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Low Cost CNC Machining Services

Manufacturing costs are becoming more and more competitive with every passing day, however, the low cost CNC machining services offer a game changing option for you. Having a lower manufacturing cost is ideal for the growth of any manufacturing business. On top of it, if you are able to acquire high-quality products within your budget it is a win-win situation.

The advancement in technology has enhanced the capabilities of CNC machines and cutting tools. This has ultimately resulted in shorter turn-around times and lower production costs without affecting the final quality of the product.

CNC machining services are applied in a range of industries from the Manufacturing Industry, Medical Industry, Defense Industry, Automobile Industry, Power Industry, etc. The CNC machining service empowers to develop custom designs and parts that are difficult to get from the OEM.

small batch cnc machining

Small Batch Cnc Machining

low cost cnc service

Low Cost Cnc Service

low cost cnc machining service

Low Cost Cnc Machining Service

cnc machining service

Cnc Machining Service

cnc machining parts

Cnc Machining Parts

Specification and usage 

Low cost CNC machining services support the manufacturing of parts made from Aluminum, Titanium, Standard Steel, Stainless Steel, and other metallic alloys. Furthermore, the CNC machine has multiple features depending on its configuration and usage. For instance, a CNC machine can have 3-axis or 5-axis depending on the type of machine. Moreover, there are multiple machining processes like turning, milling, cutting, etc. that can be performed with low-cost CNC machines.   

The general tolerance level of our CNC machine is +/- 0.1 mm, whereas, this can be increased up to +/- 0.01 mm. We also offer low-volume manufacturing services to support your business. Therefore, you can also order a few parts from us. Furthermore, the parts can be of any shape and size as HDC has a range of manufacturing options.

Product advantages (including customizable)

There are multiple benefits of using the low cost CNC machining services as follows:

1. Reduced cost of production; with optimized manufacturing solutions through the CNC machines, the cost of production is minimized and you will get a very economical solution for your processes.

2. Flexibility in the design of custom products; with the latest CNC machining tools, we can produce intricate and complex designs within the shortest possible turnaround time. The service is ideal for manufacturing custom parts.

3. High quality of finished custom products; the advanced CNC machining facility coupled with the experienced and skilled team, we are able to produce high-quality custom parts that are ideal for your industry.

4. Flexible delivery times; we are very flexible about the time of delivery of products. You can discuss about the time of delivery that you require and we will ensure that you will get the parts as per the agreed timelines.

5. The minimum order limit is adjustable; one of the biggest problems with CNC machine manufacturing is the high minimum order quantity that most businesses will demand. However, we resolved this issue. You can now order equal to an agreed quantity which can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Why choose HDC?

HDC offers the best low cost CNC machining services in the market. We have over 50+ certified materials in stock with more than 10 surface treatment options available for our clients. With all the features offered by HDC we are yet offering the most competitive rates in the industry.

Furthermore, we have experience of more than 13 years of working with CNC machining OEM experience. You will benefit from working with us because we deliver our shipments on time and there are no unnecessary delays.


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