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CNC Machining Steel Materials

cnc steel parts
cnc steel machining

HDC for CNC Machining Steel Materials

Steel is one of the most widely used machining materials, as its high machinability and weldability are used in every major industry from construction to automobiles. HDC has been machining carbon steel and alloy steel for more than 15 years.

Why Choose Us

High Accuracy

Equipped with an industry-leading 5-axis machine and skilled technician team, we can meet your high precision requirements, not only in prototyping but also in production.

On-Time delivery

We make the delivery as promised schedule, we do as we said, we can the delivery for samples in 20 days and production in 30 days

Quality Assurance

We have an experienced quality control team to ensure all the measures within the tolerance As ISO9001 certificated manufacturer, we have a complete quality system from the material, machine, and surface treatment to packing.

Design Protected

We protect your designs, all your designs are not allowed to show to any third party, and will have a Non-disclosure Agreement with you

Available materials
Carbon Steel

q235 steel machining


Q235, mild plain carbon structural steel, good weldability.and plasticity, which is very commonly used in China, also known as Q235A, Q235B, Q235C, and Q235D, 35 means the yield strength could not be heated.

1018 steel machining

1018 steel, another common widely common use low carbon mild steel, with good machinability, and excellent weldability, it is suitable for normal use, doesn’t require high strength

c1045 steel parts


1045 carbon steel, harder and stronger than 1018 and Q235 low carbon steel, but still with good machinability. It can be heat treated and is normally used for studs, shafts, and bolts

Alloy Steel


4140, low alloy steel, stronger and harder than carbon steel, since it can be hardened, good choice for axles, torsion bars, and drive shafts.

4340 steel machining


Alloy 4340 is medium carbon alloy steel, that can be heat treated to high strength, so widely used when high tensile is required, such as connecting rods, bolts

1045 steel machining


1215 steel, with excellent machinability, It can hold tight tolerance, and you can get a smooth and bright finish after machining

42crmo4 alloy steel machining


Steel 42CrMo4 steel is strong, heat-treatable alloy steel with good machinability, commonly used to machine parts with high strength requirements, such as axles.


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