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Your Prime Custom Handlebar Risers Manufacturer In China

Finding a superior deal of services for custom handlebar risers? Experience an extensive range of the finest motorcycle parts in HDC to discover the particular handlebar riser that suits you! We are offering a one-stop solution for your needed components. Look forward to a more enjoyable riding posture through HDC’s custom handlebar risers.

  • Great expertise in CNC motorcycle parts
  • 5 M+ parts manufactured all around the globe
  • Offering a low minimum quantity of orders in each transaction
  • Free logo engrave to every custom handlebar risers
  • Triple Clamps and handlebars are also available
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HDC- The Perfect Supplier For Custom Handlebar Risers

HDC’s custom handlebar risers are CNC machined with many different color options and are designed according to your chosen size and diameter. Our engineers are knowledgeable enough to know and look over your motorcycle’s slack, cable, and wiring before and during your custom handlebar risers installation. 

You will never go wrong with our handlebar risers for their high-level production, pleasing looks, and simplicity when it comes to installment. HDC’s risers will let you move the handlebars easily, lifting them up and pulling them against you, or vice versa. We will let your bars reach for you rather than you reaching for the bars.

Custom Your Handlebar Risers With HDC

Custom 30mm Handlebar Risers

Our 30mm handlebar risers are designed to suit your dirt bikes. We’re increasing the height of your handlebar by 1.2 inches to prevent bars from hitting the tank every time you turn.

.Motorcycle 22mm Custom Handlebar Risers

We manufacture motorcycle 22mm custom handlebar risers with the finest anodized surface finish. You can always discuss with HDC the size of your handlebar for us to be able to deliver the most suitable risers for your motorcycle bikes.

Custom Handlebar Risers For ATV

HDC’s CNC aluminum paired with rust resistance bolts are perfectly fit for your ATV. Every component should pass through our tough inspection to be able to get released and be delivered to the respective client.

CNC Mountain Bike Handlebar Risers

You can choose the preferred total dimensions of the handlebar risers of your choice. HDC will never let you feel hesitant in putting your trust in us, we will always give our 100 percent in each part at competitive prices.

Custom Bicycle Handlebar Risers

HDC has custom bicycle handlebar risers that support the rider’s back, making it ergonomically effective with numerous controlled precision angles.

Custom CNC Handlebar Risers

With our custom handlebar riser, you can always have support from HDC in choosing the right material, preferred color, desired height, and proper machining method. We will give our best shot to present to you excellent quality custom handlebar risers.

Why HDC Custom Handlebar Risers

HDC’s main goal in creating custom handlebar risers is to fill the gap by elevating your handlebars nearer to you as a biker. We can assure you that our handlebar risers can give you a more comfortable riding position and allows you to have a smooth driving experience. HDC is using billet and forged machining to create the finest handlebar risers any company could manufacture. 

HDC has been in the industry for more than 13 years standing as an ISO9001 certified manufacturer. We deliver not only quality handlebar risers but almost all of your needed machining parts for automotive, medical, aerospace, and so much more industry that needs precise CNC machined parts, whether it be custom or not.

Custom Handlebar Riser Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on Custom Handlebar Risers

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Custom Your Handlebar Risers With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Custom Handlebar Risers

More than thirteen years of delivering high-quality components and services, HDC keeps on innovating in every way possible. We have several high-class types and styles of handlebar risers that can be your reference in making a custom one. 

In creating custom handlebar risers, HDC uses  6061 and 7075 aluminum, We’re making your parts through our CNC machining services with the help of our experts who pledged to give you the finest handlebar risers.

Our engineers, technicians, and workers have proved more than enough that gives our company the name and credibility when it comes to serving people regarding CNC machining. Their dedication is always seen in every part we manufacture. 

custom handlebar risers

HDC offers surface treatments such as anodizing, hard anodizing, polishing, powder coating, heat treating, tumbling, and many more to choose from. Your parts will always be secured while having the best features here in HDC.

Along with offering custom handlebar risers, HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as CNC triple clamp, custom gas caps, custom motorcycle sprocketsCnc Handlebars so so on. We also offer CNC machining, and metal fabrication services for Auto parts, Bike parts

We will also let you choose your shipping ways (courier, sea, air), payment method (Paypal, T/T, and L/C, and trade terms (FOB, CFR, and DDP) along with your packaging requirements.

You are always welcome to contact HDC and receive the best custom handlebar risers! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Custom Handlebar Risers

Greetings to our FAQ on Tailored Handlebar Risers, your ultimate reservoir of knowledge for delving into the realm of post-purchase upgrades meticulously designed to enhance your motorcycling odyssey. Uncover the benefits, variations, constituents, and safety aspects linked to personalized handlebar risers. Whether you revel in laid-back cruising or possess a fervor for sportbike adventures, explore responses to your inquiries as we navigate through the complexities of refining comfort and command via personalized modifications.

What Are Custom Handlebar Risers?

