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HDC is a manufacturing company that specializes in CNC metal machining. Various kinds of metal are available to be machined for any type of application. This machining process is handled by HDC with expertness and professionalism. It is considered by our clients as an impressive solution for accomplishing 3D metal components because of its extreme precision and efficiency.

  • Has served 50+ counties around the globe with 5M+ parts manufactured
  • Masterful machined metal parts
  • Advanced types of machinery and facilities
  • Lifetime guaranteed parts
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HDC- Your Most Trusted CNC Metal Machining Provider

Our company is pleasured to make your parts in whatever quantity of orders it may be. This kind of machining by the HDC is suitable for a wide range of plastic and metal that can be developed in different shapes and configurations. Turning and Milling are some of the CNC metal processes that HDC is operating.

Customizing your metal parts is not a hassle with us. You can specify your desired component, and our experts will turn it into life. Whether you need a plain or a complicated style of component, we are diligent enough to make sure we will satisfy your project’s needs.

Custom Your CNC Metal Machining With HDC

cnc metal machining motorcycle parts

HDC’s CNC high precision metal machining parts have superb features and quality. It is personalizable that will be created based on your product requirements, we produce lots of customized cnc motorcycle parts every year.

cnc metal machining bike parts

We also produce CNC bike parts  are made out of metal materials,which includes Stem, Crankset, Pedal, Pegs, Hubs and some other metal parts,  HDC is competent for machined parts that require tighter tolerances, as tight as +/-0.01mm.

metal cnc machining for automotive industry

Metals for the automotive industry are machined by the use of CNC machining. It can be formed as valves, cylinder blocks, and other components that are essential for every 4-wheeler vehicle. We can create auto replacement parts with the highest quality with HDC’s CNC machines.

cnc metal stainless steel machining

Stainless steel is ideal for High anticorrosion requirement industry, and is suitable for long-term use.s  It is proven and examined to be an asset material for medical, Marine industry. 303, 304 and 316L are the common stainless steel we produce

cnc metal machining titanium parts

Titanium material is a popular material nowdays, they’re super lightweight  with high corrosion-resistant. HDC Titanium metal machinining parts are greatly needed in various industries, widely used in many areas.

aluminum cnc metal machining

Many of HDC’s clients are preferring aluminum material for its outstanding machinability. This material is easy to form and shape, which can probably meet your expected appearance of the product.

Why HDC CNC Metal Machining

Our CNC metal machining is the most suitable technique as it is versatile and cost-efficient. It is serving multiple arrays of corporations and creates components for innumerable applications. The experts from different industries are always recommending HDC into being a great part of their projects. 

HDC’s metal materials present impressive features whenever kind of component they become. We make sure that it has the ideal toughness, flexibility, and firmness. When it comes to the cost of each part, HDC will always see to it that the products are within the competitive pricing range.

cnc metal machining

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Machining

cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your CNC Machining with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Metal Machining

We are dealing with different types of clients and custom parts for nearly two decades, knowing every people’s deserve quality for each and every component. HDC has many metal materials for you to choose from, we have aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.

cnc metal machining

HDC is using high-quality equipment and machinery to develop ideal components for almost every industry. A highly skilled, masterful, and professional team is the reason why HDC continues to flourish through the years of manufacturing metal and plastic parts.

Surface treatments are one of the reasons why a part can last for the longest period of time. HDC offers numerous finishes that are suitable for every component in any application. Plating, Powder Coating, Polishing, Heat Treating, Passivating, Tumbling, Engraving, and many more.

Ensuring one part’s quality is one of the things that HDC prioritizes. We make sure that every little detail of your component has met the ISO9001 standard of quality. It is inspected meticulously before proceeding to package.

Here in HDC, CNC metal machining services are available in Turning, Milling, Forging, Rapid Prototyping, and Metal Fabrication. Aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure die casting, magnesium dies casting, plastic injection and blow molding are also available for metal parts.

It is not just a coincidence that you are reading this at this moment, it is fate. Let us be part of the project you are dreaming to make! 


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