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Manufacturer of Custom Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

Finding a perfect custom rear sprocket manufacturer can give you a hard time, therefore, HDC is here to serve you. We can manufacture your rear sprocket with your preferred chain size and tooth count. HDC has paved the way in supplying motorcycle parts with the tightest tolerances and is always willing to serve you to get the best rear sprocket for any motorcycle model and brand.

  • Rich Experience in the motorsports industry
  • Fully CNC machined to ensure high-level quality, perfect fitting
  • machined from sheet material, which ensures better concentricity and flatness
  • Exceptional tooth design, long-lasting surface finish
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HDC- Your Excellent Choice For Custom Rear Sprocket

Here in HDC, we can make 10-100 teeth from the smallest to largest chain sizes for your bike and motorcycle rear sprocket. HDC is providing complex machining at competitive prices. We are promoting an outstanding result to the rear sprocket’s hole pits, curvatures, surfaces, and other important features and factors that need to consider in creating the finest sprockets. 

HDC’s rear sprocket services will give you an enormous option that can complement your machine. We are producing custom sprockets using aluminum alloy and steel alloys with high preciseness and tolerances. HDC is always here to support your desired rear sprockets that can surely meet any pattern, drawing, design, and quality standard.

Custom Your Motorcycle Rear Sprocket With HDC

CNC Aluminum Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

HDC uses 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. We always ensure the lightness that can tolerate the rigidity of road and track use by applying a remarkable hard anodizing surface finish to greatly increase firmness and wear resistance.

Custom CNC Rear Sprocket

We are known for manufacturing great-looking rear sprockets matched with excellent performance. You can always choose your preferred size, shape, and even the light material to reduce the revolving mass for better speed and handling.

428 Rear Aluminum Sprocket

Our rear sprockets for motorcycles are thoroughly inspected for your quality satisfaction. HDC always connects with every clients’ requests and provides consultations to be able to give an outstanding rear sprocket according to the client’s preferences.

CNC Aluminum 530 Rear Sprocket

HDC’s making sure about every rear sprocket we deliver. You can choose your favorable material and HDC will make it all possible for you. We manufacture high-quality rear sprockets with the finest surfaces.

Motorcycle Rear Aluminum Sprocket 520

HDC is known by many for supplying CNC alloy aluminum motorcycle rear sprockets for any motorcycle names and brands. All of our sprockets are well made at competitive prices.

.420 Rear Aluminum Sprocket For Motorcycles

HDC is able to provide rear sprockets for competition motorcycles that need to have complexity when it comes to machining. We can give you the maximum quality and greatness of the material that your rear sprocket requires.

Why HDC Custom Rear Sprocket

Aside from having ready-made rear sprockets, HDC also offers customization of the said component that has the detailed dimensions you require. Our sprockets are obtainable on your chosen chain pitch and teeth classifications. HDC’s rear sprockets are the top chosen component by many motorcycle and bicycle experts than other sprocket manufacturers.

HDC is using advanced types of machinery and a ton of machining facilities, by possessing those, it is no doubt that we can deliver your parts in no time. We also offer low MOQ to support your projects and businesses, wherein you can see the product sample before your final payment for quality approval.

Motorcycle Rear Aluminum Sprockets Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on Custom Motorcycle Rear Sprockets

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Custom Your Motorcycle Rear Sprocket With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

All of HDC’s sprockets are CNC machined respectively to develop the illustrious concentricity and its optimal tooth figures for its uttermost life and strength. We are certain in handing you your desired motorcycle rear sprockets.

HDC uses aluminum and steel to manufacture rear sprockets. We are all in-ears when it comes to your preferred materials in creating your components. HDC is equipped with high technology CNC machines in making a precise motorcycle rear sprocket in a short period of time.

cnc motorcycle rear sprocket

It is common for a rear sprocket to have an anodized surface finish, but HDC also offers several surfaces that may apply to your custom parts such as polished, black oxide, powder coating, zinc plating, tumbling, nickel plating, and many more.

