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Custom Machining Services

HDC Custom Machining Service

Are you searching for a trusted and professional partner who can provide your design needs? HDC is your great choice to trust for. We are trusted by many people in business from different countries for many years since 2006. And you can trust us as well.

HDC can supply your desired parts and components offering the following:

  • Popular and custom designs
  • Excellent durability
  • Variety of selections
  • Verified materials and quality appearance

We can do all processing lines for your parts and other component orders. We can help your final applications and support your designs with our excellent parts and custom components to form your product.

HDC can handle custom machining service that provides a variety of selections. We can do CNC milling that provides versatile parts and create different features. It is able to create different holes, curves, angled shapes, and more.

We can handle different processing to form a lot of parts and components to meet and form your product designs and ideal functions. Send your details so can offer our effective suggestion for more ideas.

Custom Machining Services
Custom Machining Services

HDC is an ISO-certified and professional manufacturer in China that supports all types of business worldwide. We have expert and highly-trained manufacturing staff that can guide your whole process. Our team ensures the secured packaging and shipment offering cheaper rates and lower parts costs.

If you need it urgently, we can focus on your orders since we always handle faster yet secured transport. Send your inquiries and expect our response after we receive your message.

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The Complete FAQ Guide of Custom Machining Services

If you want to manufacture custom product parts, you have fewer other options than CNC machining. CNC machining or Computer Numerical Control Machining is an efficient and cost-effective way to manufacture custom parts for different applications.

Thanks to the high speed of CAD modeling and the modern-day online order process, you can now achieve custom machining services sitting anywhere in the world quickly. You can visit an online shop, visit their catalog and order your custom machining services.
CNC machining reduces cost

But what exactly are custom machining services, and how does that work? Let’s break those down in this article.

1. What is a Custom Machining Service? 

Custom machining services refer to CNC machining services to meet specific requirements for a product or parts.

In a CNC machining process, the entire machining process is operated by a computer program without any action or participation of human hands. The computer numerical process is not like other computing processes, and the software and codes used in this process are more advanced.  

You have to program and customize CNC machines with special programming languages such as G-code. That program controls everything, such as the control, speed, feed rate, and other machining-related factors.

Various CNC machining processes are involved in custom machining services, such as Milling, drilling, routing, etc. And every process is automated and can perform custom machining services without any human interaction.

Most manufacturing industries use metal and plastic to build products and components. Shipping and cutting those materials with minimum tolerance is a massive task for manual machines. Moreover, CNC machines have multiple axes and can create complex shapes with ease. And every part or component stays the same as the process is done by a computer program, not manual machines.

Custom Machining manufacturer

These days, you can order custom machining services using online ordering processes of CNC machining services sitting anywhere in the world.

2. What Are The Advantages Of Custom Machining? 

Custom machining can benefit your business in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of custom machining:

  Easy Customization

The machines used in custom machining, i.e., CNC machines, are easy to customize. With some minor changes, you can change the working process of the machine, and the machine will work differently. No need to undergo countless works of customization like manual machines, in addition.


For some industries, accuracy is important, and for some industries accuracy is mandatory. And no other machine can manufacture as accurate parts CNC machines can. Therefore, many industries take advantage of the accuracy that CNC machines can produce.

Can Process Multiple Materials

In most cases, you would see a machine that can work with a single material. But CNC machines are dynamic, and they can work with multiple materials. It results in another benefit. A manufacturer can take custom machining services for different parts of the same application in a single CNC machine. It reduces costs and accelerates the manufacturing processes.

Reduces Production Cost

The production cost of custom machining for prototyping parts is less than other advanced machining processes such as 3D printing. In addition, using custom machining services takes less time, and can work with multiple materials. Hence it is less expensive for mass production also.  

High Tolerance

In some cases, CNC machines can generate up to ±.01mm tolerance which is quite incredible. Some industries need parts of the exact same dimension for their applications. Those industries have no other choice for their custom machining services other than CNC machining.

If you want to maintain the consistency of your machine parts, you don’t have any other option than CNC machining.

 Reduce Labor Cost

CNC machines can run without any human interaction. You just need a single man to turn the switch on. The machine even shuts down automatically after finishing the job. So, when you are using CNC machines for custom machining services, you can drastically minimize your labor cost.

3. What Are The Applications Of Custom Machining? 

Custom machining services are mandatory processes in various industries. Here are some industries that use CNC machining services for custom machining services.

  •  Aerospace
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Military & Defense
  • Consumer Electronics
  •  Marine

4. How do I select a suitable CNC-machining service?

Custom machining services mainly depend on the CNC machining services provider. But it is not that easy to find a suitable CNC machining services provider. Here are some tips you can use before selecting a CNC machining services provider:
Custom Machining service provider

Previous works

The first thing you should look for is their previous work history. It would help if you also asked for their customer testimonials. If possible, you can reach out to their previous clients and ask about the company’s performance. Reliable companies never hide their customer list or don’t hesitate to provide their contacts.

In-Depth Knowledge

CNC machining is a sophisticated process, and you should learn how much knowledge the custom machining services provider has. Professional CNC machining service providers will not only do what you want from them but also will suggest to you various processes and methods.


Experience is crucial in every field of work. But when it comes to CNC machining, it is more important than any other factor. You should ask not only the experience of the company but also how many years of experience their engineers and technicians have.


Custom machining services providers will have all the necessary documents and certifications. Moreover, also know whether they are up to date or not.


Ask the CNC machining service provider about their factory. Excellent CNC machining service providers should have the latest and different types of machines. Besides, the operators and engineers also must be highly skilled.  We recommend you to visit the factory before placing an order as that will give you a clear idea about the company.

Final Words

The purpose of custom machining services is to save your time, effort, and money as well as manufacturing the best parts for your applications.  Therefore, picking a CNC machining service provider with experience and skill is mandatory. Use our tips to choose the best custom machining services provider for your industry. 

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