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Guidance For CNC Bar Ends

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Bar ends are part of the most common and most used components in motorcycles, bicycles, as well as other machines and vehicles that need it. Manually-manufactured bar ends are good, but, of course, those that have been fully produced and manufactured using high-quality CNC machines and equipment are better.

Here at HDC Manufacturing, we have been producing CNC aluminum bar ends, armrest, grips, and other similar components to all our clients and customers worldwide. Not many of you have sufficient knowledge about it, but, don’t worry – we have this FAQ guide here ready for you!

Understanding CNC Bar End

figure 1 what is a cnc bar end

A CNC bar end is simply a bar end for a motorcycle or a bicycle that has been produced using computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines and equipment. Instead of manually manufacturing them, the workpiece is fed onto the machine and is worked on by the machine on its own without needing human intervention.

You can easily differentiate a CNC bar end from a manually manufactured bar end by the accuracy and precision in the cuts, slices, and the overall structure of it.

Purpose of a Bar End

figure 2 what is the purpose of a bar end

The purpose of a bar end is to make sure that the handlebar isn’t vibrating while the vehicle is resonating from the moment the engine of the motorcycle starts, or when the vehicle is currently moving or locomotive.

There are different types of bar ends produced for motorcycles and bicycles, the best and most common ones include armrest bar ends, bike or bicycle bar ends, rear mirror bar ends, and many more.

Bar End vs. CNC Bar End

cnc bar end vs. regular bar end

Comparing CNC-produced bar ends from bar ends that have been manually manufactured is actually easy as you will be able to see how accurate CNC-produced bar ends are. Although in essence, they are technically the same, you will be able to see the perfection and the flawlessness of CNC bar ends especially when they’re already assembled and mounted onto the vehicle.

CNC Technologies for Bar End Production

First CNC technology that is used in bar ends production process is called the machine for CNC turning. Shaping and machining of the bar ends are aided by CNC turning machines, commonly referred to as CNC lathes. These machines spin the bar material as cutting tools frame ends on either side with exact measures. CNC turning provides high precision and repeatability, resulting in uniform surfaces which are precisely machined at the ends of bar stock. More importantly, CNC turning machines are made with several axes; hence it allows the manufacturing of complicated designs for a bar end. The application of this technology is imperative in ensuring that the desired shapes and profiles for bar ends are achieved economically and accurately.

Materials Can Be Used to Produce Bar Ends

figure 4 what materials can be used to produce bar ends

Materials-wise, manufacturers use many different types of materials for the production of their bar ends. In fact, we here at HDC Manufacturing, we are skilled and experienced to use a wide library of materials to help you with your needs.

Commonly, though, the materials used for bar ends would usually be aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, different types of alloys, as well as plastic.

Available Finishes for CNC Bar Ends

The finish options available for CNC bar ends include various treatments that can improve both their visual aesthetics and performance. These could range from polished finishes that are smooth, corrosion-resistant and sharp looking to brushed ones having a textural look with slight sheen in them for nickel and chrome plating giving off shining effect along with resistance as well as protection against sag. If that is what one wants and needs, CNC bar ends come with an assortment of finish options.

Benefits You Can Get With CNC Bar Endsfigure 5 what benefits can you get with cnc bar ends

Akin to many other parts and components produced using CNC materials, the benefits and advantages you can get from bar ends don’t fall far from those. To give you concrete examples of how advantageous and beneficial CNC bar ends are, they include the following:

  • All CNC bar ends are highly accurate and precise
  • They can be produced in bulk or in wholesale and can be 99.99% similar
  • They will usually be cost-effective because it requires less labor from workers and operators

The benefits and advantages you can get from CNC bar ends would reflect on the usage of it and how easily it can be assembled and mounted.

Disadvantages With CNC Bar Ends

Of course, there are certain things you need to factor in when it comes to CNC bar ends – it’s not like they’re all rainbows and butterflies. Some of these disadvantages include:

  • Higher upfront cost
  • There’s little room for operator error
  • Size limitations

NOTE: These cons and drawbacks are typically overpowered by the pros, so, you don’t have to worry about those.cnc bar end mirrors 5

CNC Bar Ends is Cheaper and More Affordable

CNC bar end is cheaper for the manufacturer to produce and create CNC bar ends for there will be less waste in the production, as well as labor. There is little-to-no need for humans or operators to check on the bar ends every now and then because the CNC machine will be carrying out the tasks needed for it.

