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CNC Fabrication Service

CNC fabrication service offers methods to shape and design metallic objects. The basic CNC machining methods that are applied for the fabrication are Cutting, Deformation, and Assembling. Cutting is the first stage of CNC metal fabrication service. For cutting, various methods are applied like Waterjet Cutting, Plasma Cutting, Laser Cutting, Punching, etc. Once the part is cut, it has to be deformed. The metal part can be deformed by using methods like either bending or stamping. After the bending and stamping, the sheets of metal need to be assembled together with the help of either welding or application of fasteners.

CNC metal fabrication service has multiple applications in the industry. For instance, there is widespread application of the CNC machining service in the Aerospace Industry, Automobile Industry, Manufacturing Industry, and Construction Industry, etc.  With the help of CNC machining service these industries are reaping the benefits of technology.  

small batch cnc machining

Small batch cnc machining

custom cnc milling

Custom cnc milling

cnc machining service

CNC Machining Service

cnc machining parts

CNC Machining Parts

cnc fabrication service

CNC Fabrication Service

Specification and usage

Materials that are ideal for CNC fabrication service are Aluminum, Copper, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, and other metallic alloys. Since these metals have good tensile strength and are malleable, these metals are ideal for fabrication applications.

For Aluminum, we have 20+ forging lines and 50+ CNC machining centers. Furthermore, with the help of tensile testing machine, hardness tester, spectrograph, etc. we ensure that the metal we are using for the fabrication service fulfills the requirement criteria for that service. Due to adherence to high quality standards we have acquired the IATF 16949:2016 certificate.

There are basic standards when it comes to common CNC metal fabrication service. The tolerance levels are as follows:




Hole size

+/- 0.0762

+/- 0.003

Hole to edge

+/- 0.254

+/- 0.010

Hole to bend

+/- 0.381

+/- 0.015

Hole to hole

+/- 0.127

+/- 0.005

Bend to bend

+/- 0.381

+/- 0.015

CNC fabrication service offers a number of advantages for the clients:

  1. Option to develop custom CNC parts; custom CNC machiningis our expertise and we can produce the product either as per the design you provide or we can also develop a design ourselves based on the specifications you provide.
  2. Option of prototyping available; with the CNC machiningteam, we can also develop the prototype for sample before you give us the final order for proceeding with batch production. You can check and let us know about the changes required in the prototype.
  • Adherence to regulatory standards; we fulfill all your regulatory requirements for industries like Aerospace, Automobile, etc. where material certificates are to be provided by the manufacturer.
  1. On time delivery; with the expertise in CNC metal fabrication service, we ensure that the products are delivered to the customers within the agreed time.
  2. Competitive cost; despite all the features that we offer, our rates are extremely competitive when compared to other CNC machining services. Therefore, we take pride in manufacturing the best parts at the most economical rates.

Why choose HDC?

HDC is a leading CNC machining service provider in the industry. We have been in CNC machining business since the past 13 years and now serve to our clients in over 50 + countries. Moreover, due to our strict adherence to quality standards, we have been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate. This means you can choose our products without having any doubts about the quality of products. Although we have a very high quality standard for custom CNC machining we keep striving to keep up the achieved standard through consistent monitoring.  

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