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Your Reliable Manufacturer Of Custom CNC Chainrings

As an ISO9001 certified CNC machining manufacturer, HDC can offer your desired styles of Custom CNC chainrings and can give marvelous chainrings for your bike.

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 7075-T6 material
  • Fully CNC Machined to ensure perfect fitting
  • Rich Surface treatment for your choice
  • Free samples are available for quality approval
  • MOQ as low as 100 pcs
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HDC- Your Premium Manufacturer of CNC Chainrings

HDC is your great manufacturer of CNC chainrings made in China. HDC has machinery that can accomplish your customized chainrings quickly. We can provide you with a superior product that will give you a smooth and safe ride.

CNC chainrings are made of 6061 or 7075 aluminum. HDC has industry-leading machinery. We primarily focus on two processing CNC machining that can complete the production which are CNC milling and CNC turning.

Custom Your CNC Chainrings with HDC

Precision Aluminum CNC Chainrings

 We have advanced manufacturing machines, skilled technicians, and experienced workers and we can assure you that we give you the perfect CNC chainrings

CNC Custom Aluminum Chainrings

All our CNC chainrings are custom made ones, they’re made of aluminum 6061 or 7075,  come with colorful anodizing surface, neochome is also available in HDC.

CNC Custom Chainrings for Mountain Bikes

HDC is manufacturing custom chainrings for mountain bikes from 21T to 32T. HDC helps you get the best tools while giving you accredited materials. This kind of material can make durable and reliable chainrings for your mountain bikes.

CNC Custom Chainrings for BMX Bikes

HDC is a keystone for constructing bike components like chainrings.  HDC can give you an opportunity to choose the material, colors, and layouts that you want.  

OEM Chainrings for Road Bikes

A compact chainset is made of aluminum that is usually used for road bikes. HDC will grant your desired great run for your bike.

Custom Single Chainrings for E-Bike

 HDC is progressing by manufacturing top-notch CNC bike chainrings from 7075-T6 aluminum. For more than a decade, we have been providing high-quality and desirable products.

Why select HDC Custom Chainrings

CNC Chainrings are the most versatile component of the bike. Our skilled workers can assure about your products’ quality. HDC operators are vigilant in producing chainrings.

Our assistance includes different types of chainrings. Those are single, double, compact, and triple. HDC will provide it. We can accept your own customized design and anodized color with an awesome appearance.

HDC has been specializing in CNC Machining industry for several years.  You can see lots of comments from our clients. They cooperate with HDC well. In addition to bike parts like CNC chainring and Sprocker, HDC has other high-quality products. Just contact us now.

CNC chainring supplier

HDC Capabilities on CNC Chainring

5 Axis CNC Machining
5 Aixs CNC Machining
cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Chainring With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate


Tooth Thickness Compatibility
22T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
24T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
26T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
32T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
34T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
36T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
38T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
40T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
42T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
44T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
46T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
48T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
50T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed
52T 2/3.8/4mm 7/8/9/10/11 speed

HDC Custom Chainrings

HDC CNC machining uses aluminum blanks. These blanks are the raw material for a kind of chainring shapes and sizes for a legitimate customer. We regularly apply AL7075 in producing chainrings. 

CNC milling is important, especially in manufacturing bike chainrings. HDC has equipment that helps your product to become consistent. Our machinery helps to speed up the chainring production process. We will give you a high-quality product.

You can see the following video, this is about CNC laser cutting.

With our assistance, Engineering workers offer to assemble service. HDC’s skilled and experienced workers who are proficient in machining can give the right cuts, appropriate angles, and convenient shapes. We can handle transactions with any part of the industry.

We assure you that the product we manufacture is consistent and long-lasting from the desirable materials used. HDC is able to provide the best quality that you are looking for. We have durable and reliable custom chainrings that will give you the best performance while spending less.

We are also authorized by our clients to name their preferred shipment and payment process. HDC’s payment process is through PayPal, T/T, and L/C. Different trade terms for your choice FOB, CFR, DDP are also accessible.

CNC Chainring bicycle hubCNC Chainring Aluminum bike pedalsCNC Chainring Sprocket


Aside from CNC chainrings, we also provide more bike parts quality such as stem, sprocket, front and rear hubs, pegs, crankset, and pedal.

HDC’s customer services can assist you any time of the day, so if you have doubts and hesitations, HDC will be with you all the way. HDC will definitely be your greatest supplier of custom CNC chainrings. 

