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Your Reliable Custom Gas Caps Supplier In China

HDC can produce custom gas caps to your own design for your motorcycle and Car.  With over 12 years ‘ custom CNC racing parts manufacturing experience, We have a professional engineering team that will make your ideas come into reality through our 2D/3D designs.

  • Billet CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Fast turnaround and flexible MOQ
  • Various surface finishing, anodizing colors, chrome, neo chrome
  • Anodizing no fading
  • 100% zero-defect products guaranteed
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HDC- Expert Custom Gas Caps Manufacturer

For 12 years, HDC became an expert in manufacturing custom aluminum gas caps for motorcycles and cars. As a professional CNC machining manufacturer and supplier in China, HDC is committed to supplying our customers with the best quality products.

We offer custom CNC machining aluminum fuel tank gas caps from your designs. With many years of experience, HDC has been building an excellent reputation with international and domestic sales.

Custom Your Gas Caps with HDC

CNC Machining Aluminum Custom Gas Caps

We are capable of manufacturing customize CNC aluminum gas caps according to your specifications, come with anodizing colors and your logo will be etched.

Billet Aluminum Custom Oil Caps

We manufacture custom billet aluminum oil caps for your cars or motorcycles, the MOQ as low as 100 pcs for gas caps

Aluminum Custom Car Oil Caps

We also offer to customize your ideal single cap gas needs according to your designs, colors, materials, and finishes. 100 pcs will be fine to start.

Cnc Machined Custom Fuel Caps

Made up of high-quality materials. We can produce custom fuel gas caps according to your own designs, materials, and colors. All of our custom gas caps are inspected to check the quality.

Motorcycle Custom Gas Caps

HDC is the top manufacturer of custom gas caps in China. For your motorcycle or cars needs, HDC can produce different sizes and thicknesses to suit your different applications.

Motorcycle Custom Gas Caps With Air Vent Tube

In China, HDC is professional in manufacturing, designing,  custom gas caps, to help your business.

Aluminum Custom Gas Universal Cap

All HDC aluminum custom gas caps are made of high-quality aluminum, color anodized, no fading issues

CNC Aluminum Gas Fuel Tank Cap with Breather Valve

HDC offers custom CNC machining for aluminum gas fuel tank caps according to customer’s requirements and specifications. We are a leading manufacturer in China providing excellent quality custom CNC machining

Billet Gas Fuel Tank Cap Cover

We also produce automobile oil filler caps according to your specific designs, colors, sizes, and materials for a very competitive rate.

Why HDC Custom Gas Caps

As an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, HDC will be your best partner for your business for your CNC Motorcycle parts, Our expert engineers and professional service managers will handle the entire transaction.

In our factory, we have the latest and advanced manufacturing facilities for custom gas cap production. You can get your custom gas caps produced with competitive prices, fast turnaround, and high-quality, and excellent services.

OEM Custom Your Gas Cap

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Gas Caps

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Custom Your Gas Caps With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Custom Gas Caps

Whether you’re looking for the latest accent piece or a simple update to your motorcycle, then custom gas caps from HDC are what you may need. We manufacture a wide selection of custom gas caps in a variety of styles that are suitable for any brand of motorcycle or bike.

Looking for the right gas caps for your application is not just easy. It’s essential to choose what’s the right style of gas cap to fit your gas tank. But, here in HDC, you have nothing to worry about! We can handle your gas cap needs by providing your own designs.

We can custom your gas caps according to your own designs, styles, surface finishes, sizes, and materials you choose. Our team manufactures custom gas caps for a functional purpose – to contain gasoline and fumes in the tank.

HDC custom gas caps can also be fashion or styling accessories for your motorcycle. Get HDC custom gas caps to make your motorcycle look more accessorized. Custom gas caps are available for both vented or non-vented units.

For your business or projects, relying on HDC custom gas caps is always the best choice! HDC can offer you a one-stop solution and services of custom gas caps for a competitive price.

HDC can be your best custom gas caps business partner in China. we are fully equipped with the latest facilities along with our skilled engineers and designers to support your product developments.

Besides that, we also produce other CNC motorcycle parts for your business, such as CNC Sprockets, CNC Wheel hubs, CNC rear sets

For more information about custom gas caps, please don’t hesitate to contact our team!

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