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Custom CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

HDC is Your Premier Supplier of CNC Machined Aluminum Parts, well-equipped with advanced CNC machines to manufacture a wide range of Custom CNC machined aluminum parts. We can support your business by providing you excellent services and quality-assured products.

  • Expert engineers and project managers
  • Various surface treatments available
  • Quality, innovation, and precision-driven manufacturer
  • Committed to providing you zero-defect products
  • Fast turnaround and low MOQ
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Choose HDC as Your Reliable CNC Machined Aluminum Parts Manufacturer and Supplier

HDC is a professional manufacturer of CNC-machined aluminum parts in China for many years. Our factory is equipped with high technology 5-, 4-, and 3-axis CNC machines that help us to produce CNC machined aluminum parts with different tolerances.

As a professional manufacturer, we are committed to bringing the best quality products. We will provide you with reliable production processes so we can manufacture CNC-machined aluminum parts for automotive, transportation, and other industries.

Custom Your CNC Machined Aluminum Parts with HDC

cnc machined aluminum parts machined case

Our CNC machined aluminum parts machined cases are widely used for different applications like machinery, electric appliances, miniature switches, home appliances, cars, motorcycles, sports equipment, etc.

high precision aluminum cnc machined parts

We manufacture aluminum CNC machined parts with high precision. It comes with different surface treatments like anodized, laser engraving, sandblasting, polishing, brushing, plating, oxide, powder coating, and more.

customized cnc machined aluminum component parts

HDC manufactured high-quality and customized CNC machined aluminum component parts that are normally used for automotive, aerospace, machine parts, and more applications. It is manufactured with various surface finish.

oem aluminum parts cnc machining

All our OEM aluminum parts CNC machining are manufactured using high-quality alloys like AD12/518, 5052, 6063, etc. It also comes with ±0.01mm. Standard and customized aluminum CNC machined parts are both available.

5 axis cnc machined aluminum 6061 parts

HDC manufactures 5-Axis CNC Machined Aluminum 6061 Parts with no sharp edges. Screw holes and holes themselves are grazed so you can use them easily. All our products are 100% inspected before shipment to ensure high quality.

Prototype Service CNC Machined Aluminum Parts in China

We specialized in different Prototype Service CNC Machined Aluminum Parts. We manufacture parts that are made from superior grade alloys and aluminum materials. We offer free samples and a fast turnaround time.

custom aluminum cnc machining metal parts

HDC is an expert manufacturer of CNC Machined Aluminum Mechanical Parts with +/-0.005mm tolerance. The sizes of the parts will be customized based on your specification.

Custom CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum Parts

We manufacture high-quality Custom CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum parts that are widely used for an automotive, appliance, electronics, mining, agricultural, hydraulics, and more applications.

cnc machined aluminum mechanical parts

Our CNC aluminum machined part comes with different surface treatments such as clear anodized, color anodized, chroming, polishing, sandblast anodized, brushing, etc.

cnc machined color anodized aluminum part

We offer custom CNC machining services to all-aluminum parts with surface treatment like color anodized.  HDC offers excellent designs, quality assurance, and quality certification.

small quantity cnc machined aluminum parts

HDC is offered CNC machined aluminum parts at a small quantity and affordable price. These CNC machined parts underwent processing for surface finish and heat treatment capability.

small quantity cnc machined aluminum parts (1)

Our 5-axis Aerospace CNC Machining Parts are tested through our CMM, tool microscope, etc. We assure timely delivery, high-quality, and factory price.

Why HDC CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

Choose HDC CNC machined aluminum parts for your business. We will provide you a custom quote immediately. We also have professional project managers and engineers who will help you throughout the whole transaction.

At HDC, we are also equipped with modern and advanced CNC machining services for aluminum parts. We manufacture CNC machined aluminum parts at competitive prices, excellent services, and fast turnaround.

cnc machined aluminum parts

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

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CNC Machining
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CNC Milling
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CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Rapid Prototyping
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
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Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Machined Aluminum Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC for CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

HDC is a professional manufacturer of CNC-machined aluminum parts in China. We offer cost-effective and top-grade aluminum CNC machined parts. We are famous worldwide for our exceptional quality and unmatched services.

If you are looking for quick-turn and affordable CNC machined aluminum parts, choose HDC as your manufacturer. We have advanced CNC machines and CNC machining services, full production capacities, exceptional design, and OEM services.

