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Get to Know CNC Bike Parts

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We hear several questions about CNC bike parts from our clients all over the world. That prompts us to share some of our knowledge with our clients and those interested in CNC bike parts. Let’s talk about CNC bike parts in some detail. custom bike parts 3

Understanding CNC Machining Bike Parts

CNC machining is a process where computerized tools operate the whole system. CNC machining includes mills, routers, lathes, and grinders, and unlike traditional mechanisms, the entire operations of those tools are controlled by a computer.  

And some modern machines can combine many functions into one machine. 

CNC machining bike parts are more precise, more powerful, and help to develop bikes for you that were not possible decades ago. 

CNC machining bike parts such as frame, handle, wheel, and axis are popular these days. Most CNC machining bike parts are built with aluminum, carbon fiber, titan, and steel. 

CNC Machines Used For CNC Bike Parts

CNC machining is the foundation of CNC bike parts. CNC milling and CNC turning are the primary modes for creating CNC bike parts. 

Cnc Milling Bike Parts

Milling and turning are the two CNC machines that you would see manufacturers use for various bike components. The two most used methods you would see manufacturers use for CNC bike parts production. 

Benefits of CNC Bike Parts

CNC parts allow riders to receive highly customized components with appropriately precise characteristics that improve bike performance and enhance their performance appearance. The quality of the result is higher because this parts are known for unsurpassed durability, ensured with advanced materials and stringent trac control over CNC machining. Their suitability to work with most other brand bikes along with the reduced weight and ergonomic options that come in handy facilitate better handling and comfort for the rider. While some might say that custom CNC parts are costly, their advantages of the longer-term savings and still cheaper than market production variation as well as the fact that such bikes optimize bike performance justify their use in enthusiasts’ settings.

Materials Commonly Used for CNC Bike Partscustom mountain bike parts

The common materials used in the process of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) to make bike parts include aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, carbon fiber and engineering plastics. Aluminum is preferred for the lightweight nature and to this effect it can be used in different components such as handlebars and brackets. Stainless steel provides high strength and is generally resistant to corrosion, widely used as the main material on critical parts such as frameworks and fasteners. This is why Titanium with its extremely good strength-to-weight ratio was found to be a worthy material for high performance bike parts such as the frames and components. Properties like light weight and high strength carbon fiber are employed for building components such as frames and handlebars, making performance better along with visual appeal. Engineering plastics like ABS or nylon are available for lightweight and moldable components such as pedal bodies and chain guides. This involves various needs from lightweight and durable components to high-precision bike parts.

Choose the Finish and Color for Your CNC Bike Part

Finish and color are important in customization of your CNC (Computer Numerical Control) component towards the preferred design and performance. Items may have polished, anodized, or matte finishes and color choices can be standard to further include custom and specialty finishes. You may choose to emphasize mix design, functionality, or precise color selection that allows you to customize your bike part according to the taste and enhance your ride.

Design Limitations for Custom CNC Bike Partscustom bike parts 2

The limits by design in custom CNC bike parts can be complicated shapes, large dimensions, material compatibility, narrow tolerances and strength of thin walls. These limitations affect not only the feasibility of complex designs but also their cost-effectiveness, requiring deliberate thinking during the customization. To overcome these limitations, it is advised to work in collaboration with seasoned manufacturers or engineers for the navigation of such barriers , optimization of designs and eventual successful production mounting custom CNC bike parts equally inducing settings between aesthetics and functionality within machining capacity and material traits.

Bike Parts You Can Build With CNC Machines

 You can have various bike parts using CNC machining. From body frame to seat clamp, many CNC bike parts are available in the market. 

  • Sprocket 
  • Sprocket with Bash Guard 
  • Footpegs 
  • Rear Hub guard and Nylon Front 
  • Alloy Hub Guard 
  • Stem 
  • Headset cap 
  • Bicycle hub 
  • Seat Clamp 
  • Derailleur Hanger 
  • Chain tensioner 
  • Seat post clamp quick release

CNC Bike Parts collection

After Machining Processes For CNC Bike Parts Manufacturing

After CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining operations to make bike parts, important post-machining processes include deburring so that edges are beveled instead of sharp, thorough cleaning, surface finishing for cosmetic and protection purposes, strict quality control checks at various stages from inbound raw material checking part production interim visual inspection stage rigorous final inspections by These processes collectively ensure superior production of bike parts that meet specifications and are ready to put in place in different levels.

