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Guidance For Custom CNC Levers

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The industry’s fast-paced growth paved way for manufacturers to look for CNC levers than traditionally-manufactured and produced levers for motorcycles. And while CNC levers are part of the most sought-after products in both retail and the aftermarket, you could find yourself stuck in choosing between 2 suppliers.

Lucky for you, because we here at HDC Manufacturing just have what you need! As China’s top CNC levers manufacturer, our team of project engineers and experts have produced an awful lot of CNC levers in varying styles, techniques, and designs. Now, to help you in choosing, here is a list of the frequently asked questions about CNC levers.

Understanding CNC Levers

figure 1 what are cnc levers

Akin to other motorcycle parts, CNC levers are levers that are used in motorcycles, and are distinctive because of how they’re made – via CNC machines and equipment. Unlike traditionally-made and manufactured levers, CNC levers often have a more defined shape, as well as higher-quality make than regular or standard levers.

CNC racing levers or simply CNC levers are typically made with solid, machinable aluminum. In fact, that’s what our next question will be all about.

Materials Used for CNC Levers

figure 2 what materials can cnc levers be made of

CNC levers can be made from a wide array of materials – some of which are steel, aluminum, as well as other alloys that have the needed properties for the motorcycle lever to function appropriately and properly.

Commonly, though, motorcycle levers, whether brake levers or clutch levers, are milled and made from high-strength aluminum. Moreover, they’re also subject to the best and highest quality standards.

There are some instances where CNC levers are made from die-cast aluminum, while some are made from colored anodized ones. The point here is, no matter what type of aluminum is used – regardless of the type of coating or surface finishing technique, they can be leveraged.

NOTE: Just because they’re labeled CNC doesn’t mean that the raw materials needed would already be different.

Finishes Applicable to CNC Levers

There are a range of finishes for CNC levers, which include anodizing to prevent corrosion and supply various color options; powder coating as a long-wearing solution with different colors to choose from; polishing the treatment that results in smoothness and glossiness: brushing used for textures applied on surface; black oxide finish characterized by matte black look Moreover, personalization and protection take paint coatings including clear ones. The selection of these finishes gives a variety choice thus, CNC levers not only satisfy functionality but retain their attractive form and resists rust.

CNC Techniques Used for Machining Levers

In the machining levers, CNC techniques are used and in these critical components they use precision procedures. Lever parts are often manufactured using CNC milling machines to ensure accurate dimensions and that the right angles have been maintained. Mounting and assembly holes are drilled using these techniques to have accurate alignment of the pieces. Another important CNC operation is tapping threads for fasteners to ensure robust connections. CNC machining also helps in engraving or etching for branding and design customization on lever surfaces. Together, these methods allow for improved precision, accuracy and customization in the manufacture of levers with very high standards set as regards quality performance.

CNC Bike Brake Levers vs. CNC Clutch Levers

figure 3 cnc bike brake levers vs. cnc clutch levers

Did you know that there are different types of levers used in bikes and motorcycles? Two (2) of the most popular and most used ones are brake levers and clutch levers. Now, let us go ahead and briefly discuss what each of these are.

CNC bike levers, from the term alone, are levers that are seen on the handlebar. This lever connects to the brake cable, operating the brake mechanism.

Clutch levers, on the other hand, are levers that are connected to the driving mechanism, which helps enable the clutch. They’re usually attached to the flywheels and friction discs through the help and assistance of the springs.

Both of them are levers, moreover, they can both be made via traditional means or via CNC machines. And while most of the time, the forms and shapes of these levers wouldn’t be far from each other, they are typically made with the same materials and their function is similar (just catering to different parts and components of motorcycles).

Importance of Motorcycle CNC Levers

The innovation and modernistic approach of CNC levers is important when it comes to bicycles and motorcycles. Why? – Without levers, there wouldn’t be any component linking the action from your hands to the component of the motorcycle.

