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CNC Steel Parts China

HDC is Your Expert CNC Steel Parts Supplier in China. HDC is a certified ISO9001 Custom Cnc Steel Parts manufacturer in China. With more than 12 years of experience, we can provide you with CNC Steel Parts to meet your choice. In addition, we can custom-machine steel parts according to your preference.

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HDC- Reliable CNC Steel Parts Manufacturer

HDC is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CNC steel parts in China. We provide the most affordable and high-end CNC steel parts. Our company develops CNC steel parts with corrosion resistance, very high tensile strength, good performance, and thermally conductive.

HDC makes sure that we produce CNC steel parts that feature satisfaction and cost-efficiency. We are your best choice for high-performance CNC steel parts and great after-sale services.

Custom Your CNC Steel Parts with HDC

_Custom CNC Machined Steel Part

HDC can custom CNC machined steel part based on your specifications. We will keep your design protected, will do pre-production of your design, samples for your approval.

Ultra-precision CNC Steel Parts

HDC  manufacture ultra-precision Cnc steel parts come in a range of shape, size, colors, and other technical features. All parts are made to meet strict quality measures.

CNC Steel Turning Parts

CNC Steel Turning Parts by HDC is manufactured in advanced manufacturing machines, High Precision CNC Lathe. With the best-quality material and an expert team, we can make innovative components for you.

CNC Steel Lathing Parts

HDC CNC steel lathing parts are available at a favorable price. With more than 12 years of specializing in metal parts production, we can offer a one-stop service.

CNC Steel Stamping Parts

CNC steel stamping parts from HDC can be customized to perfectly meet your needs and expectations. With expertise and knowledge in the production of CNC steel stamping parts, you can guarantee satisfaction.

OEM 4-Axis Machining CNC Steel Parts

HDC offer OEM 4-axis machining CNC steel parts with the comprehensive options you need. We can produce components with more competitive price.

CNC Machined Steel Round Parts

CNC Steel machined parts have excellent properties such as corrosion resistance. We provide full manufacturing service for your product, including full customization as per customers’ drawings.

Stainless Steel OEM Precision Turning Parts

HDC CNC milling machining steel parts are made of best quality material and manufactured in an advanced manufacturing facility. With knowledge and expertise in the field, we can make new and unique Cnc steel parts.

Custom CNC Large Spare Parts

HDC offers custom CNC large spare parts with logo etched free of charge. We will provide pre-production of your component for you to check, you can start purchase for as low as 50 pcs.

Why HDC CNC Steel Parts

Through our years of experience, we are capable of producing CNC steel parts that fit your standards. We always make sure that in manufacturing CNC steel parts, it has all the designs and qualifications you require.

HDC has skilled engineers and professional workers that focused on the demands of our customer around the world. We are your best solution provider for CNC steel parts. Our products and services are reachable by your budget.

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HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Steel Parts

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Custom Your CNC Steel Parts with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Steel Parts

Get the greatest deals and offers for CNC steel parts at HDC. We are one of the premier manufacturers and suppliers of CNC steel parts in China you can trust.

We have a wide range of CNC steel parts available in different designs, styles, and specifications. Our advanced manufacturing system allows us to produce CNC steel parts that fit your demands. HDC has a fast delivery time anywhere in the world.

Our CNC steel parts are designed to perform in both high and low temperatures. HDC CNC steel parts are also developed with ductile, and malleable ability. It is ideal for multiple industry applications.

Our CNC steel parts can be used for machine tooling, construction equipment, aircraft components, automobile parts and etc. HDC CNC steel parts offer a lot of advantages. Our engineers developed it from premium quality materials.

Using strict quality control, we are able to provide products and equipment with adequate performance. We can provide you with all-around care services in this industry. HDC can guarantee you with our CNC steel parts, your sales will get boosted.

For years, HDC has been developing and manufacturing innovative and precise CNC steel parts.  Our company has CNC machine specialists and operate on our advanced manufacturing machines.

stainless steel cnc machining services 9These CNC steel parts can be used for medical, automotive, industrial, and commercial industries. Send us your quote now and experience more productive business!

