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Your Leading Manufacturer Of Motorcycle Radiator Guard

HDC has an attractively developed motorcycle radiator guard with perfectly shaped holes to improve airflow while giving topmost protection against roadway rubbles. Our radiator guard can be installed hassle-free with no modification. You can assure that HDC’s guards for your radiators deserve to be purchased and bought for you to experience a highly durable with great appearance features of a component. 

  • Enhance cooling airflow attribute
  • Can perfectly fit any motorcycle model 
  • Assembling services are available 
  • Tons of surface treatments are available to every motorcycle radiator guard
  • ISO9001 certified motorcycle parts manufacturer
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HDC- Your Partner In Making The Best Motorcycle Radiator Guard

We know that being a rider, you wouldn’t want to replace your radiator. Replacing your radiator is way more expensive, so here we are introducing the best guard to prevent you from having a problem regarding it. HDC’s radiator guards are both light and long-lasting that can establish ideal full protection and an impeccable ride.

Aesthetically pleasing with the highest durability is what we are offering to our clients. HDC’s team has always been competitive and acts as one in every project we develop, with that, keeping our customer’s trust has never been a problem. HDC is willing to go the extra mile just to make the most special component for every customer we encounter. 

Custom Your Motorcycle Radiator Guard With HDC

Motorcycle Aluminum Billet Radiator Guard

HDC’s radiator guards are easy to install and clean. Manufactured with high-grade aluminum alloy that provides complete side and front protection to your radiator. Can come with stainless steel types of fasteners

Off-Road Bike Custom Radiator Guard

Our radiator guard for off-road bikes is an ultra-lightweight, strong, and efficient protector for every kind of motorcycle radiator. It can be mounted to the motorcycle frames, depending on the client’s desirability.

Aluminum Machined Motorcycle Radiator Guard

Our aluminum 6061 motorcycle radiator guard comes in different sizes and designs to add more protection and comfortability to our radiators. We are constructing it with the highest durability to diminish folding back when run into an accident.

Why HDC Motorcycle Radiator Guard

Is the motorcycle radiator guard worth it? It is the frequently asked question, Yes definitely, It can protect your radiator all the time, especially when you ride non-road.

We are designing radiator guards that don’t inhibit the air’s circulation whilst holding back the collision of debris in times of traveling at a great speed. We can also create any customized radiator guard, each and every requirement you put, consider it done when you are transacting with HDC. 

Motorcycle components can be accomplished at the most competitive kind of pricing in just a short period of time. We ensure your safety along the road as well as maintain your bike’s quality and capability. HDC will always have your back when it comes to motorcycle parts machining and always offer a higher type of radiator protection.

Billet Aluminum Motorcycle Radiator Guard

HDC Capabilities on Motorcyle Radiator Guard

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OEM Custom Motorcycle Radiator Guard With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Motorcycle Radiator Guard

Take care of your motorcycle with HDC’s radiator guard. We will guarantee you that our aluminum and stainless steel materials will never fail in protecting your radiator even after so many years of serving. We are able to develop every kind of motorcycle part using our present-day CNC machines.

The experts of HDC have never failed to exceed customer expectations. We are offering engineering consultations before your custom components are structured to make you updated and knowledgeable about the materials and processes we should consider. 

Having a durable material will never be enough to make a component last for a very long time, surface treatments can help you to add more durability to your parts. We are offering brushing, passivation, tumbling, plating, polishing, powder coating, and a lot more.

We are not an ISO9001-certified manufacturer for no reason, our superb quality and inspections have made us qualified. You can free yourself from worrying when transacting with us, surely, your radiator guard will have the most fascinating features with us. 

Courier, air, and sea are the shipping ways HDC is offering. You can also send your payment through Paypal, T/T, and L/C. The packaging will also be based on your stated requirement.

Aside from all of the things said above, HDC has the ability to forge, mill, weld, cast, turn, do prototyping, fabricate sheet metals, and many more! 

HDC also has other Custom motorcycle parts, such as CNC Handlebars riser, Motorcycle Clip-on, custom gas caps, custom motorcycle sprockets,  Custom Motorcycle wheels, CNC triple clamps, and so on. 

Looking for the most reliable manufacturer and dependable radiator guards? Be with HDC and experience our out-of-the-box machining services! 

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