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Your Most Trusted Forged Aluminum Wheels Manufacturer

Encounter the leading forged aluminum wheels in the market with HDC. We have machines that are ideal for larger aluminum components, well-suited for more intricate designs and tighter tolerances, and create high-strength ring-shaped applications. HDC’s forged aluminum wheels technology makes it possible to realize the most diverse design, lightweight, and higher strength properties. 

  • IATF 16949:2016; ISO9001 Certificated 
  • Most captivating wheel designs
  • Perfect strength-to-weight ratio
  • Highest consistent quality
  • Skilled service team with in-house engineering support
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HDC- Maker Of The Most Excellent Forged Aluminum Wheels

HDC’s forged aluminum wheels offer several advantages. Our manufacturing process results in a stronger wheel by eliminating cavities, void fraction, and depreciation. HDC’s forged aluminum wheels are also consistently stronger because of their tighter grain structure. We’re also ensuring better wear resistance over time while delivering the best manufacturing performance.

Our forged wheel begins as a solid block of billet aluminum that’s being shaped into a wheel. HDC offers strong structural integrity in every forged aluminum wheel we deliver. You may also custom your component at a competitive price possessing the greatest quality. HDC is very pleased to welcome you as a client and show you the greatest forged aluminum wheels.

Custom Your Forged Aluminum Wheels With HDC

Forged 6061 Aluminum Wheels

HDC’s solid 6061-T6 aluminum wheels are being shaped by heat and pressure. It can bear high stress, light in weight, very strong, and exceptionally stiff.

6082 Forged Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum 6082 is known as a structural alloy, also the highest strength of the 6000 series. Its characteristics are well suited for forged aluminum wheels. HDC can manufacture your components based on your own preference and inclinations.

.Forged Aluminum Racecar Wheels

Many professional racecar drivers know that HDC’s forged aluminum wheels are a great choice for competitive racing. We are making sure that it is always built for speed and high-quality performance.

Custom Forged Aluminum Wheels

HDC will let you customize your forged aluminum wheels, you may choose from our large selection of color palettes. We are also allowing our clients to create their personalized logo to be engraved on it for free. Almost all of its characteristics will be based on your own desire.

Forged Aluminum Motorcycle Wheels

We‘re an expert in manufacturing forged aluminum motorcycle wheels. You can assure great properties in making the best wheels an industry could offer. HDC’s wheels are made with reliable aluminum materials.

.Forged Aluminum Truck Wheels
  • Forged Aluminum Truck Wheels

 Forged aluminum truck wheels from HDC can be manufactured in different sizes according to your needs. We can follow your requests and exceed your expectations with competitive prices.

Why HDC Forged Aluminum Wheels

HDC is the golden standard when it comes to forged aluminum wheel manufacturing. HDC as an IATF 16949:2016 and ISO9001 certified is the premier Chinese manufacturer of sophisticated wheels for motorsports and street use. HDC continues to give an innovative design and quality of forged aluminum wheels with the highest technology.

Our customers are always glad to be with us for our high-end aluminum wheels. For many years, HDC developed into a competent and efficient company that you can rely upon regarding forged aluminum wheels. With all the advantages in manufacturing, HDC also cares about its customers, we value your presence as our respectable client.

Forged Aluminum Wheel

HDC Capabilities on Forging, Machining and Fabrication

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Custom Your Forged Aluminum Wheels With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Forged Aluminum Wheels

When in need of purchasing OEM wheels, HDC’s forged aluminum wheels are the most guaranteed ones. We studied and convey all the important factors to consider in manufacturing forged aluminum wheels to fulfill your demands.

forged aluminum wheels

HDC is using aluminum alloys 6061 and 6082 for forged wheels. These are the most appropriate and strongest alloys in putting forged aluminum wheels to life. We are also offering customizations, from the material, colors, sizes, and even in its own packaging. 

Here in HDC, we will never go wrong as we have the experts in machining, in any services you would like. As we go further, we continue to deliver the best quality control, customer care, and valuable manufacturing assistance.

With over 5 Million parts manufactured all around the globe, HDC is your reliable supplier for metal parts, besides aluminum forging, HDC also offer CNC machining services, sheet metal fabrication, such as laser cutting service, metal stamping services for your project

Having all of the things said above, HDC will also let you have the most convenient shipping (courier, sea, and air), payment (Paypal, T/T, L/C), and trade terms (FOB, CFR, DDP) services. Know that you can have your parts’ samples for quality approval before the final payment.

We know that you want to have the highest quality forged aluminum wheels. There’s no time to lose, try it now with HDC! We will accommodate you round the clock. 

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