How to Custom CNC Steel Parts?

Steel is one of the most used materials for tools and parts nowadays. It is hard, corrosion-resistant, and highly durable. Mostly iron, this material is already being CNC machined for manufacturing parts from different industries like marine, kitchenware, and surgical industry. It is easy to machine and can be used for manufacturing many complex parts. 

Understanding CNC Steel Parts

Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining is a process where a computer controls different tools or machinery to give any metal, wood, or any other element the desirable shape possible. The parts manufactured by CNC are highly complex but shaped out perfectly. Without the touch of hands, the AI takes care of the manufacturing perfectly. 

CNC Machined Steel Parts

CNC steel parts are the parts produced with CNC machining. Steel is one of the most used elements in aerospace, marine, and automotive. Besides, kitchenware and surgery equipment are also made with steel. That’s why CNC steel parts are produced with precision and ai programming is very popular nowadays. 

Advantages of CNC Machining with Steel

CNC machining in steel has numerous advantages, all of which have consolidated its place as a material choice within the industry. The excellent tensile strength that this material offers ensures the prolonged usefulness of many parts, fulfilling those use cases which demand structural integrity as well as resiliency. In addition, steel is an economical option compared with others such as titanium considered to be exotic materials. This cost-effectiveness also makes it an alluring choice not only in prototype but large scale production.

Types of Steel Suitable for Machining

Steel is a very common material used to make automotive, marine, and aerospace parts with CNC machining. Many CNC steel parts can be seen in different industries. The metal contains mostly iron. Various other metals mixed with iron creates different types of steel.
Different kinds of Steels

There are many types of steel available to work with CNC machining. But mostly four types of steel are being used nowadays. You can see the four types of steel here –

Carbon Steels

Carbon steels are at the top of the list when it comes to manufacturing CNC steel parts. They are hard, and durable but easy for CNC machining. Whereas 2-3% Carbon is present in the alloys, all the alloys do not contain the same percentage. According to the percentage of Carbon, the steel is categorized into High, Low, and Medium Carbon steel. 1010, 1018, 1030, and 1080 are different Carbon steels popular for machining.

Alloy Steels

Alloy steels can be created by mixing various metals with Carbon Steels like Manganese, Copper, Nickel, Molybdenum, Zirconium, Calcium, Lead, and many others. The target is to increase characteristics like corrosion resistance, strength, toughness, and machinability. 4130 and 4340 are two popular types of alloy steels in this category. 

Stainless Steels

10%-20% Chromium-based steel alloys are called stainless steels. 303 and 316 steel are examples of stainless steel. They are better looking with rust resistance and corrosion resistance. They are more expensive and harder for CNC machining but give better looks to parts produced with them.

Tool Steels

Tool Steels are hardened Carbon steels that are hard for machining. But they are used for many purposes like cutting and sharpening other materials. There are mainly six types of these steels – hot work tool steels, special-purpose tool steels, high-speed tool steels, shock-resistant tools steels, water-hardened, and air-hardened tool steels. They can cut, extrude and press other materials easily.

cnc machining steel materials 5

Common Applications of CNC Steel Parts

Custom CNC steel parts are applied in many fields, and the applications are very unique. Steel in the aerospace industry is essential due to its capacity of performing under high conditions while maintaining structure. Car safety and performance come from precision-engineered steel parts in the automotive industry. In many cases, medical apparatus and surgical instruments require stainless steel because of their biocompatibility properties that resist corrosion. Furthermore, the ocean industry is served by steel’s rust-free nature. These instances show how steel is multi-purpose and cannot be omitted from the process of CNC machining.

Surface Treatment for Steel Parts

The primary objective of surface treatment for steel is to increase the level of corrosion resistance. Besides, giving it a good appearance is also part of the process while applied perfectly. But if done wrong, it may do harm. Rough surface treatment can increase the possibility of corrosion. Following are some parts of surface treatment for steel:

The common surface of steel parts

Zinc Phosphate Priming

The method is used to apply Zinc Phosphate over the steel parts. The method increases the corrosion resistance at a high level. The method is very popular in the automotive and marine industries.

