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Custom CNC Hubs

Why Choose HDC For Your Custom CNC Hubs

HDC has been engaged in OEM of CNC parts for more than 13 years and has served over 1000 clients from more than 50 countries. Our strict quality control and advanced technological capabilities guarantee that every project meets the required high standards of accuracy and offer a wide range of material alternatives. Our dedication to on-time delivery and the client’s designs protection via non-disclosure agreement has made us acceptable in the medical, consumer goods, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Our 5-axis machining makes it possible for us to cope with complex part geometries obtaining tighter tolerances and better surface finish. This positive feedback from our clients reinforces our excellence in part quality, performance delivery timeliness, and customer support. Low-volume production as well as mass manufacturing can be handled by the HDC to provide reliable solutions that meet industry standard and specific client requirements.

Benefits of Using CNC To Produce Hubs 

While revolutionizing hub manufacture, CNC machining offers accuracy and efficiency simultaneously. It allows intricate hub design that is purpose-built in order to minimize waste and make effective use of materials. Not only does the automation process greatly expedite production but also ensures at every unit the same quality and consistency, resulting in very reduced labor costs.

CNC machines are highly flexible with regard to quick switching of the production specification, which enables the industry’s needs to be met in a timely fashion. Improved safety measures increase the safety of the workplace and decrease the rate of the accidents. The critical need for the reliability and the high standard of quality control is essential in sectors where every component performance is essential and makes CNC system one of the most important tools in modern manufacturing.

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Materials Used for CNC Hubs

In CNC machining for hubs, material selection is based on meeting specific application needs and set industry standards to enable perfect functioning and long service life of the product. Also, in the automotive industry and the aerospace industry, 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloys are common because of their superior strength-to-weight ratio. Titanium is preferred in the airspace, medical and high performance auto sectors because of its superior strength tensile strength, lightness and resistance to corrosion and heat. 

For these demanding applications the material of choice is steel, especially stainless steel variants such as 304 or 316 which is renown for its strength and corrosion-resisting properties. The judicious selection among these materials each having different characteristics is essential to satisfy hubs need for mechanical stress, environmental exposure and term of service.

Post-Processing for CNC Hubs

In postprocessing CNC machined hubs the initial steps include cleaning for the removals of machining residues and surface finishing techniques such as Sanding, Polishing, and bead blasting. These operations make the thus looking and feeling but anodizing or painting add corrosion resistance and color. Thermal treatment methods are also used to improve the physical qualities of the material such that strength and consistency ensue.

Additional refinement is accomplished by means of surface grinding to ensure that the required specs are met. To prepare an assembly, the process includes accurate tapping and threading for fasteners, and part integration with fins or inserts. This delicate procedure culminates in a final quality assurance phase during which each hub is scrutinized and tested to satisfy the stringent requirements of its intended application, providing reliability and durability.

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Compare the Forging and CNC Machining Processes for Manufacturing Hubs

Forging is an efficient production method for mass-production, characterized with unparalleled material strength; thus suitable for components requiring strict material structural integrity. While initial setup and mold costs are relatively more expensive, these are effectively recouped in large-scale production. On the other hand, forging is often imprecise and must be machined afterwards in order to conform to exact dimensional requirements.

CNC machining is popular for its high accuracy and high-quality surface finishing and fits medium-to small batch production, good for complex and customized design Although this approach might result in more waste of materials, the unique benefits of design modification ease and quick prototyping are great. When there is need for accurate detailed intricate design with rapid design change capability, CNC machining is the best choice.

Types of CNC Hubs You Can Get From HDC

cnc automotive hubs

CNC Automotive Hubs

cnc motorcycle hubs

CNC Motorcycle Hubs

cnc bike hubs

CNC Bike Hubs

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CNC Go Karts Hubs

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