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Continuous Hinges

Continuous hinges, also called piano hinges, are made for doors or other components being connnected together, They go along the whole door and spread the weight evenly. Regular hinges only work at certain points, but continuous ones are better because they make the door stronger and last longer.

Continuous hinges are special because they can hold a lot of weight. They also open and close smoothly. This is different than regular hinges, so continuous hinges are better for things that need strong support and easy movement.

Continuous hinges are commonly utilized in numerous industries and applications, including cabinetry, furniture manufacturing, industrial enclosures, and more. Their reliable and enduring design ensures prolonged usage without compromising structural integrity.

In conclusion, continuous hinges provide a practical and efficient solution for achieving stability and uniform weight distribution in doors and lids. Their extended length and reliable construction contribute to their superior load-carrying capability, making them a preferred choice for diverse applications. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes, continuous hinges deliver enhanced functionality and longevity, ensuring doors and lids operate smoothly for years to come.


Types of Continuous Hinges:

heavy duty continuous hinges

Heavy-duty continuous hinge

Heavy-duty continuous hinges are strong and good at carrying heavy loads. Stainless Steel continuous hinges are even stronger and more reliable. 

continus hinges

Medium-duty continuous hinge

Medium-duty hinges are often used in areas where security is of key concern. The medium-duty continuous hinges offer extra security as there are no weak points for a possibility of a break-in.

stainless steel piano hinges(2)

Light-duty continuous hinge

Light-duty piano hinges are perfect for things that need to look nice. They give furniture, boxes, jewelry containers and more a special touch.

Aluminum geared continuous hinge

Aluminum geared continuous hinge

The aluminum geared continuous hinge is made from aluminum with small geared teeth. Usually, the geared portion is covered to protect the hinge and to give an appealing and neat look to the hinge. Geared continuous hinges are available in multiple finishing options like aluminum finish and bronze finish. These continuous hinges can be used in exterior or interior door applications.

marine piano hinge

Pin and barrel continuous hinge

Pin and barrel continuous hinges are usually made of steel or stainless steel. The pin and barrel go all the way along the hinge. These types of hinges can handle heavy doors easily.

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Continuous Hinge Applications

Continuous hinges are widely used in different industries. Here are a few typical applications of continuous hinges:

·Frequent use of doors in public areas

Continuous hinges are frequently installed in office, hotes and hospitals, hotels,etc.

·Agricultural industry

The agricultural industry also has a high application of piano hinges. Primarily, the continuous hinge offers higher reliability and resistance to moisture and weather changes, therefore, they are ideal for installation in agricultural environments.

·Construction industry

Continuous piano hinges are widely used on the construction industry. Usually, in the construction industry the fire doors, chutes, architectural doors, etc. make extensive use of piano hinges.  

·Furniture and cabinets

Piano hinges are a very popular choice when it comes to manufacturing furniture and cabinets. Since piano hinges are aesthetically appealing and also provide increased durability they are an ideal choice for furniture and cabinets.

·Toys and decor

Toys and miniature decorative items also make use of piano hinges. Due to the versatility of design, the continuous hinge can easily be managed at miniature levels. Also, the aesthetic appeal of the piano hinges makes it an ideal choice for use in miniature toys and decorative items.

·Custom piano hinges

HDC also manufactures custom piano hinges that can be customized for applications in multiple industries. You can provide your specifications for a custom continuous hinge and we will develop it accordingly.

Continuous Hinges | The Complete FAQ Guide

As an experienced provider of customized industrial products, we take pride in our professional factory, talented design team, and standardized customization processes. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers. With over five years of experience in custom continuous hinges, we have provided attentive services to individuals and factory clients in dozens of countries worldwide, earning their recognition and trust.


What is a continuous hinge?

Continuous hinges, also known as piano hinges, run the entire length of doors, panels, or boxes. It provides continuous support and weight distribution along its entire length. Continuous hinges can be made from a variety of materials, with the most common ones being steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

continuous hinges 1

What are the main types of continuous hinges?

