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Aluminum Stamping

aluminum stamping (2)

Custom aluminum stamping parts HDC, your reliable source for high quality aluminum parts. HDC tailors aluminum metal stamping solutions to meet specific project requirements. According to our full experience in this field, We have the ability to machine normal aluminum into precision custom parts. If you would like to gain a deeper understanding of information […]

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Steel Stamping

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More Suitable Service for Your Steel Metal Stamping Parts Based on the drawings or samples you provide, HDC will select the most suitable production process, consider the production time and cost of the order, and develop a production plan applicable to steel metal stampings. We will fully communicate with you to review the feasibility of the

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Brass stamping

brass stamping (4)

Custom brass stamping parts The brass stamping process is a widely applicable and efficient metalworking technique for the manufacture of complex and precise parts from brass sheets. Brass, a copper-zinc alloy known for its durability, ductility and attractive golden appearance, is favored in stamping for its excellent formability and electrical conductivity. The brass stamping process involves

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Copper Metal Stamping Parts

copper metal stamping parts (4)

Custom HDC ‘s Copper Metal Stamping Parts Pacific Metal Stampings has been a supplier of high-quality copper metal stampings for over 15 years to meet their tightest budget and performance goals. We proudly serve the following industries: electrical connectors printed circuit boards automotive components architectural details The copper stamping process is a specialized manufacturing technique that

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Stainless steel metal stamping service

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By contacting HDC, you will open the door to a world of precision metal stamping and manufacturing excellence, our fully experienced professionals are ready to support you with your new projects. The advantages of stainless steel stamping include: Corrosion Resistance Strength and Durability Formability Stainless steel stamping finds application in various industries, such as automotive

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