment. In industries like automotive, aerospace or decorative hardware where quick turnaround high quality aesthetics involved making complicated geometries out of brass components preferred method would be using CNC turning.

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What Brass Parts Are Suitable for CNC Turning?

CNC turning is a method for manufacturing cylindrical parts with great precision, and brass is a much-favoured substance because of its machinability, ability to last long, and resistance to corrosion. Lathe-able brass parts include those that gain from the mechanical features of brass elements such as bushings, bearings, valve components and fittings. These parts are commonly found in systems requiring reliable and consistent performance, like plumbing, pneumatic, and valve systems.

In addition to this excellent electrical conductance and wear resistance makes it applicable for making gears; also for electrical connectors among others. High precision together with reliability has seen several industries including aerospace, medicals and automotive adopt the use of brass component. The choice of common CNC turned brass materials such as 360 Brass or Naval Brass depends on what is required by an application from easiness to workability to environmental resistance.

Brass Materials That HDC Can Provide

HDC can provide various brass materials suitable for CNC machining. Here are three commonly used brass alloys:
  • C36000 (Free-Cutting Brass): This alloy is known for its exceptional machinability, making it ideal for high-speed CNC machining; however, its lead content can pose environmental and health concerns, limiting its use in certain applications.
  • C37700 (Forging Brass): C37700 offers excellent formability and is suitable for hot forging and machining, but it has lower corrosion resistance compared to other brass types, which can affect its longevity in corrosive environments.
  • C48500 (Naval Brass): Known for its high strength and excellent resistance to saltwater corrosion, C48500 is ideal for marine applications, though it is more expensive and somewhat harder to machine than other brass alloys.
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Considerations When Processing Brass With CNC Turning

During CNC turning of brass, selecting the appropriate brass alloy and machining parameters like speed, feed rate, and depth of cut is critical to ensure optimal machining efficiency and part quality. The machinability of brass varies with its alloy composition; for instance, alloys with higher lead content machine easily but require consideration for health and environmental impacts. Tool choice, typically high-speed steel or carbide, plays a significant role in achieving desired finishes and precision.

Effective management of thermal and mechanical stresses is crucial to prevent material deformation and maintain tight tolerances. Adequate cooling or lubrication is essential to mitigate heat build-up during machining, and secure workpiece clamping is necessary to avoid slippage or deformation. Safety and environmental compliance, especially with lead-containing brass alloys, is also paramount in the machining process.

Types of CNC-Turned Brass Products Provided by HDC

cnc turned brass valve components

CNC Turned Brass Valve Components

cnc turned brass knobs and handles

CNC Turned Brass Knobs and Handles

cnc turned brass bushings

CNC Turned Brass Bushings

cnc turned brass fittings

CNC Turned Brass Fittings

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