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Custom Metal Stamping Parts

Metal stamping is a procedure in which the metal is shaped into the desired style of the component. By the use of a device and a die surface to form a flat metal material regardless of its form structure (blank or coil). It is considered by many as time and cost-efficient, as well as a key to manufacturing a high quantity of metals that are needed to be stamped. 

There are several techniques of metal stamping, here are some of them:

  • Piercing (the hole is being bored directly to the sheet metal, generating numerous tiny hollow sections. 
  • Blanking (often executed in the initial stage of the whole metal stamping program)
  • Lancing (generates masterpiece forms and designs over countless metals)
  • Embossing (making special embossed surfaces to a certain part of sheet metal)
  • Curling (disfiguring a material turning into a pipe-like form)

Bending (the metal material is being contorted or twisted across a straight line)

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HDC Custom Metal Stamping Parts

When dealing with metal stamping services from HDC, you are also having advantages like precision and high accuracy, stability, and consistency, and may purchase a high volume of components. HDC can manage to manufacture numerous metal stamped parts. 

For almost two decades, HDC is dealing with different industries, such as medical, electric, automotive, aerospace, construction, machinery, and even home furniture. You will get your desired projects done with the help of our experts and machinists that will guide you along the way. 

Your components can also be customized and developed according to your requirements or project demands. Every size, design, diameter, color, shape, length, and other custom configuration can be handled by HDC. 

HDC also offers numerous surface treatments for extra toughness and durability. We have anodizing, heat treating, passivating, brushing,  screen printing, polishing, engraving, bead blasting, and so much more. 

Looking for dedicated and trustworthy custom metal stamping parts? Contact HDC now and experience the kind of service that only we are the ones who offer. 

Why choose HDC?

In manufacturing metal stamped parts, HDC ensures that every component has excellent quality, very good endurance, is inexpensive, and has a fast turnaround time. We are using different metal stamping services such as multi-slide, progressive dies, fourslide stamping, deep draw, and high-speed presses. 

HDC has the necessary machine, experience, and perseverance to deliver the components with high precision, toughness, and incredible durability. We have made our company and team credible through hard work, resilience, accountability, and welcoming. 

We are very welcoming to every kind of custom metal stamping, whether that be on a high or low volume of order components. Experts from different industries believe and are confident that HDC can do their custom parts and deliver them with amazingly incredible quality. 

HDC is a certified ISO9001 and IATF 16949:2016 manufacturer of metal stamped parts for more than thirteen years. We can make parts with the tightest tolerances (+/-0.01mm)  and with any chosen surface treatment for additional durability. Your components are always secured from manufacturing to delivery with HDC. 

As we want to make your life and projects easier, aside from superb quality and fast manufacturing processes, HDC offers different types of delivery ways, payment methods, and trade terms. We have courier, sea shipping, and air shipping for deliveries. HDC has Paypal, T/T, and L/C for payment methods, and FOB, CFR, and DDP for trade terms. 

HDC’s Customization Policy

  • Minimum Order Quantity
    Depending on the type, size, and processing difficulty of customized products, we may require a minimum order quantity. For metal stamping parts, the minimum order quantity needs to be discussed in detail before confirmation. Please contact our sales team for specific minimum order quantity requirements tailored to your product.
  • Delivery Date
    We will discuss specific delivery dates with you when you place your order.
  • Deposit and Balance Payment
    Upon confirmation of your order, we require a certain percentage of the total amount as a deposit (usually 30%), which helps facilitate the smooth progress of your customization project. The remaining balance (including shipping costs) is due before final delivery of the products after production completion.
  • Shipping Methods
    Including sea freight and air freight.
  • Payment Methods
    L/C (Letter of Credit), D/P (Documents Against Payment), Wire Transfer, Paypal.

metal stamping service 6Services That HDC Can Provide

  • Professional Advice
    Our sales team is trained to have a great interaction with you, tune out to your needs and give you professional advices on material, finish and other customization works.
  • Design Assistance
    We can work with you if you are at conceptual stage (without specified product specifications or design drawings) by confirming the exact product dimensions and details working together with our creative production design team who provide detailed design drawings.
  • Prototyping Service
    We are able to create you precise prototypes that you could see physical, details, and quality of the product. Still, this might be the case with personalized products that may entail paying extra, in particular for prototypes involving casting and forging processes.
  • Design Changes
    For immediate design adjustments or customized products, please consult us and we will reply to you in timely manner.
  • After-sales Service
    We are committed to keeping in touch with you and offering responsive after-sales support service continuously.

Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Metal Stamping Partsmetal stamping service 5

Outsourcing metal custom stamping parts will help businesses consider the fact that such a move is beneficial. Through joining forces with metal stamping firms with a specialized focus, business organizations are able to acquire a wealth of knowledge and experience that guarantees the production of high-quality products and helps them to benefit from economies of scale and optimized manufacturing processes while keeping costs low. Outsourcing frees up the company’s resources to focus on its own key expertise, eliminate inefficiency, and rapidly adjust to market shifts. In addition to that, it enables flexibility, scalability, and shorter lead time, in the meantime reducing the risks commonly associated with production disruptions. The standard of production is also maintained with stringent quality process control and this affirms the production of high-quality parts that meet industry standard and customer expectation, leading to higher market competitiveness and profitability in the end.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for Metal Stamping Partsmetal stamping service 4

  • Material Variety: Our wide variety of metals available, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass etc, provide you the luxury of specific choice.
  • Size and Thickness: We are able to do so by using our facilities for any size or thickness parts you may need.
  • Design Flexibility: Integrate and incorporate our sophisticated equipment to generate components with remarkable intricate geometries and finely detailed subtleties that are cost-effective and serve their purpose.
  • Surface Finishes: Improve the outlook of the manufactured product by using different methods like electroplating, corrosion protection, electrochemical processing, and finishing techniques.
  • Secondary Operations: Subsequent operations like bending, welding, assembly, and machining can be employed to precision-produce parts of a specific size and shape.
  • Quantity Flexibility: Whether you need a small order or big volume production run, we will meet your filling up your requests up to specifications with no problems.
  • Quality Assurance: During our production processes, we rigorously observe quality control standards as expected thus making very good products with the capability to even exceed your expectation.

We offer a complete spectrum of project-specific custom stampings guaranteed to fit the requirement and because customer satisfaction form the principle of our service delivery, we only go for top quality which is our aim to you.

Process of Custom Metal Stamping Parts From HDCmetal stamping service 3

The process of obtaining custom metal stamping parts from HDC involves several steps:

  • Submission of Requirements: To commence, provide your requirements either via our website or reach out to us directly. Give precise information about material type, dimensions, amount and any special design requirements.
  • Quotation and Discussion: Upon receiving your request, our sales staff will carefully assess your needs and prepare an accurate quote for you. Next, we shall have talks to further clarify your needs and provide technical support and suggestions.
  • Design and Prototyping: If needed, we can provide design optimization which guarantees manufacturability and low cost. You may also request for a prototype to ensure that the design and the quality parts are all right. Then you can proceed with mass production. Prototyping may include extra costs in the production process.
  • Order Placement: When at this point you are satisfied with the quotation and prototype (if needed), then you can place your order with HDC. A deposit, usually around 30% of the total cost, is normally necessary to start production.
  • Production Scheduling: After we receive your order and deposit, we will schedule our facility for production. All design variations or specification changes should be communicated in a timely manner at this stage.
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control: Our team with experience will make use of up to date metal stamping machines to manufacture your custom parts that comply with the agreed-upon specifications. The quality controls are strictly adhered to at each of the production stages in order to maintain the best standards of quality and precision.
  • Final Inspection and Shipment: Upon completion of production, the parts are inspected to ensure quality and adherence to specifications. After receiving the remaining payment (including shipping costs), the pieces are carefully packed and prepared for shipment to your designated site.
  • After-Sales Support: HDC is dedicated to ensuring that the clients are provided with continuous support and assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for professional advice if you have any questions or issues regarding your customized metal stamping parts.

Through the implementation of these steps, HDC attempts to fulfil orders of custom metal parts that correspond to special requirements and your expectations.

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