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Custom CNC Levers China

HDC is Your Expert CNC Levers Manufacturer in China.

HDC is your no.1 best choice when you require CNC levers for your business projects. As an exceptional manufacturer of CNC clutch and brake levers for many years, HDC has gained the trust of motorcycle professionals, enthusiasts, riders, and racers worldwide. We continue to manufacture first-class motorcycle components, especially the clutch levers for your Minibikes, Flat Track Racing, Motocross, Road Racing, and so on. We are also experts in customizing your CNC levers order.

  • Affordable price and Fast quote
  • On-time delivery and extraordinary services
  • ISO9001-certified company for 13+ years
  • Designed by expert engineers and workers
  • Made with a high level of accuracy
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HDC – Your Reliable CNC Levers Manufacturer and Supplier in China

HDC’s clutch and brake levers are made of high-grade aluminum, built to suit every kind of motorcycle. Available in stock and custom-made with anodized colors of your choice, furnished with a highly compact and convenient adjustment scheme. HDC always deals with design modernization and quality innovation. 

We guarantee you that you can achieve remarkable CNC clutch and brake levers that are greatly dependable and light. Upon receiving a quality component, you will also experience the best customer care and services here at HDC. The range of our CNC levers covers approximately all the big and small motorcycle manufacturer names.

Custom Your CNC Levers with HDC

Adjustable CNC Levers

Our adjustable CNC levers are featuring with comfortable to hold, durable, and resistant to water. The materials, size, colors will be made according to your specification.

CNC Bikers Brake Levers

We used top-grade materials in manufacturing CNC bikers’ brake levers. The materials used are copper, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and more. It also comes in different finishes like powder coating, anodizing, etc.

CNC Clutch Levers

HDC has a broad knowledge of producing CNC clutch levers based on your preferences. It is popularly used in the automotive industry, specifically for motorcycles and bicycles.

CNC Foldable Levers

You can find a wide variation of CNC foldable levers at HDC at reasonable prices. It is popularly applied to automotive industries. Available in different colors, sizes, and styles.

CNC Short Clutch Levers

Our CNC short style levers are available in red, black, yellow, blue, and other colors. It is adjustable as per your request. Provide safety when riding motorcycles and bicycles.

Colorful CNC Hand Levers

Colorful CNC hand levers are available in custom material, sizes, colors, and more technical features to meet your needs. Colors including black, red, green, blue, etc.

High Quality 22mm CNC Levers

We made high-quality 22mm CNC levers from stainless steel, aluminum, and more. It is made at the competitive prices and tailor-made for your satisfaction.

High-performance CNC Foldable Levers

Our high-performance CNC foldable levers are manufactured in different colors including red CNC levers, black CNC levers, and more other colors. They are exceptionally designed to ensure safety on the road

Motorcycle CNC Levers

All our motorcycle CNC levers are certified by high international quality standards. It is available with more than 10 surface finish including hard anodizing, polishing, and more.

Why HDC CNC Levers

HDC’s clutch and brake levers are designed to meet your ideal color and length. We also consider your preferred lever distance, HDC makes it adjustable for your convenience even on the move in its number of positions. Our CNC machining experts and technicians can produce your levers at a low cost and with superb quality.

We are serving all around the globe for over 13 years and manufacture components with ISO9001 standard. You can rely on us fully regarding your CNC levers for we will never give you any problem but pure good service intentions. HDC’s quality assessments are always implemented to keep your parts superior compared to any CNC clutch levers manufacturer.

CNC Aluminum Brake and Clutch Lever

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Levers

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Custom Your CNC Levers with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Levers

As an ISO9001 certificated company, HDC offers both standards and customizable CNC levers to fit intended industries. We have gathered 13+ years of CNC machining OEM experience, you are well-assured to get durable and outstanding quality CNC levers at HDC!

We machined CNC levers by using solid aluminum with steel screws and an anodized surface. However, the lever distance is adjustable depending on your choice. Due to the quality, HDC CNC levers are now popularly used on motorcycles as brake levers or clutch levers.

HDC CNC levers are available in over 10 surface finish including hard anodizing, polishing, and more. These precision-machined CNC levers bring a luxury touch to any modern motorbike, makes them noticeable from the crowd. For bikes, motorcycles, or any automotive applications, our CNC levers are perfectly suitable.

Furthermore, these CNC levers come in different colors, lengths, and stylish designs. They are exceptionally designed to ensure safety on the road. It provides great care for both the brake lever or the clutch one.

With more than 13 years of experience in CNC machining OEM experience, HDC becomes one of the reliable manufacturers in China. We can produce your CNC levers that are certified by the highest standards. With our wide expertise in this field, we are sure to provide your CNC levers with your exact preferences.

HDC consistently offers CNC levers at competitive prices, from prototyping up until production. We are also equipped with the most advanced CNC equipment, which helps us produce CNC levers suitable for various purposes.

Aside from offering CNC clutch and brake levers, HDC also produces lots of other CNC motorcycle parts, such as billet aluminum wheels, CNC triple clamp, wheel hubs,  custom gas cap, motorcycle sprockets, and other parts.

If you are interested in our deals and offers of CNC levers, contact us immediately!

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