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Custom Plastic Machining

A material that is accomplished from several artificial and semi-artificial organic consolidations. Many plastic materials are proportionate with metals when it comes to the price per mass but are considerably economical by volume. It is often applied to suitable applications as a replacement for metal, usually to save costs from production. 

In the world of manufacturing, there are many ways to produce plastic machined parts, the most popular methods are milling (the piece is being placed on a board and an arbor that provides a cutting instrument is moved to create complex designs), turning (plastic material is being turned using a check during a tool’s removal of unnecessary materials to the form the demanded shape), and drilling (a drilling device is revolving around the part to create holes in it).

plastic cnc milling
Plastic cnc milling
plastic cnc machining
Plastic cnc machining
plastic cnc machining service
Plastic cnc machining service
custom plastic parts fabrication
Custom plastic parts fabrication
custom plastic machining
Custom plastic machining
custom plastic fabrication
Custom plastic fabrication

HDC Custom Plastic Machining

HDC specializes in different methods of custom plastic machining for industries like electronics, military, medical, architectural, aerospace, and other industries that are in need of durable plastic components. 

We have tons of plastic materials that can be used to create your custom parts, HDC has acrylic (which has resistance to chemical and abrasion), Delrin (great strength to weight ratio and dimensional steadiness), ABS (collision and heat resistance), PTFE (good machinability and endurance), and many more. 

Plastic components that are made of HDC using plastic machining have many advantages. It gives countless agricultural well-being, it reduces the weight of the aircraft, food grades plastics are more competent than metals for the food industry, intricate plastic parts can be done for the medical industry, etc. 

HDC offers numerous surface finishes like anodizing, painting, screen printing, bead blasting, engraving, and heat treating to name a few. We are certain that your parts are well fabricated and that they can serve you for the longest time. 

We appreciate every application and project we encounter. Whenever you are in need of highly durable custom plastic parts, HDC is always here to accommodate you.

Why choose HDC?

HDC is one of the most trusted manufacturers of custom plastic machined parts. Many industries and experts trusting us because of the quality and services we are offering for nearly two decades. 

We have different plastic machining services such as multi-axis machining, turning, milling, drilling, injection molding, and so much more. HDC has complete machining facilities, machines, and equipment to produce highly durable plastic parts for almost every application. 

Our team of quality control experts ensures that every piece that is leaving our company will never have keen edges, unsmooth finishes, and incompetent quality of parts. HDC has this commitment to delivering every part that is precise, thoroughly made, user-friendly, and ready-to-use components to our clients. 

HDC puts excellence, expertise, and dedication into every fabricating process we are committed to. We are an ISO9001 certified manufacturer so you don’t have to worry about your components as e follow the highest quality standard. HDC manufactures components even with the tightest tolerances (as low as +/-0.01mm) at competitive prices. 

Every kind of industry and application is welcome in HDC, as well as customizing a component with the help of our machining experts and engineers. We are also making sure that you’ll get the utmost satisfaction not only in your component’s condition but also with our packaging, shipping, payment methods, and trade terms. HDC will always find a way the most convenient way for the clients.

HDC Plastic Machined Parts

HDC uses ultramodern CNC machined equipment for our plastic machined parts. We do plastic milling, turning, and many more. All the things that have been said certify that you will receive the plastic parts you and your business deserves.

Because of being an expert manufacturer, we’ve noticed firsthand the benefits of CNC machined plastic parts in every industry. We only create the best of the best products using their out-of-the-box material and equipment properties. 

HDC found the high-speed and utmost practical way to produce the finest machined parts, all because of our experts. We create parts using HDPE, Nylon, PTFE, ABS, Acrylic, etc., with different surfaces of your choice. Know that HDC’s team value such expertise and implement it in every project with high professionalism. 

 Each component undergoes HDC’s strict inspection before shipping. We give importance to your needs and to our component’s role in your projects. There is no chance that HDC will release something that can’t endure lifetime use. plastic cnc milling service 06

When it comes to services, we can say that HDC is your one-stop solution. As your one-stop solution for metal parts, not only plastic material, We also are good at AluminumSteelStainless steel and Titanium Machining Service, We also do aluminum forging, sheet metal fabrication service.

Shipping, payment, and trade terms will never be a hassle. Aside from your ability to choose your required packaging, you will also choose your convenient shipping (Courier, Sea shipping, Air shipping), payment (Paypal, T/T, L/C), and trade terms (FOB, CFR, DDP) all in one transaction.

There’s no doubt that HDC is the most dependable partner for plastic machined parts. Want to give it a try? Come on now and receive a quote within 1 working day.

Benefits of Custom Plastic Machining Products

Custom plastic machining provides accurate and practical fabrication, material flexibility and reasonable cost, customized to unique design demands and application diversities. In addition to the freedom to work with a broader variety of plastic materials and include the complicated architectures, custom plastic machining guarantees quality results, less lead times, and provides environmentally friendly manufacturing solutions. The fast prototyping capability is translated into quick iteration and testing of designs, which makes the product ready and therefore, desirable. On the whole, custom plastic machining gives purpose-based solutions, reliability, and enhanced functionality, therefore it is a perfect fit for many industries which require top quality components.

Custom Options That HDC Provides for Plastic Machining Productsplastic cnc milling service 02

  • Materials: We present a variety of plastic materials such as POM, PTFE, PVC, Polycarbonate, UHMW, PMMA, Nylon, and others that help us stand out and provide our customers with materials suiting their personalized needs.
  • Processing Methods: We have a wide variety of CNC machining expertise and advanced machining techniques, including CNC milling, CNC turning, and 4 & 5 Axis CNC, with the conventional plastic machining methods like injection molding, blow molding, and the latest 3D printing technology.
  • Finishes: HDC serves out with highly developed spectrum of surface finishes for plastic machined parts, for illustration it consists but not limited to: Polishing, Texturing, Spraying, Anodizing, Plating, Laser marking of the surface.

Our team is at your service for answers to any questions and to assist you in the process of making a customized model. We think talking extensively will be able to give you the most complete and perfect plastic machining service.

Detailed Steps for Customizing Plastic Machining Products with HDCplastic injection parts 2

  • Submit Requirements: Submit a full inquiry form, which addresses all the custom requirements you are looking for, including the material, dimensions, machining processes, surface treatments and so on, and attach the product design or sketch. With this step we will understand the project requirements precisely.
  • Personalized Communication: After obtaining your inquiry, our well-trained customer care department will immediately respond to you to discuss the details of the project. We are ready to provide you with design ideas, technical support, and the most cost-effective solutions based on your particular wants.
  • Prototype Validation (Optional): Prior to the order, you may receive a prototype service that will help you to ensure product quality. Remember that specific machining techniques may increase prototype cost, especially when you involve mold development.
  • Order Confirmation and Payment: When the order has been confirmed, we generally ask for 30% deposit of the total cost to start the project.
  • Production Scheduling and Design Adjustments: Upon receiving the deposit, we will set the schedule for production right away. In case of any design changes needed, please make sure to inform us immediately so you won’t impact the production schedule.
  • Completion of Production and Final Payment: Your custom plastic machining products shall be produced according to the timeframe agreed and ready for shipment upon completion. Before shipping you have to make a final payment (including the shipping part).
  • After-Sales Support Commitment: We pledge to give complete after-sales service. In case you have any questions or require our further assistance after receiving products, please do not hesitate to reach us.

Our process guarantees that the custom plastic machining will be treated with professionalism, efficiency and personal attention from inquiry through delivery.

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