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Your Persistent Supplier Of CNC Prototype Parts

Serving as an ISO9001 certified, HDC has been manufacturing consistent admirable quality prototype parts for more than 13 years that can be delivered all over the world. We are using milling and turning machining for every part, as well as 3,4,5 axis fabrication processes. HDC’s CNC prototype parts can be manufactured in just a short amount of time with high accuracy and competitive pricing.

  • Equipped with high-end CNC machineines
  • Extensive experience in prototyping
  • The lead time as fast as 7 days
  • Different surface treatments for your choice
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HDC- The Most Capable Manufacturer Of CNC Prototype Parts

HDC has high-end CNC machines that empower us to bring out the first-class, most precise details, and perfect operating prototype parts. You can achieve a quick turnaround and seamless parts of prototype components in HDC using your most desired high-grade metal or plastic material. 

Regardless of the industry and application, HDC can create an exceptional prototype component. Our CNC prototype parts are made through a machine that is controlled by a computer depending on the details that have been put towards the machine. HDC’s CNC prototyping services are one of the best due to their many promising advantages that provides the best parts that you need.

Custom Your CNC Prototype Parts With HDC

Custom Metal CNC Prototype Parts

HDC is honored to give the best custom metal CNC prototype parts services that are using exceptional equipment and premium alloys. You can stick with HDC if you want your parts to be created as soon as possible.

cnc prototyping abs parts

We are using the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) in constructing prototype plastic ABS parts. It is perfect for aerospace, automotive, electronics, and such applications.

Polycarbonate CNC Prototype Parts

HDC’s polycarbonate material is often used in engineering and industrial applications considering that it has tear and wear resistance. Giving you the tightest tolerances on your prototype components will never be a hassle with HDC.

CNC Aluminum Prototype Parts

Our aluminum material has great heat resistance, magnificent strength, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness. You can make yourself relieved for HDC can manufacture your part that looks and functions exactly like the real thing.

prototype cnc machining

When it comes to stainless steel prototype parts, HDC will help you to cast out any possible issues, as well as illustrating the main figure, proportions, and the quality of the product. It can help you to check and ensure if it is suitable for the purpose.

3d printing cnc prototype parts

Our clients usually prefer 3D printing for prototyping their parts because of its reasonable price and versatility. It also has tons of diverse models and dimension capabilities.

Why HDC CNC Prototype Parts

Technical and CNC machining know-how is required in making prototypes, our experts understand the configuration and the machine’s command in producing the required prototype result. You can assure that our machines support various materials and a time-saver type of process. Stating all the machining and quality advantages, our experts’ capabilities along with the processing time and materials will give you the answer as to “why HDC CNC prototype machining” should be your first choice.

With all the discussion that happened above, HDC also pledged that your components will have a lifetime guarantee. There is no doubt that we can do your prototype parts and custom prototype parts in just a blink of an eye with the toughest tolerances.

CNC Prototype Parts Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on CNC Prototype Parts

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CNC Machining
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CNC Milling
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CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Rapid Prototyping
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
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Laser Engraving

Prototype Your Metal and Plastic Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Prototype Parts

HDC is capable of using any kind and grade of metal and plastic in manufacturing prototype parts that you can choose from with the help of our CNC prototyping experts. We are also privileged in having high-technology machines that are essential when producing prototypes in any order quantity.

HDC CNC Prototype Parts

You can only find the best technicians and workers in the world if you are transacting with HDC. Every consultation with our engineers will be the most amazing experience for you as you will gain the appropriate information regarding your availed service.

A long list of surface finish is what you will encounter here in HDC, you can choose from anodizing, nickel plating, heat treating, polishing, and so much more. Your component will never pass HDC’s gates without going through the toughest inspection we apply in every item.

Every part’s packaging is also a big must for HDC. You can require the type of packaging you are in relief of. HDC will also let you pick your preferred shipping (courier, sea shipping, air shipping), payment method (Paypal, T/T, L/C), and trade terms (FOB, CFR, DDP).

