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Chrome Oil Dipstick

Keeping up the lubrication and fuel level assures that your automobile’s engine performs steadily without excessive pressure, tension, and abrasion. The well-oiled engine gives extra mileage and supports you to experience frequent car repairs. Therefore, in order to make your vehicle well-lubricated, it needs to be checked. You may know your engine oil amount level by the use of an oil dipstick.

Chrome Oil Dipstick is like a normal dipstick, the difference is that it is chrome plated. Chrome plating gives a safeguarded layer and gleaming luster whenever it is enforced into a metal part or goods. It is shinier and eliminates rust, inexpensive and lightweight.

Oil dipstick has traces and symbols for you to know the level of your fuel. There are these “low” and “full” labels or marks that will indicate the oil level. However, some vehicles have cross-sections on their dipsticks rather than marks, by that, the oil must be within or inside its cross-section.

6. billet aluminum oil dipstick handle

Billet Aluminum Oil Dipstick Handle

5. cnc machined aluminum oil dipstick

CNC Machined Aluminum Oil Dipstick

4. color anodized billet oil dipstick

Color Anodized Billet Oil Dipstick

3.aluminum billet custom oil dipstick

Aluminum Billet Custom Oil Dipstick

2.chrome aluminum custom oil dipstick

Chrome Aluminum Custom Oil Dipstick

1.red anodized billet custom oil dipstick

Red Anodized Billet Custom Oil Dipstick

HDC Chrome Oil Dipstick

HDC chrome oil dipstick is a chrome-plated aluminum component that can be installed in a very simple and uncomplicated way with the help of easy-to-use types of tools. It is durable, has protection from corrosion, and is long-lasting that can surely fit your engine. 

We aim for the best for your vehicles, and because of that, HDC has a professional consultation for you to know more about the component you’re going to purchase. You can request an adjustable length if you are unsure about the size you should get in order for you to not have any problem upon deciding.

HDC’s chrome oil dipstick can help you know the level of your oil, but not only that, but it can also distinguish your oil’s overall state and the engine’s condition. It can also be greatly Anodized into different colors depending on your requirements. 

You can consider your custom chrome oil dipstick done with HDC! Our team is committed to serving you with your preferred style, length, color, size, surface finish, and other conditions you want to raise in manufacturing your component.

Planning to replace your old dipstick with the most durable and aesthetic one? Have a go with HDC!

Why choose HDC?

HDC’s chrome oil dipstick is made of aluminum grade 6061-T6. This material offers superior strength, great corrosion resistance, and admirable machinability as well as formability. It has an extraordinary strength among the other alloys from the 6xxx series. 

HDC is an ISO9001 and IATF 16949:2016 certified company. We manufacture CNC auto parts for each and every client and have gained a lot of trust and respect from experts in the field of automotive. HDC has reached its success through innovations, experiences, advanced methods, up-to-date types of machinery, and a professional team.  

Aside from having an oil dipstick, HDC also offers services such as aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure die casting, magnesium dies casting, plastic injection, and blow molding for metal parts. HDC has thirteen years of CNC machining OEM experience and has served 50+ countries around the globe with 5 million+ products produced. 

The length of the oil dipstick can be 13” to 24” according to your vehicle or your own preferences. You are also free to have a production sample for you to see your part before shipping it out, this is best applied especially for custom-made components. 

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