Chemical Coating

The process uses electroplating or compressed air coating over the steel parts. The sprayed material is in powdered form created with special formulae. Not only it protects the part against corrosion and UV, it also helps to make it scratch and crack resistant.

Hot Dipping

This is a coating method that involves molten zinc that gives a bath to the steel part at 450-degree temperature. After removing from the bath, the zinc along with oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air creates a good coating over the steel part. Even for the complex steel parts, this method is widely used.

Zinc Spray

The method needs to make the steel surface made rough at first. After that, zinc is sprayed over the surface. Together they make a good bond. This is a cold coating method that increases the corrosion resistance to a good level.

Navigating Challenges in CNC Machining of Steel

Despite its unique qualities, CNC machining steel also has a few complications. The major problem is the hardness of certain steel funning alloys, which lengthen s machining process and accelerate tool wear. Yet the area and volume effect have been partially offset by modern highly performing CNC machine tools with high-quality tooling capable of efficient cutting strategies. Furthermore, appropriate cooling and lubrication mechanisms are used to control heat generation during milling as well asto help reduce tool wear through the process.cnc machining steel materials 2

Future Trends in Custom CNC Steel Parts Manufacturing

The development of custom CNC machining with steel presses is far from stabilizing as innovations and industry demands change the future state. An important innovation is the use of automation and robotics in CNC operations that improving efficiency, accuracy while minimizing human interference. Different tasks are performed using the collaborative robots or cobots, such as tool loading with other jobs like autonomous part handling along inspection. At the same time, additive manufacturing (3D printing) starts merging with CNC machining providing hybrid solutions supplying parts possessing huge amounts of details and functionality.

The upcoming of this industry is a further revolution in the field as it involves digitization. Data analytics, IoT and cloud computing are being used to smart factories in terms of smooth operation optimization as well improving equipment health monitoring besides rapid decision making. This development in custom CNC machining with steel has made it more flexible and whereby, its functions change to suit the needs of different industries. Therefore, choosing a capable and proficient CNC machining service provider is essential for the success of custom projects based on steel which has extraordinary properties along with this ongoing tendencies that have further revolutionized future manufacturing development.

Guidance for Custom CNC Steel Parts From Manufacturers

When seeking custom CNC steel parts from manufacturers, consider the following guidance to ensure successful outcomes:cnc machining steel materials 1

  1. Understanding Requirements: Describe explicitly the specifications, dimensions and tolerances of CNC steel parts intended to meet your needs.
  2. Material Selection: Select the appropriate steel specification based on how it will be used considering its strength, corrosion resistance and machinability in mind.
  3. Design for Manufacturability: Partner with manufacturers to improve part design, eliminating superfluous structures through simplification and cost reduction of production time.
  4. Quality and Precision: Choose manufacturers who have a history of high quality and accuracy, know their guarantee processes as well as certifications.
  5. Experience and Expertise: Choose manufacturers that are experts and have years of experience in CNC steel part machining.
  6. Advanced Technologies: Look at producers who use modern technologies like automation, robotics and additive manufacturing.
  7. Lead Times and Scalability: Present lead times and the manufacturer’s capability to ensure that production could be scaled for timely delivery.
  8. Cost Considerations: Balance cost and quality to avoid a lower-quality alternative accompanied by increased costs of cheaper options.
  9. Communication and Support: Opt for manufacturers who are communicative, open and provide ongoing support.

Through such focus, you form a more comprehensive productive partnership with CNC steel parts manufacturing firm resulting in successful projects.stainless steel cnc machining services 2


Steel is ruling most of the CNC machining markets nowadays. It is a very useful material and competitive to aluminum and titanium in many ways. Both of them can be lighter but not a match to steel when it comes to high durability and strength.

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