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Your Prime Manufacturer Of Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

HDC became the most prime manufacturer around the globe, producing Custom Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs. They are fully CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and high-quality Neodymium magnets. HDC will provide the product to protect your engine from dangerous metal particles and to increase the lifespan and health of your engine. 

  • ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer
  • More than 12 years of CNC Machining OEM Experience in the Motorsports field;
  • Custom made ones from your design,  
  • Billet CNC machined from high quality 6061 or 7075, not easy to break
  • Brass, Aluminum, and Teflon washers for your choice
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HDC - Excellent Manufacturer Of Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

HDC company is knowledgeable and capable of producing highly durable products for customers. Our magnetic Oil Drain Plugs are made of neodymium magnets. It is the most powerful and strongest permanent magnet in the world. In HDC, we are always maintaining quality products for every consumer. 

You are always free to ask for any requests and consultations regarding your desired components. Our engineers will give concern to your needs and provide high-quality services in terms of planning, designs, and innovations. HDC will make sure to satisfy your experience with us. 

Custom Your Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

Custom Motorcycle Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

The HDC brings out the best Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs for your motorsports. Aluminum alloy is HDC’s preferred material due to its strength and reliability to make the perfect Magnetic Oil Drain Plug.

Custom Car Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

HDC utilizes a large piece of aluminum to produce a lot of Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs. Our company develops high skilled performance to supply the components into the automotive industry.

Magnetic Aluminum Oil Drain Plugs For Other Engines

HDC has also offered custom magnetic oil drain plugs for any other type of engine. Our oversized Magnetic oil drain plugs are probably made from pure metal alloy because of their hardness and workability.

The magnetic oil drain plug manufactured by HDC  is easy to install, high-strength, and corrosion-resistant. Our oil drain plug can prevent oil from leaking out, and the metal cover can increase engine life.

Magnetic oil drain plug installed on wheelwell

Selecting a high-quality Magnetic oil drain plug to protect your engine is an important step. HDC’s oil drain plugs are made out of excellent material and can be reused again. We will provide the inspection reports weekly.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs& oil drain sump nut

According to your requirements, we can anodize in various colors, such as red, black, golden, purple, blue, and so on. Our magnetic oil drain plug often receives customers’ positive comments. Just consult us on this page, and we will give you a quotation within 24  hours.

Why do you choose HDC Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs?

HDC provides the best production of Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs. We manufacture the product by using 6061 or 7075 hardened aluminum alloy. It has relatively high strength and is easily welded. We also have the N52 neodymium permanent magnet. It is a powerful and strong magnet. Our company will ensure that every client meets their expectations and qualifications of the product. 

HDC uses machining processes such as turning, drilling, and milling. We use that process to make perfect designs and sizes that are suitable for your vehicles. We are also capable of bringing you the most pleasant care for the client’s service, flexible packaging service, and preferable shipment type service. HDC will always be here for you to fulfill your experience when you connect with us.

Custom Made Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

HDC Capabilities on Custom Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs

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5 Axis CNC Machining
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CNC Turning
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Custom Your Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

HDC Magnetic Oil Drain Plug is using 6061 and 7075 aluminum alloy as the main material of the product. We produce high specific strength and high possibility with a top-grade surface production in a short period of time.

We use premium tools and equipment to provide an assurance of the reliability of the product and we make sure that every component we produce is quality tested.

magnetic oil drain plug manufacture

HDC engineers, technicians, and other workers have made the company successful and profitable in terms of sales and marketing because of their ability, knowledge, skills, and excellent customer service.

Our company offers different types of surface treatment in every component like aluminum anodizing, galvanizing, powder coating, electroplating, and many more. HDC will also conduct strict quality inspections during and after the production process to secure that the components are quality made.

Shipping ways and payment terms are hassle-free in HDC. We will let you decide your preferred type of shipping methods through sea shipping, air shipping, and land shipping. And the payment methods are through Paypal, T/T, L/C, and D/P. Trade terms are also available in FOB, CFR, and DDP.

Besides Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs, HDC also produces lots of other CNC car parts such as custom dipsticks, CNC Valve cover, CNC block guard and some other billet Car parts. As your reliable supplier for auto parts, HDC also has the ability to manufacture bike parts.

Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs| FAQ Guide

1. Do Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs Work?

Magnetic oil drain plugs enhance the longevity of your car’s engine. It removes the tiny particles of the metal that the filter can’t do. It also lessens the chance of oil oxidation because the metal particles that cause oxidation stick to the magnet. 

2. What Does Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs Catch? 

Magnetic oil drain plugs are made out of an aluminum alloy or titanium that contains a component similar to a magnet. It intends to catch all the metal junk caused by the unceasing friction on the engine that contaminates the oil. It can keep the oil good and clean while extending the durability of your engine.

3. How Do You Remove A Magnetic Oil Drain Plug?

A magnetic oil drain plug removal tool provides a fast and safe removal. You’ll never have to worry about the bolt being dropped into the oil or your hands dripping in oil. 

The process is just unloosing the plug using a wrench, that is the time to attach the magnetic oil drain removal tool, then try to rotate it for the plug to be removed. 

4. Are Magnetic Drain Plugs Reusable?

It is highly reusable and more affordable than the dispensable filters. Cleaning off the magnet grains makes it reusable. This process will lengthen the lifespan of the filter while also maintaining the smooth oil flow of the engine. 

CNC magnetic oil drain plug auto parts

5. Why Is My Oil Magnetic?

The magnetic responsiveness of the oil developed depending on its fundamental chemical and physical characteristics, density, sulfur content, etc.

 Also, oil manufacturers add magnetic granules to the oil to avoid engine wear on startup. The magnetic particles will stick to the engine when turned off, this diminishes wear on startup.

Choose HDC to Custom Your Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs and experience the most convenient services. 

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