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CNC Milling Quote

cnc milling quote
cnc machining parts

HDC For CNC Milling

One of the strengths we have here at HDC Manufacturing would be our CNC milling processes. Not only do we have state-of-the-art and highly adaptive CNC machines, but we’re also employed with some of the best operators and staff in the industry.

Our CNC milling processes aren’t just restricted to a single material. In fact, we can work with a heap of different raw materials from steel, stainless steel, aluminum to brass, titanium, plastic, and others that you won’t find with other manufacturers!

Why Choose Us

ISO9001 Certified Manufacturing Company

For years, we have performed the necessary assessments to certify ourselves in terms of Quality Management Systems (QMS). All components in our processes and methodologies have been effectively streamlined to cater to the needs of our clients.

Free Samples Are Available

You don’t need to worry about what your product or your prototype looks like – we offer free samples to our clients! Take note, though, that these samples can lengthen the possibility of delivery, so, be sure to consider that as well!

Weekly Production Reports

From the supplication of the raw materials to the overall manufacturing, we will give you the reports that you are looking for so you know where you are in the process. This is done weekly to ensure that you keep track of everything that’s moving and happening within the business.

Competitive Pricing

Last and most definitely not least would be the competitive pricing that we have. Unlike many CNC milling manufacturers, our rates and prices are exclusively discounted because we know the value of our clients. Don’t believe us? Hit us up and we will send an instant quotation to you for free!

Available materials

Having 13+ years of experience in OEM and manufacturing, you can count on us to help you with all different CNC milling parts you need!

CNC Milling Stainless Steel Parts

Our milling procedures are so versatile that we’re able to perform it to supply you with the parts and components you need out of stainless steel! We are adept and skilled in working with SUS303, SUS304, SUS316L, SUS410, and SUS416 for stainless steel! Reach out to us and we’ll give you a free quote of the CNC milling process you’re looking for!

CNC Milling Aluminum Parts

We’re also skilled in producing aluminum parts and components via CNC milling. You can count on us if you need 6063, 5052, 2024, 7075-T6, and even 6061-T6 aluminum grades! Whether you need it machined, anodized, hard anodized, powder coated, polished, or tumbled, we’ll get them to you!

CNC Milling Steel Parts

HDC Manufacturing can also be your go-to if you ever need low carbon steel, alloy steels 4140 and 4130, C1045, or other types of steels milled! We perform it with artistry and you will never be disappointed with our work! Reach out to us to get an instant free quotation of the orders or products you’re looking for!

CNC Milling Brass Parts

Brass is among the many different types and kinds of materials we can work with flawlessly and seamlessly. Contact us and we’ll be more than happy to give over a free estimate or a free quote of the brass parts you need CNC milled!

CNC Milling Titanium Parts

Join hundreds of companies and businesses worldwide and get superior-quality CNC milling for your titanium workpieces! Let us know what you need and we will send over a free quotation of your products within 24 hours!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – CNC Milling Quote

Welcome to HDC CNC Machining, your trusted source for customized metal components. We understand that CNC milling might raise several questions. Below, we’ve compiled a comprehensive FAQ to address your inquiries.

What is CNC milling?

CNC milling is a machining process that utilizes computer numerical control (CNC) technology to automate and precisely control the movement of cutting tools, such as drills and end mills, on a workpiece. This technology allows for the accurate shaping, drilling, and carving of materials like metal, plastic, wood, and composites, based on a pre-programmed design. CNC milling machines are widely used in manufacturing industries for their ability to produce intricate and highly precise components with consistent quality.

cnc milling quote 1

What sets a CNC machine apart from a CNC mill?

CNC machine tools are a type of automated machine tool equipped with a program control system. CNC milling machines are a type of CNC machine tool specialized in milling operations. The machining principle involves the rotation of a cutting tool while the workpiece or material is held in place. During the machining process, fixtures are used to secure the workpiece on the machining platform. Subsequently, the spindle rotates the cutting tool, and the tool moves along the axis to cut the workpiece, forming various shapes. CNC milling is commonly used for machining horizontal or vertical planes, grooves (such as keyways, T-slots, and dovetails), gears, helical surfaces (threads and helical grooves), and various curved surfaces.

