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Pintle Hook Mount

Pintle Hook Mount is used to mount the Pintle hook onto the vehicle. These mount plates are usually designed to be connected to the vehicle for easy coupling of the trailer and the vehicle. These mounts come in various sizes, shapes, and variants. You can choose the one that you need for the trailer parts application.

Specification and usage of Pintle Hook Mounts

A few of the most commonly used Pintle hook mounts are as follows:

Mounting plate for 2” Pintle Hitches – 14 Hole

The mounting plate for the 2” Pintle hitch with 14 holes has standard shanks of 13” and 10” and can support up to 16,000 lbs. You can fix this type of mount in 3-6 different positions depending on your requirement.

Pintle hook mounting plate for 2” hitches – 8 hole

8 holes provide an option for the installer to adjust the Pintle in 3 positions as per the requirements. The shank sizes differ for different standards and 9”, 10-3/4”, 12-3/16”, 11”, 6” and 8-1/4” variants are available in the market.

Pintle hook mount for 2-1/2” hitches – 14 hole

This mount can house 2-1/2” inches with a shank size of 10-3/4”. Due to the 14 holes, the mounting plate offers 6 possible positions for installation.

Pintle mount hook for 2-1/2” – 4 hole

The 4-hole mounts provide a mounting option for the fitment of the hitch. The load-carrying capability of the mount is around 20,000 lbs.

Pintle hook mount 2-1/2” – 12” Shank

The 12” shank pintle hook mount plate gives you the option to attach it in 2 possible positions. It can be installed with the standard shank and can bear a load of 16,000 lbs.

Why Choose HDC

HDC offers multiple unique and durable designs for your Pintle hook mounts. Furthermore, we are a company aimed at achieving the highest level of quality and reliability. Our clients will never have to complain about low-quality or sub-standard parts. Also, we deliver on time. And the rates we offer are the most competitive in the market. So, working with us gives you quality, on-time delivery, and affordability.

Product Advantages

We select the best quality material for the pintle hook mounts. Since trailer parts have to bear great loads and endure the weather and wear and tear, we put in extreme attention to the reliability of the parts. We use aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and brass for our pintle hook mounts. These parts are very resistant to all types of weather and do not corrode or weaken over time. So, you can relax once you get the part from HDC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Pintle Hook Mount

Welcome to our Pintle Hook Mount FAQ, where we provide answers to common questions about pintle hook mounts. These mounts are essential components for attaching pintle hooks to vehicles and trailers, and we’re here to help you understand their usage, types, and maintenance.

pintle hook mount 1

What is a pintle hook mount?

The Pintle Hook Mount is a crucial component in a trailer system, specifically designed for securely attaching a pintle hook to a vehicle or trailer. The provided mounting holes allow for adjustable installation heights of the pintle hook. Additionally, it serves as a robust and reliable connection point, ensuring the safe and stable towing of heavy cargo.

pintle hook mount 2

What consists of a pintle hook mount?

The Pintle Hook Mount is typically an L-shaped metal part, composed of sturdy metal plates welded together with metal pipes or H-shaped steel. The metal plate features strategically positioned attachment holes or slots, aligning with corresponding mounting points on the pintle hook. Usually, there are mounting holes on the metal pipe, allowing the Pintle Hook Mounting Plate to be securely fastened to the trailer hitch using a trailer hitch pin & clip, providing a solid foundation for the Pintle hook.

pintle hook mount 3

Where is a pintle hook mount used?

Pintle hook mounts are used in military, commercial, agricultural, and construction industries for towing heavy loads and equipment. They provide a secure, reliable, and adjustable connection point for a pintle hook to attach to the tow vehicle.

pintle hook mount 4

How do you attach a pintle hook to a pintle hook mount?

We typically use bolts or hitch pins to secure the pintle hook to the pintle hook mount. Before installation, make sure you purchase a pintle hook that matches the size and shape of your pintle hook mount. During installation, ensure that the mounting holes on the pintle hook mount align with those on the pintle hook. If you are using bolts for installation, make sure they are appropriately tightened. If you are using hitch pins, ensure the use of a cotter pin for security.

pintle hook mount 5

What are the main types of pintle hook mounts?

Some Pintle Hook Mounts connect to the trailer hitch using metal pipes, while others use I-beams. However, this does not serve as a basis for distinguishing Pintle Hook Mounts because they serve the same purpose and do not affect your choice of pintle hook.

Pintle Hook Mounts can primarily be classified into two categories based on the shape of their front mounting plate:

  • Flat Mounting Plate:This type has two rows of mounting holes that are parallel and evenly distributed on both sides of the metal plate, and it is installed using bolts.
  • C-Shaped Mounting Plate:This type has mounting holes evenly distributed on parallel metal plates on both sides and can be installed using a hitch pin or bolts. It also offers enhanced weight-bearing capacity.

These two types of Pintle Hook Mounts are compatible with different kinds of pintle hooks, and you can typically purchase them as matching sets from the manufacturer.

pintle hook mount 6

How do I choose the right pintle hook mount?

  • Determine your towing load capacity.
  • Measure the size of your trailer hitch receiver tube to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Decide on the attachment method (bolts or hitch pins).
  • Check hole spacing compatibility and choose a compatible pintle hook.
  • Verify the quality of construction and materials.

If you’re unsure about which pintle hook mount is suitable for your specific towing setup, you can consult with us, and HDC’s professional team will provide you with expert guidance.

What materials are pintle hook mounts made from?

Pintle hook mounts are typically constructed from high-strength materials such as steel or alloy steel to ensure durability and load-bearing capacity.

Do pintle hook mounts require maintenance?

Yes, pintle hook mounts require regular maintenance to ensure a safe and reliable towing connection. Maintenance may include lubrication and inspection for wear and damage.

Can HDC customize a pintle hook mount?

Yes, HDC can customize pintle hook mounts to fit your specific project requirements. We offer a range of stock products, and if you need a mount with specific dimensions or features, we can provide customized options to meet your needs.


We hope this Pintle Hook Mount FAQ has provided you with valuable insights into these essential towing components. choosing the right pintle hook mount is crucial for safe and efficient towing. HDC offers customization options to ensure your mount perfectly aligns with your project needs. If you have further questions or require personalized solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team for assistance.

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