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Mild Steel Machining

1 mild steel machining
mild steel machining

HDC for Mild Steel Machining Service

Choose HDC Mild Steel Machining Service for over 13 years of proven expertise in OEM metal craftsmanship. With a commitment to quality assurance, HDC offers samples to ensure your standards are met. Benefit from efficient delivery, particularly for standard-sized trailer hardware components, and leverage their fully equipped in-house manufacturing facility.

Why Choose HDC Mild
Steel Machining

Extensive Expertise

With over 5 years of expertise in processing mild steel parts, HDC demonstrates a proven track record and proficiency in the field of mild steel machining.

Cutting-edge Equipment

HDC employs cutting-edge equipment for mild steel machining, showcasing a commitment to utilizing advanced technology for precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive One-Stop Solution

HDC stands out as a comprehensive one-stop solution for mild steel metal parts, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and the capability to handle diverse projects across various industries.

Precision and Innovation

HDC's 4-axis and 5-axis CNC machining center ensures precision and innovation, making them a reliable choice for high-quality mild steel machining services.

Custom Your Mild Steel Machining
Parts From HDC

2 fasteners


HDC CNC Machining specializes in the precision crafting of mild steel fasteners. Beyond sheer strength, our commitment extends to exactitude, providing bespoke solutions for nuts, bolts, and screws that exemplify mechanical fortitude.

3 shafts and axles

Shafts and Axles

At HDC, we meticulously fashion enduring axial constructs from mild steel. Our finesse ensures sustained and trustworthy performance, making mild steel a stalwart companion in the machinations of machinery.

4 brackets and mounts

Brackets and Mounts

HDC’s personalized brackets and mounts showcase the pliability of mild steel. Versatility dances with precision, orchestrating a symphony for precision fit in industrial machinery or specialized apparatus.

Mild Steel Machining Parts

5 gears


HDC’s precision cogwheel craftsmanship transcends boundaries, delivering gears of unparalleled resilience and wear resistance. Our transcendent precision promises optimal performance across diverse applications.

6 bushings and bearings

Bushings and Bearings

In HDC’s manipulation of mild steel, durability, and reliability unfold, breathing longevity into lubrication devices like bushings and bearings. The reduction of friction becomes an art form, enhancing efficiency and extending component lifespan.

7 structural components

Structural Components

Mild steel, epitomizing robustness and stability, takes center stage in HDC’s customized solutions for foundational structures in construction or industrial domains. Our creations align seamlessly with unique project specifications, ensuring stability with bespoke precision.


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