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Metal Pressing

Metal pressing is also known as metal stamping, it is where a metal piece is formed to shape the final product. By the use of a stamping die or pressing device, the desired component is produced. It is also considered a very helpful machining process for modern civilization. Many experts are making everyone know its importance and the world’s supposed state if this process is not ever discovered. 

The process of pressing and stamping consists of a flat metal sheet and a power press. When the metal is already formed, it may go through different operations like blanking, embossing, flanging, coining, and bending.

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metal stamping
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HDC Metal Pressing

In order to meet every client’s requirements, HDC offers different metal materials like steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc. We are manufacturing every component with high precision and will all be based on HDC’s unmatchable quality standard. 

After more than thirteen years of fulfilling the needs of each project and application, HDC understands the essence of each component and the importance of producing them. We have engineering consultation that brings so much more knowledge and enlightenment to the clients about their component. 

We are very welcoming to different industries like medical, aerospace, construction, motocross, automotive, and so much more. Our team also manages to manufacture components for nearly every kind of application you can ever imagine. 

HDC always wants what is best for your part, that is why we offer various surface treatments, such as anodizing, bead blasting, tumbling, passivating, powder coating, plating, painting, engraving, and polishing to name a few. 

Aside from metal pressing, HDC also has aluminum forging, aluminum extrusion, investment casting, pressure die casting, magnesium dies casting, plastic injection, and blow molding for your metal parts. 

You are probably looking for the best supplier candidate for your metal pressed parts, the search is over as you are on the right page. HDC will be very delighted to accommodate you!  

Why choose HDC?

HDC is one of the prestigious companies that delivers numerous components around the globe. We have gained the trust of many professionals from different industries through advanced machining and superb customer services. 

We have different metal materials for metal pressing, you may also consider having surface treatments for additional reliability of your component. Short turnaround time, tighter tolerances, low MOQ, and flexible lead time are few of what HDC offers. 

Our team is competent to manufacture components in whatever volume and number of parts you need for every application. HDC masters this kind of technique and delivers parts with delicate and intricate designs you could ever imagine. 

We all know that only machinists who have an excellent skill level can do metal pressing in a very impressive way. That is why HDC worked so hard to gain expertness, techniques, and experiences to be able to give the best service to every project we encounter. 

As an ISO9001-certified company, know that HDC will make everything to make you very much satisfied with your custom component. Aside from superb quality and customer care, HDC offers different options when it comes to shipping ways, payment methods, and trade terms as we want you to experience full convenience with HDC.

Metal Pressing FAQS

Metal pressing is one of the most challenging jobs and actions for many manufacturing companies and suppliers of parts and components simply because of the uncontrolled factor of pressing. But, we here at HDC Manufacturing busted that belief, as we are able to perform quality metal pressing services to all our clients and customers.

We’ve pressed tens of thousands of metals to produce what our clientele needed, and that is what we continue to do up until today.

To help and guide you, here is a brief and quick FAQ about metal pressing you need to know about before deciding whether or not to go for this service.

What Is Metal Pressing?

figure 1 what is metal pressing

Metal pressing, also commonly referred to as metal stamping, is a process where metal sheet is transformed and is made into a different shape and form using a press.

In simpler terms, metal pressing is the process of producing another product that is different in form, shape, and structure using a press or stamp.

Is Metal Pressing and Metal Stamping the Same?

Yes, don’t confuse yourself with what metal pressing is. It is exactly the same as what metal stamping is, they’re just two (2) different terminologies used.

The purpose of metal stamping and metal pressing is to be able to create a new part or component from a metal sheet that would fit into whatever device, vehicle, or equipment necessary.

Why is Metal Pressing Used?

figure 2 why is metal pressing used

Metal pressing is used because not all machines are capable of subjecting metal sheets the force it needs to be warped, bent, knocked, twisted, and deformed into a specific shape and form.

Besides this fact, metal pressing is also an extremely cost-effective and cost-efficient procedure that can get the parts and components you need for many different business sectors and industries.

What Business Industries Use Metal Pressing?

figure 3 what business industries use metal pressing

As mentioned above, there are tons of industries and sectors that make use of metal pressing for their applications. The most common ones are those that have complex devices and equipment that would be difficult to produce using regular or standard pressing.

To name a few of these industries, they include:

  • Lighting and Fixture Industry
  • Military and Defense Industry
  • Automotive and Aerospace Industries
  • Telecommunication Sector
  • Scientific and Microscopic Industries
  • Electronic and Technological Sectors

NOTE: These are the most common and that does not mean that your options are just limited to these. There are many other different applications that make use of metal pressing to produce the parts and components needed.

What is the Metal Pressing Process?

The process of metal pressing is not very different from metal stamping, in fact, it is completely the same! For the benefit of everyone, though, this is the general step-by-step process of how metal pressing is done:

  1. The first step is for the machine to be set according to the requirements needed.
  2. The material or the workpiece that would be pressed will be mounted and clamped onto the press.
  3. After that, blanking will be done in order to ensure that the product’s excess material is punched out of the way in order to produce the shape or form needed.
  4. Once done, other designs and styles will be done throughout the workpiece.
  5. Lastly, inspectors and professional assessors will check for any imperfection on the machined workpiece.

This is just the general process of how metal pressing is done.

Hot Metal Pressing vs. Cold Metal Pressing

figure 4 hot metal pressing vs. cold metal pressing

Oftentimes, people get confused in understanding hot pressing from cold pressing. Just because it’s labelled as “cold pressing,” doesn’t mean it gets pressed in temperatures below zero.

Cold pressing or stamping is usually done in room temperature without subjecting the workpiece in highly fluctuating temperatures.

One of the advantages and benefits of hot metal stamping and pressing is that you can press or stamp materials and parts that are highly ductile and durable without deforming or warping it. A disadvantage of hot pressing is that it’s not re-formable.

Cold pressing, on the other hand, is a process that is terribly faster and more urgent than hot pressing. You’ll also have the flexibility to perform cold stamping a few different metals that hot stamping isn’t able to process and machine.

A disadvantage would be unnecessary and unwanted warping since there is no high temperature ti back it all up.

What Are the Advantages of Metal Pressing?

Metal pressing has its own fair share of advantages and benefits. Some of the advantages of metal pressing include, but are not limited to:

  • Accuracy and precision on the workpiece or material that is being processed
  • Metal stamping is also a lot cheaper and more affordable instead of other processes
  • In terms of production and manufacturing, metal pressing is a fast and swift process and can be done without delays
  • They are also flexible and versatile enough to be used in a lot of different applications

These are just some of the known pros and advantages of metal pressing, of course, there are a lot more!

Where Can You Get Premium Quality Metal Pressing Services?

In more than a decade of service, we here at HDC Manufacturing have been producing the highest quality of metal pressing services to our clientele whatever business industry they are in. We’ve had an influx of clients in varying sectors and industries, and not once did we ever fail to meet – even exceed their expectations.

Our metal pressing involves a comprehensive take on material selection, machine specification, as well as further inspection and assessment on all products needed and required.

Other than metal pressing, we here at HDC Manufacturing can also be your go-to if you are ever in dire need of laser cutting services, 5-axis CNC machining, aluminum forging, and many other services you think you will need!

Give us a message and we will respond with the estimate you’re looking for! We’ll be more than happy to assist you even if without tying yourself up in a contract first!

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