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Your Trusted Supplier Of Custom Dirt Bike Rims

Have you ever wondered what your motorcycle will look like if it has blue, red, yellow, or even ombre rims? You can have your custom dirt bike rims here in HDC. Our phenomenal aluminum and steel materials paired with high technology CNC machines and great customer care can undoubtedly give you the kind of dirt bike rims services you’re worthy of. 

  • Constructed by excellent engineers
  • ISO9001 certified manufacturer of motorcycle parts
  • Lifetime guaranteed motorcycle rims
  • Built to match your riding style requirements
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HDC- Racer’s Choice For Custom Dirt Bike Rims

You can select your wish rim size, type, color, and style in any kind of motorcycle wheel in the market. HDC can manufacture motorcycle rims that are designed to complement your hubs, nipples, and number of spokes, making it an easy installation and effortless switch. HDC will give you motorcycle rims without needing to upgrade your other bike components. 

HDC’s ability to make intricate designs and machining capability for your rims are highly recommended by the motorcycle bikes industry. You can always hope that HDC’s rims are the optimal component for the utmost racing conditions. Our polished set of motorcycle rims are greatly satisfying and are always prepared to get on track.

Custom Your Motorcycle Dirt Bike Rims With HDC

Custom Motorcycle Dirt Bike Rear Rim

HDC uses 7000 series of aluminum in manufacturing dirt bike rims. We make sure that it is well-suited to your hubs, nipples, and spokes.

Custom Motorcycle Dirt Bike Front Rim

Our experts have the ability to create your rims depending on your wheel size. It is lightweight and has a high strength that will definitely give you tremendous satisfaction.

Custom Motorcycle Dirt Bike Alloy Rim Wheel Set

HDC will let you have your best-loved color being anodized to your rim. All of our components are created in a short amount of time with the best quality and cost-effectiveness.

Custom CNC 36 Holes Dirt Bike Wheel Rim

We are supplying 36 holes dirt bike wheel rims that are made of aluminum or steel alloy. You are free to choose the kind of grade we are going to use in building your custom rim. We will assure you that your rims have high power and are resistant to rust.

Custom 32 Holes Dirt Bike Front Rear Rims

Our custom 32 holes rim is compatible with your dirt bike front and rear wheel. Having modern machines will definitely give you the greatest solution for having a problem regarding your dirt bike front rim that can fit any brand and wheel style.

Custom Motorcycle Dirt Bike Rim Set

We are an ISO9001:2015 certified that will give you your dream rims regardless of your required color, material, style, spokes, and holes. You can rely on HDC in creating the best dirt bike motorcycle rims that will surely add to your bike’s fantastic appearance.

Why HDC Custom Dirt Bike Rims

Our dirt bike rims are strong enough and heavy-duty to manipulate your wheels in dealing with thick mud, rocks, and high demand for driving power. You can definitely have your personal logo engraved on your part. HDC’s work outcomes, ethics, and professionalism has brought us to be the leading manufacturer of motorcycle components, including the rims in any kind of motorcycle wheel. 

HDC also offers wheel rim assembly for each client, aside from the consultations. We have rim enthusiasts who can inform you about your intended rim design, you will definitely be knowledgeable when transacting with HDC. We value your opinions and ideas in personalizing your component as we commit to deliver customer satisfaction.

Custom Dirt Bike Rims

HDC Capabilities on Custom CNC Machining

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Custom Your CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Custom Dirt Bike Rims

HDC’s custom dirt bike rims are made out of aluminum and steel alloy, you can choose your desired grade with our long list of materials that go with your required characteristics of rims. HDC has tons of CNC machines suited for manufacturing dirt bike rims.

custom dirt bike rims

Our team are experts in producing motorcycle components for over 13 years. We have built unmatched relationships and certainty towards our clients, resulting to be one of the world’s top providers for motorcycle dirt bike rims. HDC has been very strict in the quality of each component we release and continuously provides incomparable services. 

Aside from choosing your desired color, style, and material, HDC will also let you have the right to pick your preferred surface treatment such as brushing, tumbling, heat treating, powder coating, as machined, anodizing, and many more!

custom motorcycle dirt bike rim set

Our shipping ways can be done through courier, air shipment, or sea shipping. HDC’s payment terms evolve in Paypal, T/T,  and L/C. We are offering trade terms like FOB, CFR, and DDP. We are also following your preferences when it comes to packaging.

Besides Custom Dirt Bike Rims, HDC also produces lots of other performance parts for motorcycles, such as  Aluminum sprockets, CNC Levers, Handlebars, CNC Bar End, CNC Triple Clamp, custom motorcycles wheels,and some other billet parts.

Thinking about getting a new rim for your dirt bike? You are always welcome here in HDC! Contact us and get a response immediately.

Types of Dirt Bike Rims That HDC Can Provide

HDC provides a variety of dirt bike wheels, like alloy aluminium ones, tough and economical steel ones, carbon fiber ones especially obtained for competitive riders and anodized rims whose color range is very broad and they are resistant to corosion. Moreover, we offer our customers an opportunity to get custom design services for the clicking of the unique specifications or tastes through rims customized to their taste. At HDC, no matter the purpose, (bike riding or use for tough conditions) or for competitive races, we offer options that suit your riding style and performance needs.

How to Custom Dirt Bike Rims From HDC?custom dirt bike rims 2

To customize dirt bike rims with HDC, one should begin with a thorough assessment of his or her requirements such as choice of materials, size, and color. Please feel free to connect with us by clicking on the “Contact Us” or “Get a Quote” button on our website, indicating your needs. HDC will then work with you to finalize the design and material options, including comprehensive pricing and production timelines. The order will be confirmed and production will begin according to HDC highest quality standards upon design approval and quote acceptance. The process ends with final inspection of your custom rims and packing before they are shipped directly to you to meet the custom specifications with great precision.

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