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laser cutting quote
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HDC For Laser Cutting

Laser cutting has been one of the best, most advanced, and most efficient technologies used in many different industries, resulting in precise and accurate cuts. Here with us at HDC Manufacturing, we take pride in our state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting machines, made to be extremely durable, advanced, and easy to operate.

We can work on a wide range of materials from plastic, different grades and types of steel and metal, and others to produce for you the parts and components you are looking for.

Why Choose Us

Rich and Excellent Experience in Motorsports Industry

Almost all of our employees and operators have the skill and the experience in working in the motorsports industry. We have an eye and we are ultimately familiar with all working parts, static components, and complex arrangements for motorcycles, automotive cars, bicycles, trailers ,and more.

50+ Certified and Licensed Materials In Stock

As one of the best, if not the best and highest quality of laser cutting company, we have a lot of materials in stock. Whether you’re looking for plastic, steel, metal, brass, titanium, and other of these grades, we’ll get you what you need!

ISO9001:2016 Certified Manufacturer

We follow the groundwork and the standard that the majority of companies in the world have. From training, material-selection to process mapping, packaging and execution, all of what we do are streamlined and are considered top-quality.

Free Instant Laser Cutting Quote

You don’t have to guess or worry about the budget or the amount of money you will need. We will send over a free laser cutting quotation for you no matter what the cost is! Work with us and within 24 hours, you should receive a quotation of the orders that you are looking for.

Available CNC Laser Cutting Parts

With rich experience in OEM and laser cutting manufacturing, you’ll be able to get high-quality CNC parts using our cutting-edge and advanced laser cutting service.

CNC Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Parts

We here at HDC Manufacturing are skilled in producing stainless steel parts using our laser cutting service. Our laser cutting service can be done to SUS 303, SUS 304, 316L, SUS 416, and other types of stainless steel. You can request for a free quote to know how much budget you’ll be needing for it!

CNC Laser Cutting Aluminum Parts

Stainless steel is one thing, but we here at HDC Manufacturing are also equipped with the skill of performing laser cutting aluminum workpieces into various parts and components. We can perform powder coating, hard anodizing, polished tumbling, and machining to your aluminum parts! Send a request and we’ll give you a free instant quotation for it!

CNC Laser Cutting Steel Parts

Our laser cutting services are also applicable to different rates and types of steel, namely C1045, low-carbon steel, alloy steels 4130 and 4140, and many more! Shoot us a message and we’ll be able to give over a free instant quotation that you need for it!

CNC Laser Cutting Brass Parts

Brass is also among the many different raw products and materials we’re able to work with. We can perform a heap of surface techniques and options for those, including tumbling, bead blasting, brushing, rough polishing, and machining. These have varying rates and prices so, get a quotation by sending us a message or by dialing our number!

CNC Laser Cutting Titanium Parts

Last and most definitely not least would be our titanium products. This is among the many different materials we specialize on, particular Titanium Grade 5. Let us know what you need and within 24 hours, we will send an instant quote to you for the rates and prices of the titanium parts you need!


HDC’s Ability To Process Laser Cutting Products

Numerous advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) laser cutting machines used for processing different kinds of metallic sheets including ones with the highest width of two meters perform best in our company. Apart from that, we deal with various types of metal sheets like stainless steel or aluminum alloys which are usually appreciated for their high width and corrosion resistance. In that respect, there is no doubt that we can meet the needs of both a large-scale production and small batch orders. Our laser cutting technology allows us to make accurate cuts as per given dimensional specifications provided by our clients. With a team of seasoned engineers, we offer custom processing services according to customer designs or samples presented by them. We have a strong focus on quality control and process optimization besides efficient production capacity so as to ensure all products conform to high-quality standards. Should you require any further information on laser cutting requirements sent your requests here and will help you out accordingly. Giving professional technical assistance along with sophisticated service delivery has been our commitment since inception.

laser cutting service 4Custom Options That HDC Provides for Laser Cutting

  • Materials: Our offering includes different kinds of metals like stainless steel, anodized aluminum alloy, and mild steel among others. Please contact us if you need a certain kind of metal.
  • Custom Sizes: We offer sheets that are cut according to exact specifications ensuring dimensional accuracy.
  • Pattern Design: We can customize laser cutting in a range of patterns by request or design provided.
  • Finishing: After the cutting process is complete, parts undergo basic deburring and polishing. Optional finishes include mirror polishing, painting, electroplating or custom engravings through laser.
  • Assembly Services: Also after laser cutting your products, we offer welding or assembly services as required.

How to Custom Laser Cutting Parts From HDClaser cutting service 5

  • Submit Your Requirements: Fill the form on our site with your requests for laser cut parts, indicating dimensions, materials, and finishes and attaching any sketches or drawings you may have.
  • Consultation and Quotation: Upon receiving your inquiry, our sales team will contact you sooner and will discuss with you your requirements, will display the customization options, will provide the professional advice, and after that, will come with an offer of most competitive quote.
  • Prototype Service (if needed): Before the order is made you can ask for a prototype to be sure of product quality. There could be a sample fee for specialized processes requiring tooling.
  • Place Order and Pay Deposit: The down payment, which is normally 30%, is paid during the order placement for the commencement of the project.
  • Production and Design Changes: Once the order comes to us we’ll set up the production in our manufacturing department. During this period, don’t hesitate to contact us with any design changes you would like.
  • Packaging and Shipment: The laser cutting products you have ordered will be processed according to the stated timeline and then carefully packaged. We offer safe delivery of your order utilizing the shipping option of your choice. Prior to shipment the final balance (including the shipping costs) must be paid.
  • After-Sales Support: If you find any problem in our customized products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We guarantee comprehensive after-sales support.
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