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Complex Machining Service

Complex Machining Service is CNC machining service for the manufacturing of complex and high-precision parts. There are a lot of parts in various industries that have to be manufactured with high accuracy and adherence to the manufacturing specifications. For instance, in the Aerospace industry, each and every part has to be inspected multiple times before being put into service. Therefore, it is a very complex task to manufacture high precision parts for industries.

The major industries that utilize the complex machining parts are Aerospace Industry, Medical Industry, Defense Industry, Automobile Industry and Manufacturing Industry. All these industries have applications for CNC machining services. And moreover, they utilize the Complex CNC machining services to achieve the accuracy required to pass the test for application in the industry.

machining service
Cnc Racing Motorycycle Parts
complex machining service
cnc machining service

Specification and usage of Complex Machining Service

Complex CNC Machining Services are ideal for manufacturing of complex and high accuracy parts. Most of the complex and high precision parts are manufactured from either metal or metallic alloys. Therefore, Complex CNC machining is ideal for manufacturing of Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, and other metallic alloy parts.

For the manufacturing of complex CNC parts, we have the latest 5-Axis CNC machining services available that can handle the manufacturing of complex and high-accuracy parts. With the possibility of working on multiple axes of the product at the same time, we are able to produce complex products that are otherwise difficult to manufacture. Moreover, we produce the parts with a general tolerance level of +/- 0.1 mm which can be increased to a level of +/- 0.01 mm.

We use the latest CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques, which when coupled with the skilled engineering of our team produce complex parts with the highest possible level of precision.

Product advantages

  • High precision parts; HDC offers CNC machining servicesthat provide high precision parts that comply with the strict guidelines of our client’s design. Furthermore, we provide material certificate for parts where the concerned regulatory body requires certification from the manufacturer.
  • Custom Complex Machining;one of the biggest advantages that you get when working with HDC is manufacturing of custom parts. If you do not have the design yourself, and you provide the specifications to us, we will be able to custom make the part for you.Despite your complex part and requiring the highest accuracy and precision, we will be able to produce custom parts for you.
  • Shortest turnaround time; CNC machining is an art and HDC is a master of this art. We will provide you with your complex, high-precision parts within the shortest possible turnaround time.
  • Competitive rates for high precision parts; we have managed to keep the rates of manufacturing for the Complex Machining Servicesextremely competitive. Therefore you will get the best quality parts at the most competitive rates.

Why choose HDC?

HDC has experience serving over 50 countries globally with CNC machining services of the highest quality. Our level of accuracy and precision is second to none. The parts that we manufacture are durable throughout their service life and you do not have to worry about changing the part any time soon.

Furthermore, we offer the best Complex CNC machining service at the most competitive rates. We have a long list of satisfied customers all around the world who will give testimony for our CNC Machining capabilities and the high quality of parts that we manufacture.

Complex Machining Service FAQ

Complex machining services are difficult and challenging to find, especially those that you can trust 100% with all your products and services. However, we here at HDC Manufacturing take pride on our expertise and overall reliability regarding this matter.

Our complex machining services are trusted by brands and companies all around the globe, and not once did we fail to produce premium quality parts and components for our clients as well.

Now, before we get to that, here is a quick and simple FAQ to help you understand more of what and how our complex machining services are!

What is Complex Machining?

figure 1 what is complex machining

Complex machining is a machining process where two (2) or more machines work together in order to produce a complex part or component. Also commonly referred to as compound machines, you’ll most likely see complex machines in the CNC industry.

CNC or computer numerically controlled complex machines are fairly common as they’re usually produced and operated automatically, even almost without the need for human intervention.

What is CNC Complex Machining?

figure 2 what is cnc complex machining

Just like what I was discussing above, CNC complex machining is a manufacturing process where more than one (1) machine will be at play. Normally, CNC complex machines are made with extreme precision and accuracy that have more than one (1) functionality.

Some of the most common combinations of CNC complex machines are cutting, milling, turning, and even etching!

What Parts Can You Make With Complex Machining?

figure 3 what parts can you make with complex machining

There are tons of parts and components you can make with CNC complex machining, some of which revolve around the aerospace and aeronautics industries, automotive sectors, oil and gas, marine and submarine industries, and many more!

To give you some concrete examples of what these parts and components are, they include:

  • Gear for carrier-based aircraft
  • Complete landing gear
  • Sub-assemblies
  • Titanium and stainless steel components
  • And many more!

Most of the parts made and manufactured using CNC complex machining are parts and components that would take a lot of time for simple machines to create.

What Are the Different Types of Complex Machines?

figure 4 what are the different types of complex machines

There are a lot of machine options you can choose from when it comes to complex machining, and most of the time, they’re far from what we think. Here at HDC Manufacturing, we consider all of our machines complex machines simply because they are capable of doing more than one (1) type of functionality.

All our CNC machines have been programmed to function in conjunction with one another, as well as to help out all other equipment that are a part of our processes.

To cite concrete examples of our complex machining equipment, they include:

  • 3-Axis milling and turning machines
  • 5- Axis milling and turning machines
  • CNC Lathe
  • CNC Mills
  • And many more!

NOTE: There are even more than 5-axis machines but we here at HDC Manufacturing focus on just that.

Simple Machine vs. Complex Machine

A simple machine would be a machine that is primarily used for a single purpose, instead of being flexible and adaptable to other types of functionalities, too.

In other words, simple machines are machines that only function at a single axis rather than having 3, 5, or more. So, comparing simple machines from complex machines would depend on the overall functionality of the machine you are looking for.

For one, a simple machine would only be used for straight-edge cutting, while complex cutting machines can cut in all angles and dimensions. Moreover, simple machines would only have a spindle that is turning or rotating at one (1) axis, whereas complex machines can be locomotive and deviate from the axis it was set on to a different one.

What Are the Advantages of CNC Complex Machining?

There are quite a few advantages to CNC complex machining compared to the simple and singular machines many of our manufacturers have grown accustomed to. These advantages and benefits are:

  • CNC complex machining produces little-to-no waste at all
  • The assembly of the parts and components is quicker because it can be part of the program set to the CNC machine
  • There can be zero defects or erroneous problems to the CNC machine
  • The energy consumption of CNC complex machining is greater than simple machines
  • Production is highly effective and efficient
  • And many more!

What Materials Can You Work on in Complex Machining Services?

CNC complex machining is designed to work on a wide library of products and materials for the manufacturing of the parts and components that clients need for their businesses and projects.

Commonly, though, the general materials that CNC complex machining processes and methodologies undertake include aluminum, stainless steel, low carbon steel, high-speed steel (HSS), plastic,  and fiberglass.

And while I labelled these as the most common machines, it does not mean that CNC machines are limited to working on these. There are far more workpieces and materials you can mount and place onto your CNC complex machines!

Where Can You Get High-Quality Complex Machining Services?

If you are looking for complex machining services to produce high-quality goods and products, you can bank and count on us here at HDC Manufacturing for it. For over a decade, our stand in the industry has been the same – and not once did we fail our clients to produce quality products for them.

figure5 where can get high-quality complex machining service

Our complex machining services have been popular due to the fact that we’re able to work on aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, plastic, and even complex materials and workpieces that our clients need.

HDC Manufacturing’s complex machining services aren’t just limited to that – in fact, we can also be your go-to manufacturer if you ever need help with aluminum forging, 5-axis machining services, sheet metal fabrication services, laser cutting services, and many more!

Shoot us a message or dial our number to get a free quotation or a free estimate of all the services and products you need!

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