Are you looking for a high-quality chainring for your bike? HDC is your best choice! Contact us now and you will receive quotes within one working day. We’re always here to guide and serve you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – CNC Chainrings

Welcome to our CNC Chainrings FAQs, where we uncover the intricacies of these cycling essentials. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice adventurer, this discourse delves into chainring roles, classifications, materials, refinements, and customization. In this narrative, pedal-powered rhythms transcend mechanics, inviting both the curious novice and seasoned connoisseur to explore the dynamic landscape of cycling intricacies. Join us for a burst of insights into the symphony of complexities defining CNC Chainrings.cnc chainrings 1

What Is a Chainring?

An integral constituent within the intricate machinery of a velocipede’s power transmission mechanism, the chainring occupies a pivotal role within the labyrinthine ensemble known as the crankset. This assemblage, comprising singular or multiple chainrings, affixes itself to the crank arms, forming an intricate nexus with the pedal apparatus. The chainring, resembling a toothed disc, becomes the nexus where the bicycle chain entwines, effecting the seamless transference of kinetic energy initiated by the rider’s pedal thrusts to the propelling force at the rear wheel.

Where Is Chainring Commonly Used?

Within the cycling domain, chainrings emerge as pervasive entities, intricately interwoven into the very fabric of bicycle craftsmanship. Constituting elemental facets of the drivetrain matrix, they assume a cardinal role within the assemblage known as the crankset. Whether adorning the framework of road velocipedes, traversing the rugged terrain atop mountain bikes, or gracing alternative iterations, these pivotal components orchestrate a central symphony, orchestrating the transference of kinetic vigor from the rider’s pedal cadence to the propulsive force propelling the bicycle’s rear wheel. Their omnipresence extends across a myriad of cycling disciplines, forming an indispensable nexus in the operational anatomy of the majority of conventional bicycles.

cnc chainrings 3

What Are the Advantages of Using CNC Machining for Chainring Production?

In the domain of CNC machining dedicated to chainring production, a realm unfolds that champions precision and exactitude in the manufacturing realm. Its multifaceted prowess extends its dominion to an array of materials, fostering efficiency in the domain of batch production while concurrently mitigating the specter of human error. The automated procedural ballet permits the swift realization of prototypes, endowing a cost-effective veneer to the intricate tapestry of designs. Moreover, CNC machining unfurls the canvas of customization flexibility, harmonizing seamlessly with the kaleidoscopic needs of cyclists. On the macroscopic scale, its assimilation burgeons the efficiency of manufacturing, ushering forth as a cornerstone in the symphony of high-performance bicycles.cnc chainrings 4

What Types of Chainrings Are There?

There are three main types of chainrings:

  • Round Chainrings: These embody the archetypal, spherically configured chainrings pervasive in the realm of bicycles. They furnish a persistent tactile rhythm throughout the entire pedal revolution.
  • Oval or Elliptical Chainrings: Manifesting in shapes divergent from the circular norm, these chainrings, often of oval or elliptical persuasion, aspire to perfect the pedal’s choreography. By modulating resistance at disparate junctures, a potential amelioration of muscular weariness and an augmentation of power transference come into play.
  • Ramped and Pinned Chainrings: Precision-engineered for elevated gear-shifting prowess, these chainrings boast strategically positioned ramps and pins. The ramps deftly usher the chain betwixt gears, while the pins, akin to choreographers, elevate the chain during transitions. This meticulous design finds its habitat predominantly within contemporary drivetrains adorning both road and mountain velocipedes.

cnc chainrings 5

What Are the Characteristics of Chainrings?

Common specifications of chainrings include:

  • Teeth Count: The aggregate count of cogs adorning the sprocket, exerting influence on gear ratios and the holistic dynamism of the drivetrain.
  • Bolt Circle Diameter: The quantification of the circle engendered by the sprocket’s fastening bolts, indispensably intertwined with compatibility vis-à-vis the crankset.
  • Material: Sprockets often manifest in aluminum or alloy blends, delicately harmonizing durability and weight.
  • Speed Compatibility: Sprockets undergo meticulous crafting tailored for specific velocities, be it 9-speed, 10-speed, or 11-speed systems, ensuring a seamless symphony of gear shifts.
  • Chainring Size: This represents the diameter of the chainring and affects the bike’s gearing, with common sizes ranging from small (e.g., 34T) to large (e.g., 50T).

cnc chainrings 6

What Materials Can Be Used To Produce CNC Chainrings?