HDC has various services aside from prototyping and CNC Machining,  it can be aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure die casting, magnesium dies casting metal parts. 

Having the need for the CNC prototype or Production? Notify HDC now and receive the fastest response you will ever gonna get.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – CNC Prototype Parts

When it comes to CNC prototype parts, there’s a world of precision engineering and manufacturing waiting to be explored. In this comprehensive guide, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about CNC prototype parts, shedding light on the intricacies and advantages of this fascinating field.

What Are CNC Prototype Parts?

CNC prototype parts are the cornerstones of modern product development. CNC, an acronym for Computer Numerical Control, signifies a manufacturing methodology harnessing computer-driven apparatuses to meticulously sculpt and engender components from a multifarious array of substances. These parts serve as prototypes, offering engineers and designers a tangible representation of their ideas before moving into mass production.

cnc prototype parts 1

Why Choose CNC Machining for Prototypes?

CNC machining has risen to prominence as the predominant technique for fabricating prototypes, and this phenomenon is indeed justifiable. The precision and exactitude it provides are unparalleled in their caliber. Engineers and innovators gravitate towards CNC machining due to its capacity to engender prototypes that bear a striking resemblance to the eventual end product. This, in turn, expedites the process of conducting exhaustive testing and validation, ensuring the highest standards of quality and functionality are met.

What Materials Can Be Used for CNC Prototype Parts?

The adaptability of CNC machining is expansively inclusive of an array of materials it can proficiently manipulate. Whether your requisites entail the crafting of CNC prototype components from the likes of aluminum, steel, or brass, or conversely, necessitate the utilization of plastics exemplified by ABS, PEEK, or nylon, CNC machining stands as an accommodating vanguard, proficiently catering to a comprehensive spectrum of materials. The choice often hinges on the specific requirements of the prototype.

cnc prototype parts 4

What Level of Precision Can CNC Prototype Parts Achieve?

Accuracy is the hallmark of CNC prototype parts. With tolerances typically ranging from ±0.005 to ±0.001 inches, these components are exceptionally precise. This level of accuracy is crucial for producing prototypes that mimic the final product’s form, fit, and function with utmost fidelity.

Are CNC Prototype Parts Suitable for Functional Testing?

Indeed, CNC prototype parts are tailor-made for functional testing. Engineers rely on these parts to assess how well their designs perform under real-world conditions. The ability to conduct rigorous functional testing helps identify any design flaws early in the development process, ultimately saving time and resources.

cnc prototype parts 2

Can CNC Prototype Parts Be Used for Small-Scale Production?

While CNC machining is primarily associated with prototyping, it is not limited to this phase. Small-scale production runs can also benefit from CNC machining. It offers a cost-effective solution for producing a limited quantity of parts with the same precision and consistency as prototypes.

Is CNC Machining Suitable for Complex Prototype Parts?

CNC machining excels in handling complex prototype parts. With multi-axis CNC machines and advanced tooling, intricate shapes, internal features, and fine details can all be faithfully reproduced. This capability is invaluable for industries where complex designs are the norm.

cnc prototype parts 5

What File Formats Are Compatible with CNC Machining for Prototypes?

When preparing files for CNC machining, it’s essential to provide the right formats. Commonly accepted formats include STL, STEP, IGES, and native CAD formats like SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor. Ensuring your files are properly prepared is vital for achieving accurate and precise prototype parts.

Can CNC Prototype Parts Be Post-Processed or Finished?

Yes, CNC prototype parts can undergo post-processing to achieve specific surface finishes or functional enhancements. Post-processing options include sandblasting, anodizing, painting, or plating, allowing you to tailor your prototypes to meet your exact requirements.

cnc prototype parts 3


CNC prototype parts are the unsung heroes of product development, enabling engineers and designers to turn their visions into reality with exceptional precision. Whether for functional testing, small-scale production, or the creation of complex parts, CNC machining stands as the ideal choice. If you’re in need of prototypes that not only meet but exceed expectations, look no further than CNC machining.

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