Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Manufacturers are using the process of metal sheet fabrication to form a flat sheet into the desired product. Usually, components are created through cutting, punching, deformation, and assembly. A metal sheet can be processed into any shape by the use of cutting and blazing the material. 

Usually, sheet metal fabrication uses press brakes to make everything more manageable when it comes to fabrication. It creates intense bends and gradients in the metal material. Press brakes have various varieties with different purposes and can be applied to numerous applications and functions.

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HDC Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

We started sheet metal fabrication and establish great component results in 2019. For the past years of giving excellent service, HDC has been considered one of the most trusted manufacturers for nearly every industry we are aware of. 

We have different cutting methods that will make every cut exceptionally accurate, such as waterjet and laser cutting practices. CNC bending machine is also attainable in HDC for faultless and meticulous bends within your metal sheet. Our team also has accomplished welding professionals.

HDC’s sheet metal fabrication is also considered great prototyping and fabrication technique for manufacturing strong and sturdy practical parts including brackets and panels. This kind of production method from HDC contains sheet metal cutting, forming the material, and connecting different parts and pieces cooperatively. 

After all the manufacturing processes have been done, HDC offers surface treatments for your parts for extra assurance and longevity. We have anodizing, plating, powder coating, heat treating, brushing, polishing, and so much more. 

Looking for an exceptional and trustworthy supplier of metal parts and services? Contact HDC now and receive a quote forthwith. 

Why choose HDC?

HDC’s sheet metal fabrication services accept any kind of metal that can be fabricated through this process. We are using exceptional and remarkable devices like saws and cutting torches that may apply to this kind of process. These kinds of tools can ensure smooth cuts during the whole procedure. 

We are very welcoming to any kind of application that is in needs to be served by HDC’s sheet metal fabrication processes. Our team has vast experience and expertise to be able to support the kind of standard that you are looking for in a product and service. 

We are capable of doing different methods of sheet metal fabrication such as cutting, bending, firming, and assembling. Our most trusted superb surface treatments will give your product the ability to have extra toughness and endurance. 

HDC is an ISO9001 certified manufacturer of sheet metal fabricated components for more than thirteen years. We have made a strong customer base because of our dedication and diligence to accomplish greatness in the manufacturing industry. Our experts have endured so much to become competent and the best to deliver highly durable components. 

As we want you to experience convenience, HDC has various options for shipment, payments, and trade terms. When it comes to shipping ways, HDC offers courier, sea shipping, and air shipping that can deliver parts all around the globe. Our payment methods are Paypal, T/T, and L/C, while the trade terms are FOB, CFR, and DDP. 

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication FAQS

Finding a manufacturer that is an expert at custom sheet metal fabrication can be farfetched, especially now that multiple companies and organizations are doing the same things. But here with us at HDC Manufacturing, our sheet metal fabrication services always produce the best and highest quality of products!

Prior to discussing that even further, here is an FAQ that will help you understand the overly complex process of sheet metal fabrication even more!

What is Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

figure 1 what is custom sheet metal fabrication
Figure 1 – An image of a metal sheet that has been fabricated

It is a manufacturing process that forms raw stock into specifically designed, measured, and styled forms and shapes using high-quality industrial machines. These machines can either be standard or regular machines, but nowadays, many manufacturers are opting to CNC or computer numerically controlled machines.

What is CNC Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

figure 2 what is cnc custom sheet metal fabrication
Figure 2 – Fabricated custom sheet metal via CNC

It is simply a custom sheet metal fabrication process that uses CNC or computer numerically controlled machines instead of traditional or standard ones. What this simply means is, everything from the ground up is made, produced, and manufactured by computers.

NOTE: While the terms are different, it is not far, in fact, it isn’t actually different. The only difference they have would be in terms of the machines used.

How is Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Done?

figure 3 how is custom sheet metal fabrication done
Figure 3 – An image of a process performing sheet metal fabrication

Now that you know what custom sheet metal fabrication is, it’s just right that you become aware of how the entire process is made and done.

In a nutshell, metal fabrication turns a raw metal product or workpiece into a product that is completely shaped, formed, and engineered. And while you might think that it is such a complex and difficult process, it’s not!

To summarize everything, custom sheet metal fabrication can be divided and categorized into two (2) different processes: the removal process and the deformation process.

Both processes are different, and to help you with it, here is how they look like:

Removal Process

From what it’s called, it is a process that aims to remove or subtract material from the given substrate, workpiece, or material. Removal could be a strong word, but it simply means that it will take out materials that aren’t needed for the final product.

Common removal or subtractive manufacturing methods include machining, blanking, cutting, shearing, punching, drilling, etc.

Deformation Process

When the amount of material or workpiece is followed, the next step would be to deform it. Just because it’s called “deformation,” doesn’t mean that the wokrpiece will be warped randomly – it won’t.

Deforming metal can be done in a lot of different ways, but the most common would be bending, folding, drawing, molding, and forming.

What Types of Sheet Metal Can You Cut?

figure 4 what types of sheet metal can you cut
Figure 4 – Aluminum carbon steel that has been fabricated

The term “sheet metal” is such a vague term. To help you narrow it down a little bit, here’s a list of the different types of metal you can fabricate in order to get a model, unit, or a product easily achieved:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hot-Rolled Steel
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • And Many More!

NOTE: In today’s technology, almost all metal types, alloys, and steel can be formed, bent, and machined! There is literally little-to-no limit on the particular type of metal you can machine and work

What Are Common Products Made From Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

Since we’re talking about the industrial sector, your mind could be latched onto the idea that the “products” we are discussing would always be “parts” and “components” of several machines and equipment, when, in reality, they’re not.

To help you get a better idea of what these products are, the most common applications and uses of custom sheet metal fabrication would allow you to get the following product categories:

  • Utensils and Other Kitchen Appliances (Parts and Components)
  • Architectural and Engineering Structures
  • Medical, Medicinal, and Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Automotive, Aerospace, and Aeronautics Sectors
  • Military and Defense Industries
  • Infrastructure and Telecommunications Sectors
  • And Many More!

Look around you, almost everything is made out of fabricated metal! So, you’ll find it sensible that it’s used in a wide array of business sectors and industries!  

Pros and Cons of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal fabrication has been a blessing to all businesses, conglomerates, and companies all over the world. Because of its highly accurate and precise results, you’ll never be disappointed by its quality.

But just like any other type of service or product, it has its own fair share of ups and downs. So, to give you a couple of the examples, we present the pros and cons of custom sheet metal fabrication:

Pros of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Custom sheet metal fabrication is a versatile and flexible manufacturing procedure
  • At the finish line, custom fabricated sheet metal can be exactly following the model or the guide you sent
  • There’s no limit to the type of shape or form you want because CNC machines are highly advanced

Cons of Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Some metals are too viscous that it’ll be difficult – almost impossible for them to be machined
  • They are typically more expensive and costlier than other manufacturing processes

Where Can You Get Premium Quality Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication?

No other custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer or supplier can be trusted more than us here at HDC Manufacturing. Breeding of experts, engineers, and highly seasoned operators in the field, we’re sure that we’ll be able to help you create and produce custom sheet metal products that are dependent on the industry you are in.

Whatever shape, form, or type of product you want need, and no matter how complex you think metal sheet fabrication is, our engineers and professionals here at HDC Manufacturing can accommodate to your needs and requests!

Other than custom sheet metal fabrication, you can also consider and trust us if you need metal stamping services, laser cutting services, 5-axis CNC machining services, and many more!

Contact us to get a free quotation of your order within hours from your message!

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