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Engine Block Guard

Block guards of the engine gives the best cooling progress, supply strength toughness towards the stock sleeves, and avoid sleeve walk. This keeps down the possibility of the head gasket from breaking down. 

Experts produce and design engine block guards being computer-aided and CNC machined out of engineering-approved aluminum material. It has a scalloped style in order to provide the greatest coolant motion to the head. This part should be thoroughly made as it is needed to confidently run a vehicle. 

Engine block guard lessens the chance of cylinder wall from bending and cracking. This lengthens the life of a powerful and long-running engine. This type of engine component is doubtlessly needed for forced induction engine implementations.

k20 engine block guard

K20 Engine Block Guard

cnc engines block guard

CNC Engines Block Guard

cnc engine block guard

CNC Engine Block guard

cnc aluminium car engine block guard

CNC Aluminium Car Engine Block Guard

billet aluminum engines block guard

Billet Aluminum Engines Block Guard

billet aluminium car engine block guard

Billet Aluminium Car Engine Block Guard

Related HDC Engine Block Guard

Our engine block guard can hold up to 20 psi and is constructed exclusively for your engines, so you can enjoy the most out of it. Its design provides additional toughness to the cylinder and the block. You can expect an engine block guard from HDC that can keep up extremely pressured cylinder walls with an ideal cooling for the engine.

Make yourself free from worry as we supply an engine block guard that has the best coolant by letting sufficient water circulation in crucial and critical zones to block damaging cylinder hot areas. 

Many have chosen Anodizing as their surface treatment for engine block guards, but know that HDC has plenty of it. We offer Heat Treating, Polishing, Plating, Passivating, Powder Coating, Engraving, Brushing, and many more.

If you want your component to be customized, HDC is always up for that. All of your suggestions and recommendations are heard and valued, whether you have your preferred color, style or size will be well accommodated by HDC. 

We are certain you are looking for the finest block guard that is well suited for your engine. HDC is here for you! Let us be part of your next projects and receive the best engine block guard. 

Why choose HDC?

HDC is an ISO9001 certified engine block guard manufacturer that uses aluminum grade 6061 for maximum quality. It presents a higher level of superiority when it comes to formability and weldability. This material also offers great resistance to corrosion and is stronger compared to alloys in the series of 6xxx.

Our engine block guards can be pressed in or welded on that will be put in place for a very short amount of time. HDC believes that if your engines are in great functionality, your safety is a guarantee, with this, you may expect the best quality with our engine block guard.

HDC will always appreciate your trust upon giving us the chance to make your most awaited component. We offer installation services that are handled by our professionals for you to have no worries when it comes to the positionings and arrangements of your part. 

With the help of dedication and progress in machining methods, HDC has the ability to create an exceptional block guard that will surely be your sleeve saver for the longest time. Our services are always welcome to people who want their projects to be the best among the rest. 

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