What benefits does CNC milling offer in contrast to conventional milling?

CNC milling offers several advantages, including:

  • High Precision and Efficiency
  • Automation: reduce the need for manual labor
  • Repeatability: reproducing identical parts only requires programming once.
  • Complex Geometries: CNC milling excels at creating intricate and complex part geometries.
  • Reduced Waste: CNC milling generates less material waste because it optimizes tool paths, minimizing unnecessary material removal.
  • Programmability:CNC milling allows for easy programming and quick setup changes for different parts, reducing downtime.

cnc milling quote 2

What kinds of components are ideal for CNC milling production?

Parts suitable for CNC milling can be classified based on their geometric features and machining methods into the following categories:

  • Flat Parts: These parts have machining surfaces that are either parallel or perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or they have fixed angles with respect to the horizontal plane.
  • Variable Inclination Parts: These parts are characterized by machining surfaces with continuously changing angles with respect to the horizontal plane. They are primarily used in aircraft components such as integral beams, frames, edge strips, and ribs.
  • Curved Surface Parts (Three-dimensional Parts): These parts have machining surfaces that are complex spatial curves and cannot be unfolded into flat planes. During machining, the machining surface always maintains point contact with the milling tool.

These three categories encompass the main types of components that can be processed using CNC milling machines. However, specific machining requirements may also be influenced by factors such as the size, complexity, and material of the workpiece. For more complex components, higher-level CNC milling machines or specialized machining equipment may be required to meet the requirements.

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Which materials are appropriate for CNC milling?

CNC milling can work with materials such as metals (aluminum, steel, brass), plastics, wood, and composites, depending on project requirements.

What customization options does HDC offer for CNC milling parts?

HDC CNC Machining offers a wide range of customization options, including material selection, part dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes, and other specifications tailored to your project needs. You can specify your customization requirements when sending the request. Our team will engage in detailed discussions with you to understand your needs and strive to provide a tailored solution that meets your satisfaction.

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What details should I furnish to obtain a precise quotation?

To receive an accurate CNC milling quote, provide detailed project specifications, material preferences, part dimensions, tolerances, surface finish requirements, and any other relevant project details.

What is HDC’s capability for CNC milling part machining?

HDC is equipped with state-of-the-art 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers, enabling us to meet intricate project demands with precision and innovation.

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Can HDC provide more competitive pricing?

Yes, the prices we offer are highly competitive within the industry. You can click the ‘Get Solution Now!’ button on this page, fill in your information and project requirements, and we will provide you with a customized quote.

Do I need to cover the logistics and transportation costs?

Yes, you will need to cover the shipping costs yourself. Our team will make reasonable arrangements for logistics and transportation to ensure the safe and timely delivery of your goods to your doorstep. We can also provide you with the detailed information required for paying these shipping fees.

How do I make payment to HDC?

HDC will provide payment details and methods as part of your business arrangement. Options may include wire transfers, D/P, L/C, and PayPal, We can also discuss credit terms if you are an existing customer or if you have a strong credit history and can provide the necessary valid documentation.

How long will it take to receive my custom-made parts?

The delivery time for custom-made parts varies based on project complexity, quantity, machining time, and our production schedule. We will provide an estimated lead time based on your project’s specifics. Typically, our production process for a container of goods takes 30-40 days. The shipping time, however, varies based on your address and chosen shipping method. We offer two shipping options: Express Air and Sea shipping. If you do not specify a shipping method, we will choose the appropriate one based on your order quantity.

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In summary, HDC CNC Machining is your trusted partner for custom metal components. This FAQ has covered essential aspects of CNC milling, its benefits, customization options, and our capabilities. With advanced CNC machining centers, competitive pricing, and a commitment to quality and timeliness, we are well-equipped to meet your project needs. We value your business and look forward to serving you.

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