In the realm of crafting CNC chainrings, the pivotal factor lies in the meticulous selection of materials that harmonize the delicate dance between prowess and enduring strength. Opting for a titanium alloy, a feathery yet tenacious choice, caters to the discerning cyclist in pursuit of the pinnacle of performance. The infusion of carbon fiber composite material, celebrated for its extraordinary strength-to-weight equilibrium, metamorphoses CNC chainrings into a marriage of resilience and weightlessness. The aluminum matrix, in turn, navigates a subtle equilibrium, deftly straddling the realms of durability and weight, precisely meeting the intricate demands inherent in the artistry of CNC chainring construction.

The venerable stainless steel, renowned for its unwavering resistance to corrosion, introduces a lasting grace to the fabrication of CNC chainrings, guaranteeing an enduring elegance that traverses a myriad of terrains. High-density polymers emerge as an avant-garde canvas for inventive exploration, permitting designers to sculpt chainrings that encapsulate an unparalleled fusion of tenacity and ingenious design. Within the kinetic sphere of CNC chainring materials, each choice unfurls a narrative woven with strands of ingenuity and performance, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of cyclists’ encounters across diverse topographies.

cnc chainrings 7

What Finishing Is Required for Chainring?

In the realm of perfecting a chainring, indispensable processes encompass intricate burnishing, electrochemical oxidation, and the utilization of laser incisions. The meticulous burnishing bequeaths a reflective luster, augmenting not only the aesthetic allure but also fortifying resilience against corrosion. Oxidation, in its electrochemical manifestation, furnishes a protective veneer, endowing the option for personalized embellishment with a spectrum of hues. Laser incisions, meanwhile, bear dual significance, serving both functional and aesthetic objectives, thereby imprinting a distinctive identity onto the chainring. The amalgamation of these refinements plays a pivotal role in elevating the comprehensive caliber and operational prowess of the chainring.

cnc chainrings 8

How To Choose the Right Chainring?

In the pursuit of selecting the optimal chainring:

  • Evaluate your cycling proclivity: be it road, mountainous, or entrenched in cyclocross domains. Ascertain the tooth count for the coveted gear ratios.
  • Validate harmonization with your bicycle’s propulsion system and scrutinize the Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD).
  • Opt for a material in accordance with your proclivities and budget.
  • Adhere to esteemed brands for an elevated level of performance.
  • Take into consideration the topography and ambient conditions where your cycling endeavors will unfold.
  • Opt for a solitary, dual, or tripartite chainring configuration contingent upon your requisites.

Always seek counsel from a proficient bicycle emporium or seasoned cyclists for personalized counsel.

cnc chainrings 9

How Should Chainrings Be Maintained?

In the maintenance of chainrings, undertake regular assessments for signs of attrition and extraneous particles, utilizing a gentle solution for purgation. Enact a steadfast lubrication regimen to curtail friction, intermittently validate bolt torque to forestall inadvertent loosening, and scrutinize chainring teeth for indications of wear or irregularities. Affirm a seamless congruence with the broader drivetrain, tailor upkeep to the cycling milieu, and solicit intermittent expertise from a bicycle artisan for a holistic evaluation. Adhering to these meticulous protocols assures the elongation of chainring longevity and the augmentation of the holistic efficiency of the cycling experience.

cnc chainrings 10

What Factors To Consider When Customizing CNC Chainrings From the Manufacturer?

  • Design Specifications: Begin with a meticulous plan for dimensions, tooth profiles, and distinctive features, ensuring precision in every detail.
  • Material Selection: Choose materials that harmonize durability with compatibility, creating a functional synergy based on intended use.
  • Manufacturing Precision: In the manufacturing sanctum, precision is the brushstroke that paints a masterpiece of high-quality production.
  • Compatibility with Bike Components: Ensure a sublime fit with the crankset, derailleur, and chain for optimal performance—an interlocking beyond mere mechanics.
  • Customization Options: Express individuality with color, branding, or finish choices that align seamlessly with personal preferences.
  • Cost Considerations: Balance features and affordability within budget constraints, treating costs as actors in a delicate economic play.
  • Lead Time and Production Capacity: Navigate temporal considerations by inquiring about lead time and aligning it with production capacity.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Maintain vigilance over quality assurance, ensuring chainrings meet industry standards through meticulous testing.

By deftly navigating these considerations, the customization process transforms into an odyssey, yielding CNC chainrings as bespoke manifestations tailored to specific preferences and performance needs.

cnc chainrings 2


As we wrap up our exploration of CNC Chainrings FAQs, we hope the insights shared have enriched your comprehension of these vital components. Whether you’re delving into their construction, exploring various types, or navigating the intricate facets of customization, we’ve aimed to shed light on the path for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike in the cycling realm. If further inquiries arise or you embark on the thrilling journey of customizing CNC chainrings, keep in mind that the harmony of precision and personalization awaits, elevating your cycling experience with each revolution.

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