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Your Most Trusted Clip-Ons Supplier In China

For the best riding and driving experience, go with HDC’s clip-on motorcycle. We are manufacturing clip-on handlebars for any kind of motorcycle that may add to your motorcycle maneuverability and style due to our advancement when it comes to machining. HDC’s clip-on are fabricated to make your bike modernized and allow you to experience a comfortable riding position.

  • Offers greater ergonomics and aerodynamic
  • Provides engineering assembling for your motorcycle clip-on
  • Gives a hassle-free solution for every motorcycle part
  • Lifetime guaranteed materials
  • Fast turnaround time in each transaction
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HDC- The Most Convenient Motorcycle Clip-On Manufacturer

In manufacturing a clip-on, HDC is well aware that it is more than just an added decorative metal to your bike. They are as important as the engine and wheels as they can totally affect a motorcycle’s capability to turn and decelerate. Being a motorcycle parts supplier, particularly in clip-on, we are offering expert assembling services for your part to achieve its greatest serving capacity.

You can always customize your motorcycle clip-on depending on your favorite color, style, preferred size, and material. As our client, you may also request to put your own logo on the custom part. HDC will always get your back, especially in ensuring that your clip-on is meeting the highest quality standard.

Custom Your Clip-Ons With HDC

Universal CNC Motorcycle Clip-On

HDC uses AL6061 in producing a universal CNC motorcycle clip-on that can suit any fork tube size. Our clip-on from 31mm-55mm is available in pairs and has a clamp style that allows you to quickly change based on your riding style needs.

CNC Custom Motorcycle Clip-On

HDC’s CNC custom motorcycle clip-on has the greatest precision machining paired with superb comfortability that is suitable to any fork type. It can be fabricated according to your personal choice of color, style, material, and size.

Clip-Ons For Motorcycle Racing Sports Bike

Our clip-on for motorcycle racing sports bikes is manufactured using a highly durable aircraft aluminum 6061 and 7075, crafted by the most advanced HDC CNC machining technology. It is exceptionally lightweight that is made for committed racers.

Why HDC Motorcycle Clip-Ons

HDC’s clip-on is an all-aluminum component that has the characteristics of being light, adjustable, and has a quick-release manner for every brand of motorcycle. If you want to keep yourself away from aching wrists and backache and replace your original component with a highly-durable clip-on that is perfectly suitable for your style and needs, HDC is the right manufacturer for you. 

All the services we have been recommended by motorcycle experts and veteran riders. We always make sure that our parts have the most convenient and economical services you will ever encounter on your whole CNC machining experience. HDC’s expertise and knowledge range will absolutely meet the enhancements needed by your motorcycle.

Custom Made Motorcycle Clip-Ons

HDC Capabilities on CNC Motorcycle Parts

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OEM Custom CNC Motorcycle Parts With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Motorcycle Clip-Ons

With more than thirteen years of experience in manufacturing parts for the motocross industry, we can prove to you the quality of aluminum clip-on we have been attaining for many years. HDC’s advanced CNC machines have made millions of components that made us reach the top of the game.  

hdc motorcycle clip-ons

Having the most knowledgeable experts in creating motorcycle parts, has made the motorcycle industry trust HDC and made us their number-one supplier when it comes to CNC-machined motorcycle parts. 

Tons of surface treatments are available for your component, we have anodizing, passivating, heat treating, powder coating, brushing, plating, and many more to choose from. We are following ISO9001 in manufacturing parts, so you can fully rely on us.

Our shipping ways can be through courier, air, and sea. Payment terms are available in Paypal, T/T, and L/C. Trade terms are also available in HDC, we have FOB, CFR, and DDP. Every process, from manufacturing to packaging and delivering may all depend on your demands.

Along with offering Motorcycle Clip-on, HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as custom motorcycle sprockets, CNC triple clamps, Cnc Handlebars riser, custom gas caps, Custom Motorcycle wheels, and so on. We also offer custom CNC machining services for  Auto parts and bike parts.

Ever dream about having the best clip-on for your motorcycle bike? This is your best chance! Consult HDC now!

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