For our CNC-machined aluminum parts, we used different high-quality aluminum materials. It includes aluminum 6061, aluminum MIC-6, Aluminum 7050, Aluminum 2024, and more. You can be assured that your CNC-machined aluminum parts are durable and high-quality.

Benefits of HDC CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

  • Easy Machining. Aluminum materials are easy to manufacture through different processes like drilling, folding, and punching. It can be formed into different shapes and configurations based on the specific part.
  • Aluminum materials are easy to bend. It can be machined easily during the procedure. Through processing and pressing, it can be formed into different shapes and parts easily.
  • Our CNC-machined aluminum parts are also lightweight, soft, and have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
  • It also has superior machinability, excellent malleability, and outstanding tractability.
  • HDC CNC machined aluminum parts are also durable, non-flammable, recyclable, non-magnetic, and have high corrosion resistance.
  • Our CNC-machined aluminum parts are also manufactured with excellent electrical conductivity, anodization potential, and resistance to low temperatures.

With HDC’s advanced aluminum machining, we can shorten the production period. Thus, you can ensure fast turnaround and timely delivery. We also use an economical process that helps us to increase the production volume at a low cost.

cnc aluminum parts quotes 1

At HDC, we can also customize your CNC-machined aluminum parts. We can customize your aluminum parts design, sizes, and configuration. Because of its high quality, our CNC machined aluminum parts are widely used for automotive, industrial engineering, aircraft, aerospace, medical, military, and more industries.

For your business or project, choose HDC as your No. 1 CNC machined aluminum part manufacturer. We can offer you one-stop services and solutions at a competitive price. Our engineering team and professional staff will provide you with 24/7 services.

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The CNC Machining Technologies HDC Can Offer Youfigure 2 what cnc processes can you use for aluminum

HDC, a renowned supplier of custom metal parts, provides a wide array of CNC machining services conducted with aluminum alloys involving milling, turning, grinding, and laser cutting. Our advanced machining methods allow the production of parts which are complex, precision engineered, with intricate shapes, tight tolerances, and the best finish. Employing the latest equipment as well as the craftsmanship of our professionals we provide customized solutions that fit the demands of our clients, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and material waste reduction in all our projects.

Aluminum Alloy Materials That HDC Can Provide You

HDC carefully choose the best aluminum alloy materials in its range tailor made for the custom CNC machined aluminum parts and this is wanted by the specific industries. We can provide you with the 6061 aluminum alloy, which has outstanding mechanical properties and versatility and is commonly used for engineering and structural components. Additionally, the 7075 alloy is ideal for the aerospace and defense industries since it has a high strength. The 2024 aluminum alloy is preferred in aviation and transportation applications because it has the best fatigue resistance. Finally HDC makes special care to engineer and manufacture customer specific and precision machined parts. We improve our process by choosing aluminum alloy materials that are appropriate for a given project. All of the options meet the exact demands and specifications of our clients and reflect our dedication to professionalism and quality assurance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Machining Aluminum With CNC Technology

CNC machining of aluminum is highly precise, fast, and versatile thereby making it popular for manufacturing complex parts in a variety of industries such as aviation, automotive and medical equipment. The technology has tight tolerances that enable quick manufacturing and stable quality even with large orders. In addition to efficiency and reproducibility inherent in the automated nature of this process, it reduces manual labor costs significantly. Furthermore, CNc is adaptive to prototyping or full-scale production since many designs can be accommodated having intricate geometries.cnc aluminum machined part

On the other hand, the introduction of CNC technology in aluminum machining faces its own challenges. The initial cost for CNC equipment and software needed is high, which is a financial obstacle for the small organizations. CNC machines are operated and programmed by professionals who must possess a specific skill set, and regular maintenance to ensure their optimal functioning comes at a cost. The efficiency of a machining process will also depend on the aluminum alloy selected, some alloys being more problematic than others in the machining process which could result in tool wear and reduced production efficiency. So, although the precision, speed and variability of CNC machining are undeniable, the costs and technical requirements for its successful utilization must be carefully assessed.

How to Custom CNC Machined Aluminum Parts From HDC?

Customizing CNC machined aluminum parts from HDC is quite straightforward. Simply fill out the form on the page or click the “Send Inquiry” button. Fill in the pop-up form in detail, specifying your requirements for the custom parts, including dimensions, material, finishes, and quantity, among other key information. Attach any sketches or design diagrams you have and submit to send us your quote request. Upon receiving your request, our sales team will contact you within 24 hours to understand your needs, offer the most competitive quote, and provide design assistance and other services to help you smoothly kick off your custom project.

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