Custom handlebar risers represent post-market enhancements meticulously crafted to uplift a motorcycle’s handlebars. These additions furnish riders with the adaptability to fine-tune not only the elevation but, in certain instances, the backward extension of the handlebars, delivering a personalized and ergonomically optimized riding stance. Irrespective of whether one identifies as a devotee of cruising or indulges in the swift rides of sportbike adventures, these custom handlebar elevators present an exclusive avenue for augmenting both comfort and command.

custom handlebar risers 1

What Are the Advantages of Custom Handlebar Riser?

The benefits of employing custom handlebar risers extend beyond mere aesthetic appeal. These aftermarket enhancements provide riders with a tailored and ergonomic riding experience, allowing for personalized adjustments in handlebar height and pullback. This customization not only enhances comfort but also contributes to improved control, making it a valuable addition for motorcycle enthusiasts across various riding styles, be it cruisers or sportbikes.

custom handlebar risers 8

What Types of Handlebar Riser?

Handlebar risers come in diverse types, each meticulously crafted to suit distinct rider preferences and motorcycle configurations. Noteworthy variants encompass straight risers, delivering a straightforward elevation, and pullback risers, providing both heightened positioning and a rearward adjustment, resulting in a unique riding posture. Adjustable risers grant riders the precision to finely adjust both the elevation and pullback, tailoring the experience to their comfort. Furthermore, compact clip-on handlebar risers, often favored among sportbike enthusiasts, present a harmonious fusion of style and practical functionality. Riders possess the autonomy to select the type that harmonizes with their envisioned riding encounters and aesthetic predilections.

custom handlebar risers 2

What Materials Are Used in the Manufacture of Handlebar Riser?

Handlebar risers, essential components meticulously crafted, utilize diverse materials, each chosen for specific attributes. Aluminum, known for its lightweight durability, provides strength without excess weight. Steel, robust and load-resistant, offers exceptional strength though with added weight. Titanium, with a high strength-to-weight ratio, caters to high-performance seekers. Some risers incorporate composite materials, balancing strength and reduced weight. Material selection depends on factors like rider preference, motorcycle use, and the desired strength-weight equilibrium.custom handlebar risers 3

What Manufacturing Process Is Used for Producing Handlebar Riser?

The intricate process of fabricating handlebar risers entails exacting engineering and a myriad of procedural steps. Typically, it encompasses the severance or molding of the designated material, whether aluminum, steel, titanium, or composites, into the envisioned configuration. Machining techniques, such as milling and turning, are routinely enlisted to finesse the nuances. The risers may be subjected to heat treatment for augmented robustness and longevity. Conclusively, meticulous embellishments like coatings or anodizing are administered to shield against corrosion and impart a lustrous facade. The precise manufacturing modus operandi can deviate contingent on the elected material and design specifications.

custom handlebar risers 4

What Are the Safety Considerations When Using Handlebar Riser?

Handlebar riser usage necessitates a keen focus on specific safety considerations to ensure a secure riding experience. Primarily, riders must diligently adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and installation instructions for a secure and proper attachment. Regular inspections of the risers are vital, checking for any indications of wear, damage, or loosening, as any compromise in stability could pose a safety hazard. Additionally, riders should be cognizant of handlebar adjustments, ensuring alignment with ergonomic needs without sacrificing control. Finally, cultivating safe riding habits, particularly during the initial use of adjusted handlebars, is crucial for adapting to the modified riding posture and maintaining overall control of the motorcycle.

custom handlebar risers 5

How To Choose the Right Handlebar Riser?

Choosing the appropriate handlebar riser involves considering several key factors to enhance your riding experience. Firstly, determine the rise and pullback that suits your preferred riding posture, ensuring comfort and control. Assess the material options, such as aluminum, steel, titanium, or composites, considering the balance between strength and weight. Evaluate the installation process; some risers may require professional installation, while others offer a DIY approach. Consider the style and aesthetics that align with your motorcycle design. Additionally, factor in any specific features like adjustable height or pullback for a personalized fit. Lastly, read reviews and seek recommendations to gather insights from other riders who have similar preferences or motorcycle models.

custom handlebar risers 6

How To Customize Handlebar Riser?

Customizing a handlebar riser directly from the manufacturer involves a few key steps to tailor the component to your specific preferences. Firstly, communicate with the manufacturer to inquire about customization options and whether they offer personalized designs. Specify the desired rise, pullback, and any additional adjustments required for your ideal riding posture. Discuss material options and finishes to match your motorcycle’s aesthetic. If available, explore unique features like engraved logos or specialized coatings. Confirm the manufacturing process and inquire about any potential impact on lead times or costs associated with customization. Finally, ensure clear communication throughout the process to achieve a customized handlebar riser that aligns perfectly with your needs and style.

custom handlebar risers 7


Expressing gratitude for accompanying us on the exploration of Custom Handlebar Risers. Whether your pursuit involves a personalized ergonomic encounter or a desire to augment the visual allure of your ride, handlebar risers present a versatile remedy. Should additional inquiries linger or if you’re poised to initiate the customization expedition, connect with esteemed manufacturers to elevate your riding escapade. Ride forth imbued with comfort, style, and the ideal handlebar elevation meticulously tailored for your journey!

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