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cnc machining quote
cnc machining parts

HDC for CNC Machining Quote

CNC Machining is a computerized manufacturing procedure that makes use of high-tech, CNC machinery and equipment instead of manual or semi-automatic ones. CNC machining is categorized in many different ways, the most common of which include grinders, lathes, turning and milling equipment, cutting equipment, and many more.

As one the best CNC machining service providers in China, we’re able to produce a wide array of parts, components, and products via our military-grade CNC machining service.

We can work on a wide range of products from steel, aluminum, plastic, or other types of metal!

Why Choose Us

Why is HDC the best company that provides CNC machining services? Take a look at the primary benefits and advantages we have as a company!

IATF 16949:2016 Certified Manufacturer

We are a licensed and certified IATF 16940:2016 manufacturer that has relevant experience in CNC machining. You can count on us to provide you with quality parts and components for all your automotive, aerospace, and defense needs.

More Than 13 Years of CNC Machining OEM Experience

Our workers and employees have 13+ years of experience in CNC machining and OEM manufacturing. All our prototypes and final products are designed to bring you the best quality of components you can get!

Free Samples Available

Before ordering, you can request for free samples of the product you are to purchase. You just have to let us know the product, send over the design or the sketch, give us idea on what the materials are, and we will be more than happy to provide you with samples.

Available CNC Machining Parts

Being in the industry for 13+ years, you will never have a shortage of the available CNC machined parts you can get from us – all with instant quotes to help you prepare the budget you will need for it!

Available materials

Being in the industry for 13+ years, you will never have a shortage of the available CNC machined parts you can get from us – all with instant quotes to help you prepare the budget you will need for it!  

CNC Stainless Steel Parts

Do you need CNC machined stainless steel parts for whatever project or industry you’re in but you’re not sure of how much budget you need for it? We got you covered! We’ll send over an instant quote for you to see and prepare for it! We are skilled in many different grades and categories of steel like 316L, 303, 410, 303, and many more!

CNC Machined Aluminum Parts

We here at HDC Manufacturing are also experts in producing CNC-machined aluminum parts, too! Whether you are in the industrial sector, the automotive or aerospace sector, the commercial sector, and even the medical and pharmaceutical sector, we’ll shoot a CNC machining quote over to you for free!

CNC Steel Parts

You can bank and count on our experts and engineers here at HDC Manufacturing if you’re looking for CNC steel parts. Whether you’re rooting for low-carbon steel, alloy steel, C1045, or other types of steel, we got just what you need! We can send over a free quotation on the CNC steel parts that you need!

CNC Brass Parts

We’re able to work on many different types of materials, and brass is one of them. We can do machining, rough polishing, bead-blasting, tumbling, and even brushing. With HDC, it would not cost you a fortune! We can give you a free quote or a free estimate of the brass components you are looking for!

CNC Titanium Parts

Last and most definitely not least would be our titanium parts. We can supply you with Titanium Grade 5 for the parts and components that you need, without ever finding any type of problem with quality and price. In fact, within 24 hours of contacting us, we’ll send a free instant quote to you!


Online CNC Machining Quote FAQs

Here are some of the most asked questions about CNC machining!

How Can You Get an Instant Machining Quote?

You can get an instant quote for the CNC machining service you want to get by contacting and communicating with the manufacturer of your choice. Here with us at HDC, you can send us a message, chat with us, or dial our number to contact and communicate our team to help you with a quote that you need.

What Software or Programs Can Be Used For CNC Machining?

A lot of different programs and software can be used for CNC machining. The most common ones are GibbsCAM, AutoCAD, Solid Edge Cam Pro, Fusion360, and SOLIDWORKS. Here at HDC, we are more than skilled and experienced in using these programs and software.

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