It is not a secret that HDC has numerous machining experts and engineers, they are all knowledgeable when it comes to CNC machining processes. Because of them, HDC is able to produce a very durable and fine motorcycle rear sprocket that lessens pivoting unsprung mass and permits the highest power to the rear wheel. 

HDC will allow you to choose your desired packaging, as well as the shipment (courier, air, sea), payment terms (Paypal, T/T, L/C), and trade terms (FOB, CFR, DDP). Your parts will undergo our strict quality inspections before their release.

Aside from having all that has been said above, HDC also produces lots of other motorcycle parts, wheel hubs,  CNC triple clamp, bar ends, footpegs, and so much more!

You can consider HDC as your reliable friend when it comes to motorcycle rear sprockets. Contact HDC and be ready to encounter unforgettable CNC machining services!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Motorcycle Rear Sprocket

Welcome to our Motorcycle Rear Sprocket FAQ, an elucidative handbook meticulously assembled to untangle the convolutions of this pivotal constituent within your motorcycle’s propulsion system. Whether you epitomize a connoisseur of performance or a rider in pursuit of superlative tailoring, immerse yourself in our elucidations to recurrent inquiries encircling the functionality, classifications, constituents, and tailoring alternatives for motorcycle rear sprockets.motorcycle rear sprocket 1

What Is a Motorcycle Rear Sprocket?

A motorcycle rear sprocket is a toothed wheel mounted on the rear wheel hub. It works with the front sprocket and drive chain to transfer power from the engine to the rear wheel, enabling forward movement. The size and teeth configuration influence the bike’s final drive ratio, affecting performance factors like acceleration and top speed.motorcycle rear sprocket 2

What Is the Function of a Motorcycle Rear Sprocket?

The primary role of a motorcycle’s rear sprocket lies in transferring power from the engine to the rear wheel. Situated as a pivotal component within the bike’s chain drive system, it collaborates harmoniously with the front sprocket and chain. As the engine sets the front sprocket in motion, the chain seamlessly engages with the rear sprocket, inducing the rotation of the rear wheel and propelling the motorcycle forward. The specifications of the rear sprocket, encompassing both its size and teeth configuration, wield a significant influence over the bike’s performance dynamics, impacting crucial aspects like acceleration and maximum speed.motorcycle rear sprocket 3

What Types of Motorcycle Rear Sprockets Exist?

The universe of motorcycle rear sprockets encompasses various types, each catering to specific riding requisites. Traditional steel sprockets, revered for their endurance, coexist with nimble aluminum counterparts, prioritizing maneuverability. Hybrid renditions blend materials, finding equilibrium between sturdiness and weight reduction. Enthusiast riders often favor specialized sprockets, meticulously tuned to enhance either acceleration or maximum speed. This array of choices burgeons, granting riders a panorama of options aligned with their distinct preferences and riding methodologies.motorcycle rear sprocket 4

What Materials Are Motorcycle Rear Sprockets Made Of?

Crafting motorcycle rear sprockets involves an array of materials, where steel emerges as a dominant choice for its resilience and sustained performance. Those desiring weight reduction and heightened agility often turn to aluminum sprockets, a favored option. Hybrid sprockets, amalgamating diverse materials, offer a nuanced equilibrium between durability and weight. This varied material spectrum empowers riders to select sprockets aligned with their distinct preferences, be it emphasizing robustness, maneuverability, or an intricate fusion of both attributes.

motorcycle rear sprocket 5

What Manufacturing Process Is Used for Producing Motorcycle Rear Sprockets?

The manufacturing intricacies of motorcycle rear sprockets unfold through the employment of sophisticated production methodologies, placing CNC machining at the vanguard. This methodology epitomizes exactitude and complexity, giving rise to exquisitely detailed and precisely configured sprockets. The utilization of avant-garde manufacturing technologies, notably CNC machining, underscores an unwavering dedication to crafting motorcycle rear sprockets of unparalleled quality and performance.

motorcycle rear sprocket 6

What Are the Common Specifications of Motorcycle Rear Sprockets?