No, because if you are a consumer and you are purchasing CNC bar ends in their retail rates and prices, it will be more expensive given the fact that machines are expensive, which can give the manufacturer the positioning of rates that other manually-manufactured bar ends can’t.

Size of Bar Ends You Can Produce

CNC bar end sizes differ from one use to another, and, of course, as we know, there are certain limitations to CNC machines and equipment. For one, the bar end will depend on the type of the machine and vehicle it is designed to be mounted and attached onto, and second, CNC machines aren’t capable of producing bigger or larger-than-the-usual bar ends.

Here at HDC Manufacturing, though, we are skilled enough to provide you with the specific size of the bar ends you need. You can send us a draft or a sketch of what you want your bar ends to look like and we will be more than happy to help you with that.motorcycle clip ons 1

CNC Bar Ends Manufacturer You Can
Fully Trust

If you are looking for the best and highest quality of CNC bar ends without burning a hole in your pocket, then HDC Manufacturing is the perfect company for you. Our experts have manufactured and produced many different types and kinds of CNC bar ends whether they’re for bicycles, motorcycles, or if they’re going to be used as additive or complementary parts for other devices and machines.

Our line of bar ends aren’t just limited to the ends themselves. In fact, we’re also skilled in producing titanium bar ends, bar end caps, 22mm handle bar ends, break bar ends, and many more!

But wait, there’s more! Apart from us being the one-stop manufacturer of many businesses and companies when it comes to CNC bar ends, we are also named as the best supplier of other components like CNC foot pegs, CNC brake pedals, CNC triple clamps, and many more!

HDC Manufacturing can be the primary manufacturer if you need high-quality CNC parts and components. We are a call and a message away if you need professional help!

Cost Consideration When Custom CNC Bar Ends

When considering the cost of custom CNC bar ends, several factors come into play:motorcycle clip ons 2

  • Material Choice: Different materials have varying costs.
  • Design Complexity: Elaborate designs may increase costs.
  • Quantity: Increased volumes can reduce unit prices.
  • Tolerances: Machining costs can be influenced by tight tolerances.
  • Finishing Options: Different finishes have associated costs.
  • Tooling and Setup: Set-up costs are distributed over the number of pieces produced.
  • Labor and Machine Time: The cost of labor and machining time also influence expenses.
  • Quality Assurance: Costs may increase due to quality assurance.
  • Customization: Extra costs may be incurred due to special requests or customization.
  • Shipping: Consider shipping and delivery expenses.

Cost management requires close collaboration with a CNC machining service provider to determine your needs regarding the requirements, materials chosen, design complexity, and quantity. This collaboration ensures cost reduction yet quality custom CNC bar end production in accordance with your needs.

Guidance For Custom CNC Bar Ends From Manufacturers

When seeking custom CNC bar ends from manufacturers, follow these guidelines:motorcycle clip ons 4

  • State your requirements regarding material, design, quantity and tolerances.
  • Select a reliable producer with experience in your field and equipment.
  • For clear understanding detailed drawings or CAD files should be provided.
  • Talk about material options and their characteristics.
  • Indicate needed tolerances and finishing preferences
  • Request a prototype to be verified.
  • Quality specifications and check quality control procedures.
  • Keep communication channels open during the project.
  • Focus on shipping, packaging and delivery issues.
  • Give feedback and rate the end result according to specification


CNC machined bar ends are precise, accurate and have diversity on material application for motorbikes, bicycles among other machines. HDC Manufacturing is a company that designs and manufactures excellent quality CNC bar ends and components. Their bar ends are accurate and cost saving, which is why many prefer them. Despite some restraints and limitations, the CNC bar ends tend to be much better than their liabilities. Then, HDC Manufacturing comes as a reliable manufacturer available to supply the CNC parts and components.

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