CNC Levers vs. Standard Bike Levers

figure 4 cnc levers vs. standard motorcycle levers

Standard bike levers are levers that are made and manufactured through traditional production and manufacturing techniques, while CNC levers are those that are made via CNC machines. If you were to ask me of what the differences are, I would say that it just revolves around how they’re made and manufactured.

From here alone, we can conclude that there also would be differences in terms of quality and overall accuracy with the zones and measurements of the lever.

Advantages of CNC Levers

There are quite a few pros and advantages in choosing CNC levers, these include, but are not limited to:

  • They’re produced and manufactured faster and more urgently
  • There are endless customizations and possibilities
  • You don’t need extensive tooling to make them perfect
  • CNC levers are often 99.99% accurate and precise to the motorcycle or the vehicle you’ll attach it onto

You’ll find more pros and advantages of CNC levers when you get the chance to use them for your own projects and products!CNC Aluminum Levers

Choosing CNC Levers for Quality and Speed

CNC levers would be worth the money, especially if you have less time to market. There are various reasons why CNC levers are definitely worth the value you purchase them for, but the best reason would be because of how fast and urgent the production process is without compromising the quality and overall functionality of the lever.

If you were to ask me between CNC levers and standard levers, I would go with the former. They can cost more, but they will never fail you in terms of quality and overall satisfaction.

Get High-Quality Levers in the Market

CNC levers are rare in the market. In fact, you wouldn’t be able to find many suppliers of it – and that is where we capitalized our skill in CNC machining and expertise in the automotive and motorcycle (vehicular) industries.

Our skill and experience in producing and manufacturing CNC levers have been known worldwide. We’ve produced foldable levers, easily adjustable and modifiable levers, clutch and brake levers, and more!

If high-performance levers are what you need, then, we will make sure to provide you with the quality you never expected to see.

Other Products Can HDC Manufacturing Offer

CNC LeversOther than our brains in CNC levers, we are also the one-stop-shop of businesses and organizations who are looking for CNC rear sets, CNC clutch covers, foot pegs, twist throttles, and many more!

CNC levers are just part of the big offers we have – and the best is yet to come. So, don’t hesitate, reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help you with the CNC levers that you need!

We’ll send over a free quote!

Guidance for Custom CNC Levers From Manufacturers

In the case of custom CNC levers from manufacturers, it is necessary to use a systematic approach that does not allow limiting oneself to ordering standardized components. First, specify your lever needs in terms of material type design complexity finish quantity if any particular features and requirements for performance. After that, conduct research and find experienced manufacturers who have a history of making custom CNC motorcycle parts. Confirm the certification, quality control process and ability to work with your selected materials.

After establishing the shortlist of potential vendors, provide more detailed quotes through specifications drawings and quality standards in your RFQ document. Evaluate the proposals you are receiving cost, lead time and manufacturer’ ability to accept your required modifications. Material selection is very important; select the right material depending on parameters such as strength, weight, corrosion resistance and costs to have discussions with manufacturers regarding appropriate materials.cnc motorcycle parts supplier in china

Work closely with the manufacturer to fine-tune the design and develop prototypes for testing and validation before going into full production. Define these procedures clearly, address regulatory compliance if needed and develop a comprehensive contract detailing all terms such as payment schedule and delivery. Keep a close and constant line of communication with the manufacturer during each stage of the project, communicating concerns in an effective manner as needed. Upon delivery of the custom CNC levers, inspect them based on your requirements and quality expectations to provide room for improvement. This measurement helps ensure a productive union and custom CNC levers of the highest quality, meeting your specifications against performance.


The top CNC levers manufacturer in China is HDC Manufacturing, which provides a variety of custom options. The CNC levers are praised for their accuracy, strength and possible customizations. They are faster and better than traditional levers. HDC Manufacturing not only stands out in CNC levers but also supplies many premium motorbike and car components. Enjoy premium quality and workmanship – request a free quote now!

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