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Your Reliable CNC Bike Parts Supplier in China

HDC, ISO9001 Certificated CNC Bike Parts Manufacturer, we have more than 12 years on CNC bike parts, we have lots of common design CNC Bike Parts for your choice, we also can custom machine CNC bike parts based on your own designs

  • We can accept as low as 50 pcs for your CNC bike parts
  • Logo-etched free of charge,
  • We keep your design protected
  • Pre-production Samples for your approval
  • Various color anodizing surfaces for your choice.
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HDC- Expert CNC Bike Parts Manufacturer

If you want to get your CNC bike Parts Manufacturer in China, or you want to develop your designs with a Reliable CNC Machining Factory in China, then HDC will be your first choice, we can satisfy your needs.

HDC is an expert CNC bike parts manufacturer in China since 2006, we offer a one-stop solution for your CNC bike parts, we keep more than 50 common materials and have good cooperation with more than 10 surface treatment partners, Then the fast delivery time could be as quick as 14 days.

Our products with high quality can be customized to your design and requirement. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Custom CNC Bike Parts From HDC

CNC Bike Chainring

All the chain rings are custom made ones from your designs, are made from Aircraft Aluminum 7075, color anodized with amazing look, and etched with your own logo. It is protable and durable.

CNC Bike Stem

Cnc 6061 Aluminum BMX stem are customized one from your designs, have an ultra light overall weight, to help get you the perfect reach and set up on your bike. Color Anodize and Logo etching gives the parts a good looking.

Cnc Bike Sprockets

Made from Air Grade Aluminum, can use a longer time, all Cnc billet machined from your designs, we also have some designs for your choice, not only normal anodizing, we also can coat Neo-chrome for your perfect sprockets.

Pedal Bicycle Part

Wheel up new arrival aluminum alloy CNC mountain bike sealed bearing ultralight anti-slip bicycle folding Pedal Bicycle Part. Ultralight, Anti-skid, Waterproof.  Material made of aluminum, alloy.

Quality Bike Bicycle Parts

We are ODM and OEM, design according to your drawing. Rich experience and good technology support, have engineered with more than 13 years experience. Low MOQ is accepted.

CNC Bike wheel hub

HDC manufacturers turning and machining customizes bicycle Hub Mountain Bike Spare Parts. Engineering service provided. HDC high-quality CNC OEM machining supplier

Bottom Bracket Parts for Integrated Cranksets

1.37*24T 6061 Alloy CNC Bearing Mountain MTB Road Bike Bottom Bracket Parts for Integrated Cranksets. Choose HDC services to provide you the best and unique types of Bike Parts.

Arm Bolt Aluminum Mountain Bike Parts

Customized CNC machined Crank Arm Bolt Aluminum Mountain Bike Parts.  Quality control, measurement instrument, Projector, CMM, Altimeter, Micrometer, Thread Gage, Calipers, Pin Gauge, etc.

Why select HDC CNC Bike Parts

HDC, Equipped with an advanced manufacturing machine, can help you achieve tight tolerance, lower to +/-0.01mm, we also have experienced engineers and skilled workers, who can ensure your CNC Bike Parts are always at the high-quality level.

HDC has several years of manufacturing experience in CNC bike parts. You can select us to supply you with satisfactory and qualified bike parts. As Custom CNC Machining Manufacture, we keep your CNC bike parts designs protected.

We will communicate with you about the order progress in real-time. Our products will be checked before delivery.  And every order comes with a one-year warranty.  We can provide corresponding consultation services, if you have any problem, it is our pleasure to solve your need.  

CNC Bike parts supplier

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Bike Parts

5 Axis CNC Machining
5 Axis CNC Machining
cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Bike Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

CNC bike parts Factory

HDC CNC Bike Parts

HDC is your reliable manufacturer and Supplier for CNC Bike Parts. Get us to machine CNC Bike Parts for us, we have a skilled Engineers Team to support your new product developments.

Besides CNC Bike Parts, we also offer CNC auto parts, CNC motorcycle parts, and parts for other industries such as medical devices, machinery, etc.

HDC is always shining to provide and give your ideal CNC Bike Parts. HDC is your good choice when it came to CNC Bike Parts products. We supply different types, sizes, and shapes of CNC Bike Parts worldwide.

Furthermore, we design and manufacture high-quality products with HDC professional engineers. HDC is a growth-oriented business. We can produce high-quality, reliable products at a reasonable price.

HDC team will achieve success by integrating the voice of customers into all aspects of our company. Especially our inventive CNC Bike Parts products, operative outstanding and excellent services. We care for each other and build stronger relationships within the organization.

HDC Advantages:

  • We are ODM and OEM, design according to your drawing
  • Low MOQ is accepted.
  • 100% inspection before delivery.
  • Competitive price with high quality.
  • Strict inspection we do during operation
  • Have the random inspection during the processing
  • Make the 100% inspection before the shipments

HDC is you’re the best provider, we are a professional manufacturer and supplier of CNC Bike Parts for over 13 years. We’re providing, and producing it for any clients, plus with our highest quality CNC Bike Parts.

You only find the best quality of CNC Bike Parts in HDC productions. We made it with unique, constant, reliable, and trustworthy CNC Bike Parts quality. We operate with the highest ethical standards, and we treat each other with trust and respect. 

If you wish for a long-lasting business, then choose HDC. We will provide it for you without anything disappointment, and we make sure for you that it is special and has high-quality standards. 

So, If you are looking for a one-stop supplier and manufacturer for CNC Bike Parts. HDC can provide it right away. We specialize in our clients and customers into a good reputation and services. 

Du can be your best CNC Machining Bike Parts Business Partner in China, If you’re interested, don’t forget to contact us, we have an experienced service team to take care of your inquiries.

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