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Your First Choice Custom Dipstick Manufacturer In China

Established in 2009, HDC has earned a reputation for being one of the best CNC motorcycle spare parts manufacturers in China. We offer various CNC machining with our 3,4, and 5-axis CNC machines. As an ISO9001 certified CNC machining manufacturer,

  • More than 50 materials and 10 surface treatments are available
  • 1o+ years experience in the motorsports field
  • Free samples available before mass production
  • Low MOQs to help you start your project
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Your Trusted Custom Dipstick Manufacturer In China

HDC custom dipsticks fit your engine perfectly and provide accurate results. We use the most updated CNC machines to manufacture your billet Aluminum dipsticks efficiently, and you can get accurate results while using them. We manufacture various custom dipstick machines to fulfill the market demand. 

Moreover, these dipsticks can be customized in various colors or styles. You can choose your drawing or our engineer’s design to renew your car with HDC’s custom dipsticks.

When it comes to maintaining quality, HDC never compromises with its products. We operate several quality checks during the manufacturing process. We provide you with weekly reports and final production reports. As a manufacturer equipped with advanced technology and technical engineers, HDC insists that it is the most important to meet customers’ demands. If you choose HDC to be your supplier, We will give you an impressive cooperation experience

Custom Your Aluminum Billet Dipstick With HDC

Billet Aluminum Oil custom Dipstick Handle

HDC CNC billet aluminum oil dipstick handle can be customized with your design. we also have different colors for your choices, get your logo etched free of charge

Cnc Machined Aluminum Oil custom Dipstick

HDC CNC machined Custom Dipsticks are made of Aluminum 6061, anodized with different colors, the specifications could be as per your designs

custom dipstick Series

HDC can custom the Oil Dipstick to your exact designs. Stainless steel and Aluminum are the common materials we produce for custom oil dipsticks

luminum Billet Oil custom Dipstick For Motorcycle

CNC aluminum billet oil dipsticks are widely used in motorsports fields, not only in cars but also in motorcyles.

Chrome Billet Oil custom Dipstick

Chrome surface is available for billet aluminum oil dipsticks,

Red Anodized Billet custom Oil Dipstick

HDC CNC billet aluminum oil dipsticks come in various colors and specifications.

Why Choose HDC As Your Billet Aluminum Dipstick Supplier?

These dipsticks are Billet CNC machined from 6061 or 7075 Billet Aluminum. In addition, HDC custom dipsticks can be installed easily without specification, and they can add good looks to your cars.

HDC always maintains the highest level of professionalism from taking your order to delivering.  Our experts have been working in the industry for long years and keep themselves up to date with the latest industry updates. 

We are ISO9001 certified and possess every mandatory document to work as an international CNC machining company. We have a deep knowledge of the industry and always thrive on new technology and innovation to provide you with the best custom dipsticks in the market.



custom dipstick

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Billet Aluminum Dipstick

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5 Axis CNC Machining
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CNC Machining
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CNC Milling
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CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Sheet Metal Fabrication
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Laser Engraving

Custom Your Aluminum Dipstick with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

Why Choose HDC Custom Dipstick?

HDC is a leading CNC dipstick manufacturer in China. We provide highly accurate, durable, and long-lasting CNC dipsticks. From prototype to large production, we keep our standard in every product we deliver to you. 

If you are looking for a CNC Machining factory for custom dipsticks or have any project in mind, send us a message, and our technical team will contact you for the rest. 

We always welcome our clients to visit our factory and see for themselves how we produce their custom dipsticks. We guarantee our sales team will assist you with what you want, and our engineering team will help you free up your idea. 

As a leading CNC machining and OEM company, we manufacture various other CNC auto Parts also. Besides aluminum billet dipsticks, we manufacture fuel pump filter brackets, CNC valve cover, CNC block guards, wheel spacers, CNC shift knobs, custom wheel lug nuts, etc. 

We don’t just manufacture your CNC products, we also ensure their safe and secure delivery. We package your custom dipstick following the industry standard and make sure you get every dipstick intact and functional.

custom dipsticks 3

We offer a flexible shipping process for our clients around the globe. You can pick your shipping method, and we help you to get every custom dipstick intact. We provide proper instructions to the freight forwarder to handle your package with adequate caution. 

Do you have any projects in your mind? Send us a message about the results, and our custom dipstick experts will contact you shortly.

Materials Commonly Used in the Manufacturing of Dipstickscustom dipsticks 1

The stick dipsticks that are distinctively used in applications such as measuring oil or fuel level are derived from different materials to determine their resilience, chemical stability, and accuracy. Stainless steel is the choice of material for auto oil dipsstick as it offers heat and corrosion resistance, but aluminum is lighter and corrosion-resistant but less used alternative because of its softness. There is also a category of plastics comprising polyethylene, polypropylene, and nylon, which are recognized for their flexibility, resistance to chemicals, and strength thereby addressing different performance needs. Material selection—based on the chemical and temperature resistance, mechanical strength, and flexibility—will define if the dipstick displays required dependability and accuracy.

Considerations When Custom Dipsticks

Considering the case when the dipsticks are custom-made for one, the quality materials must be chosen which are a good fit for the fluids’ chemical components and they withstand the operating temp, so the durability and product-fit can be guaranteed. The dipstick needs to be finely marked for better readings, user-friendly and well sealed against any leakages; being secured with a proper mounting is also a necessity. Likewise, the wear resistance, which is among the most significant properties, should be taken into account, in addition to environmental durability, compatibility with standard regulations, and any specification requests particular to the given applications, e.g. special sizes or coatings. Such factors ensure that the dipstick delivers precise measurements, preserves its durability throughout its service life and fulfills safety as well as performance standards which have been accepted as the best suit for its intended purpose.

How to Custom Dipsticks From HDC?Oil-Dipsticks-Has-Typically-A-Yellow-Or-Orange-Handle

To customize dipsticks from HDC, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the form on the page with details of your customization requirements, including size, material, quantity, etc., and submit the form to send us your customization request.
  2. After receiving your inquiry, our sales staff will contact you within 24 hours to understand your needs in detail and provide a cost-effective quote.
  3. Before officially placing an order, you can request samples from us to check the product quality.
  4. When placing an official order, you will need to pay a deposit to smoothly start your customization project (the deposit is usually 30% of the payment).
  5. Once the order is confirmed, your products will be completed and delivered on the agreed date.
  6. You will need to pay the remaining payment before the final shipment. We will deliver your products safely and on time according to the transportation method you requested.
  7. We promise to provide comprehensive after-sales service. If you have any problems with the customized dipstick after receiving it, please feel free to contact us.

These are the specific steps for customizing dipsticks from HDC. We can offer you comprehensive customization services, including design support, timely design changes, and comprehensive after-sales service.

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