Factors Affect The Costs Of CNC Bike Parts 

CNC bike parts manufacturing costs depend on the following: 

Opening Cost

This process includes the CAD file preparation and planning the entire process. 

CAD Design Bike Parts

You would need a significant amount of files for the whole process, even for a small volume. 

Machining Time 

Machining time: This is an easy guess for you. How much longer the machine time the parts will need affects the price of the CNC bike parts you intend to manufacture. 

Material Cost

Two factors are involved here. One is the price of the material and how rigid the material is. For example, AL6061 will cost you less compared to AL7075. 

Strength and weight are important factors, but you should not design your CNC bike parts based on those factors only. 

Other Costs 

These costs are dependent on the design specification of your CNC machine parts. Suppose the specification of your CNC bike parts demands thin walls or tight tolerance. In that case, the CNC bike parts will need closer quality control, special tooling, and consequently more processing time.

More tolerance and other unique design specifications might decrease the machining speed, which will result in a long manufacturing time. The more time you use the CNC machining process, the more you would have to pay.  

So, to lessen the cost, you should optimize the design, and choose the material for your CNC bike parts carefully. CNC bike parts

Choose a CNC Bike Parts Manufacturer

CNC machining is at the heart of modern bike components. But finding an excellent CNC bike parts manufacturer is not that easy. Please follow the below factors before hiring a CNC bike parts manufacturer for your next production: 

In-Depth Knowledge

This is the most crucial factor before you consider a CNC bike parts manufacturer. The provider must have rich knowledge of CNC machining. 

From product designing to prototyping and manufacturing, CNC service providers must have an understanding of everything.

Not only that, they should know their way around a variety of CNC equipment so that they can recommend the perfect CNC machines according to your product and budget.


CNC machining is a complicated task, and the manufacturer should have sufficient experience to handle the precise work of CNC machining. The manufacturer should be well aware of the latest manufacturing trends and follow the latest industry standard. 

An experienced company can provide you with the perfect manufacturing strategy for your CNC machining bike parts. 

The simplest way to check the experience of a company is to check its portfolio. Feel free to ask their customer lists both local and international. Feel free to contact some of them to have a clear picture of the manufacturer. Also, know what kinds of bike parts they manufacture. 

Flexibility and Precision CNC Bike parts manufacturer

CNC bike parts are meant to be precise. When you are dealing with CNC bike parts, you want them to be as accurate as possible. 

Ensure that the manufacturer takes care of every detail such as the shape, size, material, and dimension of your CNC bike parts. Remember, it is not the design only, and materials also play a vital role in CNC bike parts. 

Please make sure the service provider uses suitable materials and efficiently manages the supply chain of its raw materials. 

When you are satisfied with the precision, it’s time to look for flexibility. The manufacturer should have the capability to adapt to the changes you make through the manufacturing process. 

They should understand the product changes and quickly implement the changes in their manufacturing process. 

Shipping Facility 

This is another important aspect of a CNC machining company. They should manage the shipping process smoothly. Therefore the location of their factory is essential. The factory should have good road transportation to the airport, seaport, and rail station. bike parts

We offer an excellent shipping facility for our clients all over the world. 

Additional Services

These services are not mandatory, but who does not like a little bit extra? If the manufacturer provides some additional facilities that are not included in the core service of CNC machine parts, that is always a bonus, and you can also save some money with it. 

Some companies provide custom machining, reverse engineering, metal fabrication, scale model prototyping, finishing, etc. These services can solve some issues you might face in your CNC bike parts. 


CNC bike parts are mandatory for modern gaming and regular bikes. Therefore, the demand for CNC bike parts is increasing in the market day by day. The CNC machining process for CNC bike parts needs in-depth knowledge and experience. 

Moreover, the company you are working with should have all the necessary advanced CNC machines. 

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