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Your Reliable Medical Screws Supplier in China

HDC., a top-leading medical screw manufacturer and supplier in China. Dedicated to making quality medical screws at a more competitive price. ISO9001 certificated medical screws that can be customized based on your own design.

  • Multiple color anodizing surface as per choice
  • Pre-production samples for quality check
  • Keep your own layout protected
  • MOQ of medical screws for as low as 50 pcs
  • Will make your delivery on-time
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HDC- Expert Medical Screws Manufacturer

If you need a professional manufacturer of medical screws, HDC is your perfect choice. We have been manufacturing medical screws for over 13 years. In fact, we can give you free samples of medical screws. HDC has engineers that ensure your product’s performance.

You can choose whether it’s custom or standard designs. We can also add your ideas in manufacturing your medical screws. Your designs are safe here at HDC! You can start purchase at 50 pieces for your business.

Custom Your Medical Screws with HDC

Metallic Bone Screws

HDC metallic bone screws come with a lifetime warranty. Available in a range of colors, sizes, designs, models, and more. 100% support on your product development.

3.5mm Cannulated Screw

This 3.5mm cannulated screw fully complies with ISO standards. Ideal for bone fracture implant surgery. Can be customized according to desired material, length, and color.

Compression Bone Screw

HDC manufacture compression bone screw with more than 10 surface treatment options. Lifetime warranty for every part. ISO and CE-compliant.

Self-tapping Bone Fixation Screws

Self-drilling headed screws from HDC available at more competitive price. Material, color, surface treatment, and other features can be customized as per request.

Titanium Trauma Locking Screw

HDC titanium trauma locking screw can be ordered for as low as 50 pcs. Wide variety of model options available. This equipment got certification by ISO and CE standards.

Snap-Off Screws

HDC snap-off screws come in a range of material choices such as titanium, stainless steel, brass, etc., Available in various finishes, length, surface treatment, head style, sizes, and more.

Medical-use Cortex Screw

This medical-use cortex screw can be made of titanium or stainless steel. Perfect for orthopedic usage. Certified by ISO, CE, CFDA standards. Delivered orders in just 7 days.

Titanium Interference Screws

HDC provided titanium interference screws come with a lifetime warranty. Variety of choices available from material, diameter, finishes, types, and more.


HDC self-tapping locking screws are widely applied to the healthcare industry. Finishes options include black, zinc, plain, Materials could be steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass. Tapping screw length and thread sizes come in vast options.

Why HDC Medical Screws

HDC has manufactured more than 1 Million parts and distributed more than 50 countries worldwide. We have been supplying high-quality medical screws and other products for over 13 years. Our company offers lifetime guaranteed high-end medical screws.

HDC is a certified ISO 9001 factory, guarantees a quality management system. We can provide low-volume manufacturing services. Free samples are also provided in our medical screws for you to test the product’s quality.

Medical Screws

HDC Capabilities on Custom Your Medical Screws

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Custom Your Medical Screws with HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Medical Screws

hdc medical screws

HDC is an expert manufacturer and supplier of medical screws in China. We have various types of medical screws available for affordable prices. This product is made from high-quality materials that high performance is guaranteed.

We accept your ideas for manufacturing medical screws to ensure that your designs are equipped. Rest assured, your designs are safe with us. All our products and services are consistently at affordable costs.

HDC medical screws never change from prototyping to production. We offer you lifetime guaranteed medical screws. All parts are tested in durability and sustainability. We are positive that our products will boost your market sales.

Experience fast-growing business using HDC medical screws. We are your best solution provider in this field. Our company has all the capabilities needed to increase the numbers of your customers.

You can order low-volume services. For as low as 50 orders, you can have your medical screws. We also leave you the choices for shipment methods that you like.

HDC provides full support on after-sale services and to your business. For medical screws, our more than 13 years of OEM service experience allow us to develop this product consistently.

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