Motorcycle rear sprockets have key specifications that impact performance:

  • Teeth Count: Influences gear ratio for acceleration or top speed.
  • Pitch Diameter: Determines gear ratio and power delivery.
  • Material: Steel for durability, aluminum for agility, hybrids for a balance.
  • Hub Style: Varies for mounting configurations.
  • Bolt Pattern: Must align with the motorcycle’s hub.
  • Finish: Different coatings enhance longevity.
  • Compatibility: Ensure fitment with the motorcycle’s make and model.

These specs guide riders in optimizing performance through sprocket choices.

motorcycle rear sprocket 7

How To Choose the Right Motorcycle Rear Sprocket?

Optimal motorcycle performance hinges on the judicious selection of the appropriate rear sprocket. Tailor your choice to your riding proclivities – opt for more teeth to expedite acceleration, or fewer teeth for an augmented top speed. Deliberate on materials such as steel for enduring robustness, aluminum for diminished weight, or a hybrid amalgamation for a harmonious equilibrium. Scrutinize the tooth count for acceleration prowess and the pitch diameter for seamless compatibility. Interrogate the hub style, bolt pattern intricacies, and the finishing touches. Ascertain compatibility with your bike’s specific make and model. Solicit counsel from seasoned riders or adept mechanics. Engage in a gradual exploration to discern nuanced shifts in performance dynamics. A meticulously chosen rear sprocket not only refines but elevates overall performance. Thus, embark on your decision-making journey informed by comprehensive research, aligning with your idiosyncratic riding preferences.

motorcycle rear sprocket 8

Are Motorcycle Rear Sprockets Universal?

In the domain of motorcycle rear sprockets, the concept of universality is far from categorical. These elements showcase a spectrum of distinctions across various makes and models. Sprockets don’t merely differ in size and tooth count; they also diverge in specifications such as bolt pattern, hub style, and pitch diameter. The distinctive composition of each motorcycle necessitates a bespoke rear sprocket that seamlessly aligns with its mechanical intricacies. Consequently, while specific sprockets may exhibit compatibility within defined categories, the overarching universality of motorcycle rear sprockets remains a nuanced consideration contingent upon the intricate particulars of individual bikes.

motorcycle rear sprocket 9

How To Customize Motorcycle Rear Sprockets?

In the pursuit of tailoring motorcycle rear sprockets from manufacturers:

  1. Define Desires: Clearly articulate your riding predilections and prerequisites.
  2. Tooth Count Selection: Elect tooth count contingent on proclivities for acceleration and maximal velocity.
  3. Material Evaluation: Scrutinize materials such as steel, aluminum, or hybrid amalgamations.
  4. Scrutinize Specifications: Analyze bolt configuration, hub demeanor, and pitch diameter for harmonization.
  5. Contemplate Finishes: Opt for a finish that augments visual allure and furnishes enduring robustness.
  6. Affirm Compatibility: Ascertain compatibility with the make and model of your motorcycle.
  7. Seek Sage Counsel: Solicit guidance from seasoned riders or adept mechanics.
  8. Gradual Empirical Approach: Conduce experiments incrementally to refine and calibrate performance.
  9. Probe Manufacturer Prestige: Select manufacturers renowned for a history of sterling craftsmanship.
  10. Evaluate and Conclude: Formulate a judicious resolution based on thorough inquiry and alignment with requisites.

motorcycle rear sprocket 10


Gratitude for navigating the realm of Motorcycle Rear Sprockets in our company. As you embark on the odyssey of selecting and personalizing this pivotal constituent, may your journeys be characterized by exactitude, prowess, and the invigorating liberty of the expansive thoroughfare. Proceed with assurance, acknowledging that your preference in rear sprockets mirrors the core of your distinctive riding sojourn.

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