Geared continuous hinge

A gear continuous hinge typically consists of hinge leaves with interlocking gear teeth, a hinge pin for pivoting, and mounting holes for attachment to the door and frame. They find wide use in airports, stadiums, schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, and various other commercial buildings.

continuous hinges 2

Pin and barrel continuous hinge

A pin and barrel hinge is a type of continuous hinge design that resembles traditional hinges. It consists of two leaves joined together by a pin, similar to conventional hinges.

Pin and barrel hinges can typically be trimmed to fit different door heights as needed. They offer good load-bearing capacity and are commonly used for doors or frames that require strength and durability.

continuous hinges 3

What advantages do continuous hinges have compared to traditional hinges?

Even Weight Distribution: Continuous hinges can evenly distribute the weight they bear onto the door frame, making them capable of supporting greater weight compared to traditional hinges. They are also more reliably secure.

Constant Alignment: Continuous hinges maintain door alignment, eliminating sagging issues.

Durability: They are built to withstand heavy usage and abuse.

Safety: Continuous hinges eliminate gaps, reducing the risk of finger pinching, especially in child-friendly environments.

Design Variety: Available in various designs and materials to suit aesthetics and customization needs.

Fire-Rated: Many are approved for use in fire-rated openings.

Electric Options: Some allow power transfer for electrified locks and devices.

Adjustability: Certain models offer post-installation clearance adjustments, simplifying repairs.

Clean Appearance: They can provide a seamless look between the door and frame.

Versatile: Suitable for replacing conventional hinges in high-abuse settings.

Where are continuous hinges commonly used in various applications?



Access Panels

Industrial Equipment

Retail Fixtures



continuous hinges 4

What materials are continuous hinges typically made from?


Stainless Steel





Galvanized Steel


continuous hinges 5

What is the maximum weight that continuous hinges can bear?

The weight capacity of a continuous hinge varies depending on the material and design, but they are typically able to support heavy loads. Some heavy-duty models can hold up to several hundred pounds or more.

Is it possible for continuous hinges to achieve an opening angle of 180 degrees or greater?

Generally, continuous hinges do not open 180 degrees. The opening angle of continuous hinges depends on their type and intended use. Some models may open up to 270 degrees or more, but this varies by manufacturer and model. It’s important to check the specifications of the specific hinge used to determine its opening degree.

Can metal continuous hinges be cut to the required size?

Yes, metal continuous hinges can be cut to fit specific sizes or lengths. However, you must have the right tools and proper skills to ensure that you preserve its full functionality when cutting a continuous hinge.

How do you cut a continuous hinge?

It is recommended to use a hacksaw or jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade to cut through the metal hinge slowly and carefully. It is also essential to wear protective gear, including gloves and safety goggles while cutting the hinge.

How are continuous hinges measured?

Continuous hinges are typically measured by their length, width, and thickness. Length is measured from one end of the hinge to the other, while width is the dimension perpendicular to the length. Thickness indicates the space or measurement between the two sides of the hinge. It’s important to measure the hinge accurately to ensure that it fits the door or frame properly.

What are the Benefits of custom continuous hinges?

The benefits of custom continuous hinges include the ability to create a hinge that fits specific design needs and requirements, as well as the opportunity to choose from a broader range of materials and finishes to match the aesthetics of the object it will be installed. Custom continuous hinges can also be tailored to provide additional features, such as noise reduction or improved security.


Continuous hinges, or piano hinges, run the entire length of doors, panels, or boxes and offer advantages like even weight distribution, durability, and design variety. They come in types like geared and pin-and-barrel hinges and find use in doors, furniture, and industrial equipment. Materials include steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, with a capacity to support heavy loads. Depending on the specific requirements, continuous hinges can achieve an opening angle of 270 degrees or greater.


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