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Custom CNC Precision Machining Service

HDC is Your Reliable CNC Precision Machining Supplier in China, can lower your cost to get CNC precision machined parts and other types of components. We develop our products with our high-tech processing machines including CNC precision machines.

  • More than 13 years of CNC precision machining service
  • 50+ certified materials in stock
  • General tolerance +/-0.10mm, can down to +/-0.01mm if required
  • Flexible lead time from one week
  •  Customer’s designs protected
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HDC- Expert CNC Precision Machining Manufacturer

 As your premier choice to get the best quality CNC precision machined parts and custom components, HDC has full capability to produce and ensure to meet your designs. We have complete reliable processing machines for easier fabrications and produce well-designed parts.

We professionally deal with our customers from long time and newbie customers. We are able to support small businesses to a successful and developed business by supplying your desired part quantity. Make a deal and send your order design.

Custom Your Cnc Precision Machining with HDC

High CNC Precision Machining

Get your desired high CNC precision machined parts from our great selections. We have custom machining for your bike parts, car parts, racing parts, etc.

Customized CNC Precision Machining Parts

Our customized CNC precision machining parts are made of perfect materials that suit all types of applications you need for your business.

Custom Aluminum CNC Precision Machining

We can fully assure to handle customizations for your aluminum parts with our CNC machining processes. We ensure the performance and the prices offered.

CNC Ultraprecision Components Machining

Our CNC precision-machined components are designed for a variety of applications available in metals, stainless steel, plastics, and more.

CNC Precision Machining Aluminum Parts

We have all types of parts and component types of applications. It is CNC machined aluminum parts perfect for aerospace purposes at the lowest prices.

CNC Precision Spare Parts Machining

We can supply all types of spare parts applications that provide great performance to all racing cars, motorcycles, bikes, and even medical device applications.

Car Parts CNC Precision Machining

We have CNC precision machined parts for cars. We have hubs, rims, gears, axles, engines, and more that our high-tech and advanced machines durably made.

Alloy Steel CNC Precision Machining

Alloy steel parts are widely used for pipe lines and more applications that offered their durability and long life span. It is also affordable to save your budget.

Aerospace Parts CNC Precision Machining

We can do different processing for your aerospace parts such as CNC machining. We ensure perfect designs, polishing, appearance, and performance.

Why HDC CNC Precision Machining

In this industry, you have to be vigilant in choosing and searching perfect partner especially in choosing a parts manufacturer. Our complete facilities and equipment that ensure our fabrication easier and fast.

We have CNC machining, cutting, milling, rapid prototyping, and more processes ensuring perfect performance, also equipped with CMM, Hardness tester, spectrograph, tensile testing machine to make sure all your parts are consistently at a high level.

CNC Precision Machining 001

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Cnc Precision Machining Parts

cnc machining manufacturer
CNC Machining
Cnc Milling manufacturer
CNC Milling
cnc turning manufacturer
CNC Turning
metal laser cutting
Laser Cutting
rapid prototyping manufacturer
Rapid Prototyping
sheet metal fabrication service
Sheet Metal Fabrication
laser engraving parts
Laser Engraving

Custom Your Cnc Precision Machining with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC CNC Precision Machining

Select HDC CNC Precision Machining to address your precision manufacturing requirements given the long and rich history in this field as well as our state-of-art technologies. Our specialty lies in complex components that we manufacture using the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology. Such parts exhibit outstanding accuracy, versatility while working with different materials and an ability to shape even complicated designs. For industries such as aerospace, automotive, medical and electronics our fully automatic CNC machining services stress on production efficiency to reduce lead time providing product’s quality assurance making us the right choice partner. With years of experience under our belt, we utilize technological innovation coupled with material versatility and outstanding accuracy to help achieve high-grade components crucial in pushing product design and engineering forward.cnc precision machining service 4

Application Industry of CNC Precision Machining

CNC precision machining is a key technology with broad ranging applications across a variety of industries, which involve manufacture of high quality components that are highly essential for performance, safety and reliability. In an automotive industry, it is a key tool for fabrication of engine components and complex vehicle systems while in aerospace it is used for the production of lightweight and complex parts like aircrafts and spacecrafts. Medical practice employs it for surgical instruments, implants, and diagnostic tools with high quality as it is going under strict rules. The electronics industry especially reaps the benefits of precise circuit board components and connectors while the defense and military segments are heavily dependent on it for weaponry, vehicles and communication systems. In the oil and gas sector, CNC machining imparts toughness in order to meet the stringent requirements of extreme durability, and it’s too used in tooling, die making, and the energy sector, including renewable resources. Beyond this, producers of consumer goods like watches and sporting goods also make use of it, thereby, adding to its wide application in modern manufacturing processes.cnc precision machining service 14 edm machine

Why You Need Outsourcing CNC Precision Machining Service

No matter the size of your business, outsourcing CNC precision machining services can bring multiple benefits by circumventing expenses such as equipment procurement, maintenance, and personnel training. This allows you to access top-tier machining services and the specialized expertise of professional machining companies at a low cost. CNC Precision Machining service providers typically have well-developed machining processes and quality testing measures to ensure accuracy and consistency. Additionally, outsourcing services offer scalability, making it easy for you to quickly adjust production capacity according to market fluctuations without the need for additional investment.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for CNC Precision Machining Productscnc precision machining service 7

  • Multiple Precision CNC Machining Techniques: At HDC, we provide a wide range of machining methods to cater for the different kinds of products, such as 5-axis CNC machining, EDM machining, laser cutting, 3D printing, etc, which guarantees the most accurate and high-quality manufacturing.
  • Diverse Material Selection: HDC offers a large selection of materials choices in CNC precision machining allowing the customers to choose the most suitable for a particular application from metals, plastics, composites or any other material.
  • Different Finishing Options: HDC provides varying finishing options where the appearance and functionality of CNC machined products can be improved. This includes surface treatments such as anodizing, plating, painting, powder coating, and many others, which are adapted based on customer preferences and specifications.
  • Additional Services: In addition to assembly, packaging, quality inspection, system integration, and logistics support HDC might also offer to meet all the clients’ tasks and projects.
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