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Your Trustworthy Motorcycle Wheel Manufacturer In China

Come across the best motorcycle wheel builder in China, none other than HDC. We undoubtedly give our best in manufacturing motorcycle wheels with unmatch spokes, disc, hub, and rims, even the center bore, outer lip, and lug holes. HDC is always here to be part of your motorcycle wheel-building journey that can give your most wanted wheels according to its brand and customization. 

  • More than 13 years of motorcycle industry experience
  • Highest road endurance and strength-to-weight ratio
  • Features a detailed CNC machined outcome in every motorcycle wheels
  • One-stop solution for your motorcycle parts
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HDC- The Experienced Motorcycle Wheel Manufacturer

We have developed millions of motorcycle wheels and gained the trust of motorcycle riders, enthusiasts, experts, and racers. HDC’s wheels are made through billet and forge machining processes that made them very sophisticated, stronger, highly recommendable and needed by your motorcycle bikes.

HDC has series of wheels that can surely make your motorcycle more attractive and smooth when driving. We all know that combining the greatest rigidity with lightweight feature develops superior performance, HDC knows your needs in regards to motorcycle wheels and definitely puts it all to every wheel we manufacture.

Custom Your Motorcycle Wheel With HDC

Custom Motorcycle Wheel

As our respective clients, we will let you experience our wheel customization services. You may also put your custom logo on your CNC wheel and choose the most desirable color you would like to put on your component.

Forged CNC Motorcycle Wheel

HDC is an expert in creating forged motorcycle wheels that can fit your motorcycle. You can always assure HDC’s quality as it is made from a dependable grade of aluminum and processed through high technology CNC machining.

CNC Motorcycle Wheel Set

We offer an immense design and layout of the motorcycle wheelsets. HDC can provide you the most quality assured wheels with an excellent standard.

Aluminum Motorcycle Wheel

HDC’s AL6061-T6 has the outstanding characteristics a motorcycle wheel should have. We offer an engineering consultation for you to have the proper knowledge regarding the wheels you wish to achieve.

Dirt Bike Aluminum Wheels

Our dirt bike aluminum wheels have high-class rims, hubs, and spokes that are anodized in a particular color and made from strong aluminum material. It can also be customized based on the agreement with our client.

CNC Alloy Motorcycle Sports Wheel

Our aluminum alloy motorcycle spots wheel comes with a heavy-duty mounting bracket that can be customized. We can guarantee you that your component is well made and ready for lifelong usage.

Why HDC Custom Motorcycle Wheels

HDC is very well known in the machining industry for manufacturing motorcycle wheels around the world. We’re creating wheels from top-of-the-line aluminum that suits every kind of motorcycle. HDC is always open when it comes to innovation and your desired style for your motorcycle wheels.

With the help of high technology machines and knowledgeable wheel experts, HDC is competent to give you the rightful service and quality equipment a worldly-wise company should deliver. All of our services and parts are budget-friendly and are highly approved by motorcycle experts. HDC can surely produce and deliver your components the fastest way a CNC machining company should do.

Aluminum Motorcycle Wheel Manufacturer

HDC Capabilities on Custom Motorcycle Wheels

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CNC Machining
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CNC Milling
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CNC Turning
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Laser Cutting
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Rapid Prototyping
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Laser Engraving

Custom Your Motorcycle Wheels With HDC

HDC ISO9001 Certificate

HDC-Aluminum Motorcycle Wheel Manufacturer

You’ll definitely fall for HDC as your motorcycle wheel manufacturer as we manage to give you component qualities such as lightness and durability with aesthetic features. You can have your kind of motorcycle wheel ambition in HDC that suits your desired size, color, style, material, and design.

Being an ISO9001 certified manufacturer, we have standard and excellent materials that perfectly suit the component we attempt to make. HDC has tons of computerized numerical control machines resulting in superb class components.

custom motorcycle wheels

HDC’s technicians, engineers, and workers have advanced knowledge and expertise regarding motorcycle wheels. We know exactly the right one for you depending on the type of motorcycle you have, nonetheless, HDC will always have the way to make everything possible for your wheels.

We have a low minimum order quantity in every order to support your business and your chosen number of orders. With all of that, HDC also offers numerous surface treatments such as anodizing, hard anodizing, tumbling, heat treatment, as machined, polishing, and so much more!

HDC will let you choose your desired shipping (courier, air, and sea), as well as the payment method (Paypal, T/T, and L/C), also the trade terms (FOB, CFR, DDP), all with your preferred packaging.

Besides Custom Motorcycle Wheel, HDC also machines lots of other performance parts for motorcycles, such as custom wheel hubs, Aluminum sprockets, CNC Triple ClampCNC Levers, Handlebars, CNC Bar End, and some other billet parts.

Any trouble finding the best motorcycle wheels? Have it now with HDC!


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