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Your Reliable CNC Twist Throttle Supplier in China

HDC has full capabilities to offer a one-stop solution for your CNC twist throttle parts and components. Throughout 13 years of rich CNC machining OEM experience, we can give durable and fully customed CNC twist throttles.

  • Customized CNC twist throttle based on your preferences
  • Professional engineers to create CNC twist throttle designs
  • Imprint your own logo for free
  • 50 pcs MOQ to support your brand
  • Over 10 surface treatments available
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HDC- Expert CNC Twist Throttle Manufacturer

Since established in 2006, HDC has been focusing on manufacturing extra-durable, high-quality CNC twisted throttles. We have qualified engineers and selected experts that professionally develop CNC twist throttle with high standards to meet your purposes.

HDC is an ISO9001-certificated company that has become one of the most trusted and well-respected CNC twisted throttles components. Quality and your satisfaction is the life of the company.

Custom Your CNC Twist Throttle with HDC

CNC Alloy Twist Throttle Cable

Our CNC alloy twist throttle cable is made up of top-grade aluminum materials. We can support the automotive industries by providing high-end components, available in custom colors, sizes, etc.

CNC Twist Throttle for Bike

Before the production of the CNC twist throttle for the bike, we choose the exact materials. This has a universal voltage rate, suitable for 12-84V scooters or bikes. All of these are 100% well conditioned.

Color Anodized CNC Twist Throttle

HDC is supported by our modern manufacturing equipment, which allows us to create the best quality color anodized CNC twist throttle. This component is made from rubber + Aluminum alloy.

High Precision CNC Twist Throttle

Our high precision CNC twist throttle is manufactured using alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, and other materials. Available with different colors including silver, red, blue, golden, and more.

High-performance CNC Twist Throttle

High-performance CNC twist throttle is processed from combined rubber and aluminum alloy material. We can provide your CNC twist throttle with your specific demands.

Motorcycle 22mm CNC Twist Throttles

Our complete selection of motorcycle 22mm CNC twist throttle is offered 100% high-quality and zero-defect conditions. It is very easy to install, with an approximate wire length of 2m / 78.7″.

Multi-functional CNC Twist Throttle

Produced from high-end aluminum alloys. This multi-functional CNC twist throttle has optional colors available. Blue, red, golden, silver, black, and other colors, offered at competitive prices.

Silver CNC Twist Throttle

We offer OEM services for silver CNC twist throttle to support your business. Your own logo will be printed as well for free. This is suitable for scooters, electric bicycles, motorcycles, and more.

Universal CNC Twist Throttle

HDC proudly offers OEM and customized universal CNC twist throttle components. This is compatible with 12V-99V electric bikes and scooters, giving durability and consistency when installed.

Why HDC CNC Twist Throttle

We can customize your CNC twist throttles in accordance with your sizes, required materials, own designs, and more. We guarantee that all our CNC twist throttles will surely reach your standard and needs. For this to happen, a fast custom quote is provided for you.

HDC is equipped with well-knowledgeable and highly qualified engineers to custom your CNC twist throttle needs. Made with high-precision and selected quality materials. HDC is your professional one-stop solution provider, contact us immediately!

CNC Twist Throttle

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your CNC Twist Throttle

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Custom Your CNC Twist Throttle with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC CNC Twist Throttle

Are you looking for a trusted CNC twist throttle manufacturer in China? Then HDC is your good choice. We provide a wide range of CNC twist throttle to support your business. HDC has been in this field for more than 13 years, giving innovative design solutions, including our CNC twist throttle for customers worldwide.

cnc twist throttle

HDC is your premier go-to source of CNC twist throttle parts. These are machined using high-quality aluminum alloys + rubber materials. This ensures our CNC twist throttle lasts longer of use.

Our CNC twist throttle offers long-wear characteristics, lighter weight, and reliable parts. This is a handle in motorcycles to operate a control. It definitely controlled the throttle, but sometimes installed elsewhere like in helicopters, bicycle gearshift, motorcycles, and other vehicles. From 12-84V motorcycles, our CNC twist throttle is perfect to use.

However, the available colors for this component are golden, blue, red, silver, and more optional to fit your purpose.  HDC makes sure you can get the best quality CNC twist throttle with your logo to showcase your brand.

HDC CNC twist throttle is available in high speed, middle speed, and low speed depending on your motorcycle needs. Featuring a nominal voltage of 12 VDC, 40 VDC maximum operating voltage, IP 54 protection level, operating temperature -20°/+85°, and 0,25 W power rating.

What`s more, you can choose one from our 10+ surface treatment offers for your CNC twist throttle.

Start purchase now from 50 pieces minimum orders! HDC provides the best components that will fit your budget.

Contact us today for more info.

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