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Your Leading Provider of Forged Aluminum Pistons

For many years, one of the most popular forged aluminum pistons is from HDC. Our forged aluminum pistons are not molten, unlike the cast ones, resulting in them being the strongest on the market. HDC’s forged pistons are produced at competitive prices and are heavy-duty concerning shutter resistance when exposed to utmost temperatures.

  • ISO90001 certified and IATF 16949:2016 certificated manufacturer
  • Advanced machining equipment ensure exacting tolerance
  • Strong and durable
  • Customized designs
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HDC- Your Superior Manufacturer Of Forged Aluminum Pistons

For high performance and lightweight features, there’s no better choice than HDC’s forged aluminum pistons. We are at the forefront of manufacturing quality forged pistons for automotive, motorsports, and racing markets. HDC’s forged pistons are preferred by enthusiasts because they are durable and easily customized to any configuration, which is necessary for engine tuning. 

Our forged aluminum pistons are performed by heating them to a temperature below their melting point and then applying force to press them into shape. Not melting the aluminum alloy as it is machined retains its original strength. HDC’s forged aluminum pistons are well-developed by our group of skilled people, your concerns will be supported by HDC.

Custom Your Forged Aluminum Pistons With HDC

4032 Forged Aluminum Pistons

HDC’s 4032 alloy is a high-silicon, low-enlargement alloy. This means that they expand less, resulting in tighter and quieter piston operation. Its strength and stability also lend themselves to a longer life cycle capability.

2618 Forged Aluminum Pistons

2618 forged aluminum pistons are low silicon build materials. It expands more which calls for a wider piston-wall clearance. HDC uses 2618 alloy in high-performance applications for it gives greater ability to absorb abuse.

Forged Aluminum Pistons For Turbocharged Cars

HDC is capable to manufacture forged aluminum pistons in turbocharging and high production car models. Forged aluminum pistons are more tolerant to the presence of extreme heat, explosion, and pressure intrinsic in performance-oriented engines.

Hydraulic Pressed Forged Aluminum Pistons

HDC’s hydraulic presses have the edge of varying speed and force throughout the process. Allowing better control of material movement can be used to produce forged components with even more accurate physical properties.

Mechanical Pressed Forged Aluminum Pistons

Our mechanical forging presses take place on the scale of milliseconds. Applicable to high production rates, helping to keep the overall cost of high-quality forged aluminum pistons components affordable.

Custom Forged Aluminum Pistons

HDC is well skilled in customizing forged aluminum pistons. We custom high-end forged aluminum pistons designed exclusively for your own needs.

Why HDC Forged Aluminum Pistons

We all know that forgings require more attention in order to get them into shape, that’s why you should go with HDC. Our materials are durable enough to get through countless press forged cycles. It hinders the ability to provide a high compression rate inside the engine, enabling the engine to produce more power.

Along with all the advantages of our forged aluminum pistons, we promote high-value customer service and consumer care. Here in HDC, your welfare as our customer is what we are taking care of. Our services will always be the finest as we continue to give the highest quality components to your front door.

Customized Forged Aluminum Pistons

HDC Capabilities On Forged Aluminum Pistons

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Custom YourForged Aluminum Pistons With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Forged Aluminum Pistons 

HDC forged aluminum pistons mainly to improve the engine power and reliability. We are using this to manufacture countless models, from automotive to bikes and scooters. You will never go wrong with HDC.

forged aluminum pistons

We are using the highest grades and most suitable for forged aluminum pistons (4032, 2618). Utilizing the highest machines to execute the finest forged components in the market. All of our presses are engineered and built in-house, giving HDC the special ability to forge things that others can’t. 

The highly skilled team of HDC can guide you to choose the right piston for your engine. We also offer various Aluminum forging services for Powersports, and besides forging, As your reliable one-stop solution for metal parts, HDC provides CNC Machining Service, Sheet metal Fabrication to custom your metal parts with high precision.

By the use of endless inspections and examinations, we can assure your quality is none other than the best. The surfaces of each of your components are made to be perfect and ready to be a part of your machines for lifelong services.

Your tools’ shipment and payment will be processed according to your preference. We offer customer’s privilege to choose from the material, processes, packaging, shipment, payment, and even in trade terms.

Experience the best quality forged aluminum pistons now at HDC! 

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