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Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers SBC

Valve covers are essential automotive parts that are used for the purpose of covering the valves of the engine, keeping it safe, secured, and protected from all types of damages. It is this casing installed on top of a car’s engine, protecting the primary elements of machines, as well as preventing cracks, oil leaks, misalignment, and corrosion.

The vast majority of automotive vehicles have valve covers, as it is an integral part of any engine. The same thing applies for Chevrolet or Chevy automotive vehicles, or those that are equipped with the small block Chevy or SBC engine.

If you are a manufacturer or a supplier of these types of vehicles and you’re missing aluminum valve covers for SBC, we got you covered.

Our aluminum valve covers are eligible and fit to be used on SUVs, tuners, 4-wheelers, trailers, trucks, AUVs, crossovers, and even 2-door cars, too that are equipped with the small block Chevy engine! We here at HDC Manufacturing can give you premium-quality aluminum valve covers without ridiculous rates and prices!

HDC Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers SBC

HDC Manufacturing have developed and streamlined processes in producing fabricated aluminum valve covers SBC to the extent that we’re able to specify the types of aluminum we use. For all our SBC fabricated aluminum valve cover projects, we use a particular set of aluminum grades, and they are 6061-T6, 7075-T6, 2024, 5052, and 6063.

Our highly-precision and engineered aluminum valve covers are produced and made lightweight, so that they don’t add up to the overall mass of the vehicle. And although they’re lightweight, they are not brittle and they are strong enough to prevent further warping, in case of force and pressure.

Whatever type of SBC you have, whether you have a linear valve, a self-actuated valve, or a rotary valve type of SBC– our team of experts and engineers here at HDC Manufacturing can help you.

If you have specific requests or requirements for your SBC aluminum valve covers like a specific surface finishing technique, a design, shape and measurement, or even color – let us know and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

HDC will be all the help you need for the fabricated aluminum valve covers you’re looking for. We’re ready to accommodate to your needs and answer your concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Why Choose HDC?

From regular CNC machining to fabricated aluminum valve covers SBC manufacturing, HDC Manufacturing will never fail to deliver quality. It has been our lifelong goal to give all our clients the experience of a lifetime – whatever business they have and wherever they are in the world.

Specializing in specific production and manufacturing, HDC can assure you of good-quality SBC fabricated aluminum covers. We’re able to inculcate the specifics you want and need from fabricated aluminum covers that you want and need.

Being the experts we are, you’ll never have any trouble working with us, especially if you are looking for specific automotive or car parts!

HDC Manufacturing can be your one-stop-manufacturer for all auto and car parts, such as carb brackets, lug nuts, wheel spacers, oil filter caps, shift knobs, bushings, and many more!

Reach out to us and we’ll be more than happy to give you the assistance that you are looking for!

Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers SBC

In this FAQ, we aim to provide you with fundamental knowledge about aluminum valve covers. Whether you’re considering upgrading your engine’s valve covers or simply intrigued by this fascinating component, we’re here to offer you all the information you need. Whether you’re an experienced enthusiast in the world of modifications or a newcomer to engine upgrades, our goal is to furnish you with valuable insights into the realm of assembled aluminum valve covers. Please read on to delve deeper into the details.

fabricated aluminum valve covers sbc 1

What are fabricated aluminum valve covers?

Fabricated aluminum valve covers are constructed from multiple components or parts. These components are individually manufactured during the production process and are then assembled together in the final assembly stage. This assembly-based design provides greater flexibility to accommodate various types of engines or performance requirements. Different performance objectives can be achieved by modifying specific components, such as changing gaskets, adding ventilation systems, or installing decorative cover plates. As a result, assembled valve covers have become the preferred choice for high-performance and customized engines, allowing engineers and vehicle owners to better fine-tune and optimize the engine’s performance and appearance.

What is the purpose of valve covers in an engine?

Sealing the valve chamber to prevent oil leakage.

Preventing water and debris, such as dust, from entering the valve chamber to protect the engine from external environmental damage.

Reducing engine noise while aiding in engine cooling, thereby improving vehicle safety and comfort.

fabricated aluminum valve covers sbc 2

Are aluminum valve covers better?

lighter than steel or cast iron valve covers.

better heat dissipation and corrosion resistance.

easy to customize and modify, allowing for unique designs and finishes.

Is the aluminum valve cover prone to warping?

Due to aluminum’s lower melting point, hardness, and coefficient of thermal expansion, aluminum valve covers can be more susceptible to warping or deformation in specific circumstances compared to steel or cast iron valve covers. To avoid deformation caused by incorrect installation, it is essential to adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s torque specifications. At HDC, we incorporate reinforcement structures and heat-resistant layers into our aluminum valve covers, which significantly mitigates the issue of deformation.

fabricated aluminum valve covers sbc 3

Are these aluminum valve covers available in different finishes or colors?

Yes, aluminum covers are often available in various finishes and colors. HDC offers options to customize the appearance of valve covers to suit individual preferences and vehicle aesthetics.

What’s the best thing to clean aluminum valve covers with?

To clean aluminum valve covers effectively, you can use a few common methods and cleaning agents:


Aluminum Brightener

Baking Soda Paste

Mild Dish Soap

Aluminum Polish

fabricated aluminum valve covers sbc 4

Are gaskets and mounting hardware included with fabricated aluminum valve covers?

At HDC, we offer complete aluminum valve cover kits, including gaskets and mounting hardware.

Can I customize or engrave fabricated aluminum valve covers?

Yes, you can customize aluminum valve covers just like many professional drivers and automotive enthusiasts do. You can add high-performance components to enhance engine performance or choose different finishes. You can also personalize them by adding your own logos, graphics, text, or other decorative elements to meet your unique aesthetic preferences.

fabricated aluminum valve covers sbc 5

In conclusion, whether you are a professional engineer or an avid enthusiast of automotive modifications, we hope that this FAQ has provided you with comprehensive information about aluminum valve covers. If you have any further questions or require customized valve cover services, please do not hesitate to contact our professional team. HDC is committed to delivering outstanding products and services to meet your automotive modification needs.


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